Can I reject project in client interview in CGI if I am not okay with roles and responsibilities said by client or it will lead to escalation?

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My final round with Deloitte for UK Tech Consulting Manager position soon. Strangely it’s not a PMD round as it usually is for other Big4/tech consulting firms.
1. Can anyone tell me if they’ve been through the whole process without speaking to PMD? (First round Sr Manager, second Case Interview by a manager and third again by a manager) 2. What is a typical salary to expect? I was asked in screening but kept it vague (e.g can discuss later bla bla). I was hoping 75-80 (ridiculous?)


Hi fishes.. How is Wipro Apple Project for SAP interms of WLB, Job security, pls provide pros and cons. Got selected for the same.

Hey folks, can anyone please refer me for below role ,I am actively looking for opportunities in banking Citi" class="linkified" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" >domain.Citi
Client Onboard Analyst 1 - 09
JOB REQ ID 22509009

I am a Media Analytics Account Manager at a PR firm in Ireland and moving to Canada in the upcoming months. Any tips on finding new opportunities/landing an interview?
Effective tips on Job Search.


I rightfully got scolded by my 2yr old's daycare manager today for making it a habit of picking her past the closing time (10mins over). I feel like such a failure as a mom. My client is so demanding and project is currently yellow status and its tough.


I have given interview for CGI. One round of technical interview took place . There is no further communication from H.R.

I’ve got a interview/chat with a partner tomorrow. Any last minute tips to make a good impression and land a job would be greatly appreciated!


I feel like this is a dumb question. If you make a typing tool based on a segmentation/clustering analysis, what does the actual tool look like as a deliverable? You get your discriminating coefficients, and then… what goes in the file that gets handed to a client? An excel file with what in it? Thank you 😌


Is any one got Azure development project at level 8 in accenture?


Not a confession, but would you be honest during your exit interview at a firm? I’m leaving bc of the toxic work culture and micromanagement of a certain manager.


Does anyone have tips or advice for the Kellogg interviews? How did yours go?


When applying for jobs, how long has it taken to hear back?

From my experience it seems like typically you will hear something within 10-14 days of applying but that depends on which month you apply.

What are y’all’s experience?


My base location in tcs is hyderabad i wanted to move to my hometown in nagpur tcs.
What is the procedure how can i change my base location
Today i will be released from my project.
Is there any way i can move to nagpur tcs.

Yoe 6, techstack dotnet

Please suggest


I’m a Project Manager (PM) with 15+ yrs of experience in the Electric Utility, Chemical and Manufacturing industries in the Houston, TX area. I’ve been on the market since January and haven’t had anything stick despite going on multiple interviews. I’ve executed multi disciplined projects from $100M-$10MM. Does anyone know of any hiring managers that need an accountable, PM that enjoys executing projects from “cradle to grave?” Any referral to a PM job would be appreciated. Thanks so much.


Hello, I am finalist for an in house position at a major academic health center. I’ve been asked to take a one hour written exam consisting of a hypothetical assignment. I’m quite nervous and don’t really know how to prepare or strategize. I’d be so grateful for any advice


Hi All,

I havr 3 years gap after graduation and total experience of 3.3 in IT sector.

I have cleared technical interview and managerial round.

Is gap going to create any problem?


When recruiters ask for your target comp, do you usually share a number? My approach has been to share my current comp and say that I would want a comparable offer. Is this a bad approach? Trying not to get eliminated from further interviews if I throw a crazy number out there but at the same I wouldn’t want a low ball offer.


Any current/former Airbnb counsel here? I have an interview next week and would love to hear about your experience and any advice you’d be willing to share. TIA!


Anyone going to be in SF during the week? I’m on a project by myself for the next few months. Would be nice to grab a drink after work.


What is the most useful technical or soft skills for any mechanical engineer to have where you work? I’m curious to know what really matters for everyone and what makes a big impact on the team and business.

Specifics if you can; CAD tools, simulation, CAD speed or proficiency, industry or standards knowledge, GD&T, certifications, Microsoft Excel, presentation skills, technical writing, project management, self organization, great communication, teaching ability, relationship building, etc.

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Hi fishes, my office is in eco world space and I had to shift to Bangalore. After a month's hard work I found a flat , new one in a gated society in electronic city phase 1. The area seems good. Due to hybrid model of working I don't have to goto office often and the rent is on the lower end. Wanted to know if I'm the only one here thinking it's good this way or spend hefty rent amount to stay nearby office even when going to office is not needed

What are your typical hours throughout the year? Wanted to gauge how similar it is across other big 4s


What’s the TC for Compliance Manager at Facebook? 5 yoe.


For FTM, what is the best week by week guide to a newborn? I’m having such a hard time piecing together what I need to know. Resources? Advice?


I'd be interested to hear thoughts from others here - are climate and sustainability-focused roles less well-compensated than other areas? Do you think it's an after-thought for some companies?


Getting a trade to give mike Williams for Josh Gordon or Mike Williams for Austin ekeler.... Any thoughts

Anyone selling a used road bike? Nothing fancy…looking to spend ~$100. Just need to get from A—> B.

Hey! Just ended my contract with AirBNB as a Property Case Manager. I have 9 years of experience working directly wuth AirBNB. Can anyone suggest where I can apply as a freelancer since I am from the Philippines? Thank you!


Hi ladies!

Looking for new opportunities, consulting is burning the candle at both ends of the wick right now, and I’m looking to grow my career in a more sustainable way

A bit about me:
- 3 yoe in consulting, focus on business ops & supply chain
- degree in Supply Chain Management and Information Systems
- located in NYC, open to remote
- open trying something new
- quick learner, organized, loves process improvement
- ideal environment: supportive team, adequate onboarding time, good wlb


Gonna do the Becker live online classes.. I need all the structure i can get studying on my own ain't cutting it ..


working for deloitte this summer in their gps consulting practice in the dmv. Unfortunately, due to some difficult family circumstances, I believe I’ll have to move back home to Miami after college. If I do receive a return offer, is there any chance I can ask for it to be remote/be moved to the miami office? Should I make that clear to my superiors before offers are given out or will that hamper my chances at getting an offer in the first place? Thanks for the help


Is it true that Salesforce has slowed down hiring? I am supposed to panel but have been told they may be realigning priorities so I have not been told if they will move forward with my candidacy.


Any OTC recommendations for dandruff shampoos? (Seborrheic Dermatitis)


Best self-help books? Can be career, love, motivation...anything that you found really helpful!


Hi folks, I am working with a few friends on a fintech idea. I opted to build the marketing roadmapping strategy for the soft launch/prototype phase as I want to learn about the field. Any guidance where should I start? Any guidance, books, topics will be helpful 😊


Im 24 and have been in a relationship for almost 5 years. Used to have a few friends in similarly lengthy relationships but they all just broke up in the last 3 months. Do friends breaking up sometimes mess with your head? They all said they felt like they needed to be single to discover themselves as adults. Which I totally get... but then should I be doing the same...


Best dating advice to younger yourself


What tool/software do you recommend for a small agency for expense reports creation?

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11 YOE Infosys - Senior Consultant role CGI - Lead Analyst role CTC is just 2*YOE tat too match with counter offer.Suggestions from existing employees Infosys CGI

Why CGI is lowballing with holding offer? They're not even trying to match it. YOE -11 Offer-22LPA


How is CGI in terms of WLB and Job Security?


What will be the procedure after accepting offer letter in CGI? Is it virtual onboarding and when will we receive link? I see to report office on joining day in offer.. CGI

I got the offer from CGI recently. Having 11 years of experience but seems I asked very less. I am getting 24 fixed + 5% variable + 1.5 joining bonus. Can I re negotiate with them?

Cgi,wns or virtusa which one is better


I have been onboarded to cgi last week. But didn't receive any mail regarding the induction or any other things. Just onboarding happened and now i am into project. Any idea how long it will take to give access to forklore and all stuffs?


Infosys or CGI? Both are offering 2*YOE only.. Which would be good for 10+ Years experienced?


How many rounds of Interview will be conducted for Automation Testing ?

I have 3.9 YOE, how much can I ask HR?

Current CTC : 5.1 LPA

I have completed 1st round (technical interview) and now they've scheduled 2nd round in CGI .HR said it could be techno managerial round.. Anyone who attended it can share review about it and what kind of questions will be asked? CGI

I have joined CGI 5 months back and my project is going to end on 31st. So what will happen after that? As there are layoffs going on in the market will it affect? I am from mainframes technology and have only 2yrs of exp. Can anyone explain pls? CGI

I got offer from CGI recently. Been told will be working from client Location. May I know how it will be and pressure and things like that


How to claim internet charges in CGI ?

I uploaded documents after HR discussion last week but not yet received any update after follow ups with CGI.. Shall I ignore or consider them since my joining in a week. CGI .

How are the hikes at CGI ? any avg %?

Flexible Compensaton Plan-1: Option includes components like Meal Vouchers, Conveyance, NPS, LTA, Medical Reimbursements etc.
How much amount for medical reimbursement will be deducted monthly? CGI

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