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what is the in-hand salary of 7.8LPA package in Persistent Systems ?


Band 4 in EY India at 5.3 Yrs of exp is good?
And what can be the avg pay for them?
Tech stack .Net core,Azure


Hi Iqvians, What are the diff carrer levels / designations in Iqvia and min n max salary range for each career level band


Hey guys,

I recently joined tcs and they told me to work at the Qualcomm office.

How will Qualcomm. What are benefits to the employee who comes from other companies to work at Qualcomm

How much can I ask Optum for data scientist level : 26??

I have got an upcoming joining at HSBC Hyderabad as senior consultant. Any tips of what can I expect there compared to Accenture
Also I live in Delhi, would it be possible to continue to work from here

What are the different shift timings(day/night) in Pwc AC AC (Kolkata) ? What is the shift allowance for the same? Average bonus for 1st year ? Non tech profile

There have been surprising news with layoffs lately. Has anyone here been affected by the layoffs at Twitter or META?


Hi Fishes,
I have 8+ years of industry experience and working at good MNC as of now
Got an offer from
Google .
Current salary :
Base : 26 LPA
Bonus : 3 LPA
Stocks: 5 LPA

Final offer from Google after slight negotiations:

Base: 57 LPA
Bonus: 8.55 LPA (15% of Base)
Stocks: 1,01,000 $ for 4 years
Joining bonus: 10 Lacs

I feel its good and going to accept. Please let me know if I overlooked something else Note: getting L5 level in Google based on experience and interviews.


Hey Folks,

What are the roles of level 9 at
Accenture UK for a cloud data engineer?
How much of technical works and lead roles will be expected by Level 9 .
Is there a chance to stay remote or occasional travel kind of positions ?

Thank you


BCG fishes, do newbie consultants (post-MBA) get a phone who they join BCG?


Hi all
How is 2.58 H1 rating in
I’ve joined the firm just 4 months ago

What all impact will it have on my appraisal??

Hi folks.. I have 4.5 yoe as dotnet developer. Received offers from Global logic, Valuelabs, Mindtree and Accionlabs. Which one to pick among them. All of them are providing nearly same package. And all are for same Dotnet Full stack Developer role. Which is best to pick?GlobalLogic Valuelabs Mindtree Accion Labs Inc


Does anyone have any insight on pro health or area23 (culture and the account management team)? Greatly would appreciate any insight.


Thoughts on UsTwo?

What is the designation hierarchy in Lilly for IT solutions ? Can anyone please help with that information

Hello folks,

Is Anyone deployed to client location samsung from HCS, could you please share your experience about the professionalism, ethics, work life balance & culture in HCS-Samsung client location ?
Thanks a lot for your input


Amazon Hi all, so I'm interviewing for Associate Cloud App Dev, A2C ProServe. I was wondering if anyone could provide insight on what the process is like? The recruiter said 80% behavioral and 20% technical. So, will they be testing cloud knowledge?

My background is mostly MERN focused on React/Node.js. I'm open to learning, but am I super out of my depth?


I am in a deadend new project where nothing is working and only I am aware of the product.
Can I start saying No to work?
I have been slogging for past 5 months and I can't take it now.


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venting: so frustrating to have to ask someone for something several times, especially when they initially told you that it doesn't take long to do.


10:30 am calls are the sweet spot

Post Photo

There is almost nowhere to find reliable bonus information on Canadian firms. I’ve heard of year end bonuses ranging from 10-50% this year (not including Covid bonuses). Let’s start a thread posting year of call, rough billable hours worked and bonus as a percent of salary.

5 year call. 1850 hours. 10%.

UBS for Goldman?

What is your favorite free, file sharing collaboration site? I am building a birthday mashup video and have friends and family submitting numerous video clips and photos that I would like to house in one place with folders. Want easy upload and download.


Best Marriott/bonvoy properties within walking distance of penn station. Trying to maximize points.

Having a rough time at S&C right now. Always pulled in all directions. Can’t keep up anymore. Any refugees out there? Did you find a better life elsewhere, or is this just par for the course in big law?


Looking for a new work messenger bag. Which one/s do you recommend?


How often can one chance job in the financial industry?

Noticed people get stuck and I love progressing and trying new adventures of roles and doing same job become monotonous

Any candid advise ?


Anyone been to Aruba? Thinking of going there in October..any recommendations what to see there


Can anyone recommend an agency who specialise in both web design and SEO based content creation. Want to find a shop who do both together, well. Budget is under €80k


Have an interview coming up (experienced hire, senior associate, in the automotive & A&D sector)

Anyone have any experiences about project types, how S& stand apart, etc? Also

I'm coming from Deloitte (A&D engineer previously), where i had enjoyed/been most productive in strategy assessment projects... Part of why I'm going for S& before PwC. But would love to hear about the kinds of projects to expect, differences vs what I've done, and any other interview prep suggestions.

Thank you!


Hello Fb! I'm 30 yrs old. I'm trying to figure out and plan my life to set myself up for success in the future. I wish I had known things like enrolling in a high deductible health plan at 24 when I started work so that I could enroll in a HSA for the triple tax savings or the importance of maxing out a Roth IRA or maxing out a 401K and not just to the employer match. What are some things you wish you had known earlier or by age 30? In some ways, I feel like I'm late in the game. See more 👇🏻


How much do V20 partners actually bring home? (I know it depends on practice) Are Profits per partner reflective of take home?


Is it weird to use virtual backgrounds on calls?


I just left a smaller department at University of New South Wales where the chair of the department mandates 75% of work be done at the office as well as logging in 7 hours of work every day.

I gotta know I'm not crazy for thinking that's ridiculous


I now realize why I miss consulting - it kept my mind busy 🥲


Anyone at Facebook (Meta) and Microsoft willing to chat and provide a referral?


Additional Posts in CGI Discussion

I uploaded documents after HR discussion last week but not yet received any update after follow ups with CGI.. Shall I ignore or consider them since my joining in a week. CGI .

What will be the procedure after accepting offer letter in CGI? Is it virtual onboarding and when will we receive link? I see to report office on joining day in offer.. CGI

Infosys or CGI? Both are offering 2*YOE only.. Which would be good for 10+ Years experienced?


Why CGI is lowballing with holding offer? They're not even trying to match it. YOE -11 Offer-22LPA


Can I reject project in client interview in CGI if I am not okay with roles and responsibilities said by client or it will lead to escalation?


11 YOE Infosys - Senior Consultant role CGI - Lead Analyst role CTC is just 2*YOE tat too match with counter offer.Suggestions from existing employees Infosys CGI

What would you suggest a Banking domain business analyst? A product based company in less package(FIS 13lpa /CGI 14 lpa) or a service based company with higher packages(TechMahindra 15 lpa)?

How to claim internet charges in CGI ?

I got offer from CGI recently. Been told will be working from client Location. May I know how it will be and pressure and things like that

How is CGI in terms of WLB and Job Security?


What are the ratings in CGI for appraisal

How many rounds of Interview will be conducted for Automation Testing ?

I have 3.9 YOE, how much can I ask HR?

Current CTC : 5.1 LPA


I have been onboarded to cgi last week. But didn't receive any mail regarding the induction or any other things. Just onboarding happened and now i am into project. Any idea how long it will take to give access to forklore and all stuffs?


Flexible Compensaton Plan-1: Option includes components like Meal Vouchers, Conveyance, NPS, LTA, Medical Reimbursements etc.
How much amount for medical reimbursement will be deducted monthly? CGI

Cgi,wns or virtusa which one is better

I have completed 1st round (technical interview) and now they've scheduled 2nd round in CGI .HR said it could be techno managerial round.. Anyone who attended it can share review about it and what kind of questions will be asked? CGI


I got the offer from CGI recently. Having 11 years of experience but seems I asked very less. I am getting 24 fixed + 5% variable + 1.5 joining bonus. Can I re negotiate with them?

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