Hi Folks, I have recieved offers from below comps in the same order
Mindtree 32LPA +75K JB
Capgemini 34LPA
YOE: 12yrs
Role: Data Modeller, Data Architect

Which company is better interms of Job Security & Carrer growth

HCL Technologies , Capgemini Mindtree ,CGI

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Go for Capegemini. Highest offer also Capegemini is fine .


You can consider CGI too


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Twice now I have been ghosted by hiring managers after my initial HR screen. It’s really got me feeling like shit.


Anyone want a referral link for a jetblue plus CC. Limited time 80,000 bonus points


I have an offer from KPMG global with consultant in tax, team name is tax - ignite, anyone one know about this project? And how is the work life balance?


Anyone working in JLL. Need a referral to apply for Community Manager role. Job id REQ240032


Desperately in need of a job. If anyone is hiring please reach out. I’ll take anything at this point. Bills are officially in the red, trying my best to stay motivated. I’ve been unemployed since October and I’m completely drained at this point. Thankfully I’ve been able to instacart but it’s not enough unfortunately. I have administrative and project management experience but again, I can take anything and I’m more than willing to learn.


Anyone help me with expected base pay for below role in London UK.

Software Development Engineer in Test
10yr exp with primary skillset like Csharp, specflow,selenium, BDD, Azure cloud.


I am a senior consultant currently working on MBA and recently earned my PMP. What can I expect as far as range with Accenture federal? My skillset is change and configuration management.


Hi, I work in TCS CTC: 3.36 LPA currently on notice period. I got an offer from a Capital advisor firm. They are currently working manually and want to transfer their system in IT. My role is to create cloud environment for their everyday data after that to clean, filter data. After that create a algorithm model. I have skills of ML and basic of SQL. They are going to provide me courses if I needed or provide me an intern. I will be the only IT guy in that company. Salary offered 5.5 LPA....


Anyone at Amazon who can tell me the difference between principal, Sr tech PM and Sr PM? What should I aim for w 2.5 yrs at McK Digital, started at post MBA equiv and promoted at 1.5 mark?

What’s the M6 grade in LTI ? How’s the work culture ?

Hey Fishes,

I have 2.5 years of experience overall and have done MBA. I'm looking for a consultant role. If somebody could give me a referral, that would be incredibly helpful.


Hi All, one of my friend is urgently looking for technical recruiter/ talent acquisition profile for delhi/remote location. She’s having around approximately 1-2 years of experience. She’s ready to join in 15-20 days.
It would be great if you can provide with the referral
Any help is appreciated
Thanks in advance :)


Can anyone here tell me your thoughts on the culture at Crowdstrike, please? Is it safe for Black women?

Also, how does leveling work specifically for Engineering Program Managers? Please share compensation packages for Program Managers there if you’re privy to that info, please? Thanks!


Need a clarification !

If I join
Shell on Aug 1,2022 …Will I be considered for Dec rating cycle ? and will I get Hike on Feb,2023?

Hiring manager told that I will be eligible for Dec rating and decreased my CTC saying your Pir will be high ..

Confusion is Will I be eligible for the rating as I will be in probation period in shell during Dec.

Please help!


I’m burnt out from job hopping but I’ve never liked my current job and after a year in the role, I really want to get a new one. I’m finding it hard to get a new one as a creative and I’m running out of ideas of where else I should look. Thoughts?

Hey does anyone know if any life-science VC firms are hiring at the moment? Open to any introductions!


All , Anybody recently gone through IBM Interview process ? . I had technical interview yesterday followed by managerial round yesterday only .But surprisingly got BGV mail before managerial round itself .Is it a normal process by ibm .I am not even sure output of the managerial round yet .kindly provide your feedback


Hello everyone! I’m a recent graduate in Information Technology. I would appreciate it if someone can give me a referral for a Data Analyst or Data Scientist job around Greater Toronto Area


Any difference between the specialist route and the traditional path at McKinsey? Is there a WLB difference? The role I am looking at the is client facing product manager role in digital.


Hey consulting moms! What is the maternity policy like at Deloitte? Thank you!


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Hi guys ,

I'd joined Genpact in 2017 and after 5 years I've now moved to Accenture with decent hike.

Now can you advise how much time it takes to come back to Genpact, and what are the chances that Genpact would meet the package?

Total exp 9Y
Current pay 13.5LPA(including bonus)

Looking for a cw partner in Chicago. Producing mostly TV and campaign work.


Anyone ever find themselves unintentionally stuck writing in the same voice for different brands? Not sure if it’s a mental block or lack of inspiration, but I just started working on a new account and can’t seem to find the reset button.

Any tips, advice, stuff to read/watch, or shared experience would be much appreciated.

Thx everyone.


Is there a way for Excel to scan through a row of rankings (high, medium, low) and assign an overall ranking? Eg: If high appears 4 out of 6 times, the ranking will automatically calculate as high.

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One more day and done with consulting … joining industry … moving to other side of the table after 10 yrs in the grind (Pwc > Deloitte > Accy)


I'm having a difficult time finding gigs that like my design work and my advertising background. I'm told I have too much design or not the right aesthetic they're looking for...


Just found out I am not allowed to use our science lab. I have a few online virtual labs but was wondering if anyone had ideas for other ways to do a lab setting that is free??


Hi. I have around 1.6 YOE and I am skilled in Big Data Techstack (Spark, SQL, Hive, Hadoop)

How much CTC i can expect if I want to switch to
1. Product based companies
2. Service based.
3. Startups


Anyone have recommendations for therapists from Asian backgrounds? Feels like it's hard to get to these deep-rooted issues that are so unique to Asian cultures.


Explain to me WHY THE HUCK e’rybody is baking bread.


I have offer of 20 LPA with Oracle India, experience is 7 years, is it a right pay?
Role - senior Consultant


Is there any disadvantage to getting a target debit card vs a credit card? The debit card still gets 5% off on purchases. Thinking of going with a debit card because I’m about to apply for a different credit card (chase sapphire) and don’t want my credit score to take a hit


Ladies, how do you find the time to date someone? I work remote 100% of the time so I’m not outside much and apps scare me (I watch a lot of true crime lol). How are y’all doing it or were you in a relationship before starting your career?


I have several middle schoolers with special needs and they seem to get overwhelmed with too many clicks or steps to do with remote learning. What are some ways to keep things simple?


Have you ever gone on a medical mission?


Thoughts on portfolio:


Money allocated in almost equal parts.


How did you arrive at your current employer? Were you referred by an employee, recruited, offered a position after applying to a posting (no referral), etc.?


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I have completed 1st round (technical interview) and now they've scheduled 2nd round in CGI .HR said it could be techno managerial round.. Anyone who attended it can share review about it and what kind of questions will be asked? CGI

I have joined CGI 5 months back and my project is going to end on 31st. So what will happen after that? As there are layoffs going on in the market will it affect? I am from mainframes technology and have only 2yrs of exp. Can anyone explain pls? CGI

Why CGI is lowballing with holding offer? They're not even trying to match it. YOE -11 Offer-22LPA


What will be the procedure after accepting offer letter in CGI? Is it virtual onboarding and when will we receive link? I see to report office on joining day in offer.. CGI

Cgi,wns or virtusa which one is better

Can I reject project in client interview in CGI if I am not okay with roles and responsibilities said by client or it will lead to escalation?

11 YOE Infosys - Senior Consultant role CGI - Lead Analyst role CTC is just 2*YOE tat too match with counter offer.Suggestions from existing employees Infosys CGI

How is CGI in terms of WLB and Job Security?


How many rounds of Interview will be conducted for Automation Testing ?

I have 3.9 YOE, how much can I ask HR?

Current CTC : 5.1 LPA

Infosys or CGI? Both are offering 2*YOE only.. Which would be good for 10+ Years experienced?


I got offer from CGI recently. Been told will be working from client Location. May I know how it will be and pressure and things like that




I have been onboarded to cgi last week. But didn't receive any mail regarding the induction or any other things. Just onboarding happened and now i am into project. Any idea how long it will take to give access to forklore and all stuffs?


I got the offer from CGI recently. Having 11 years of experience but seems I asked very less. I am getting 24 fixed + 5% variable + 1.5 joining bonus. Can I re negotiate with them?

I uploaded documents after HR discussion last week but not yet received any update after follow ups with CGI.. Shall I ignore or consider them since my joining in a week. CGI .

How are the hikes at CGI ? any avg %?