Hi folks,

I have cleared the first round of interview in citiustech. HR informed me that there will be another round in the next two days. Will it be managerial round or technical round?

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Un Citius tech there is 2 technical round. And last is managerial round.


It will be a techno-mangerial round.


Thanks mate

How much we can we expect for a 5 yoe one at citiustech ?


Managerial round, but will ask technical questions for sure

Thanks for the info

My second round was 60-70% technical. Rest was managerial.

It could be technical round as well coz they said the same to me but then again kept a technical 2nd round

Strange for me direct tr and mr were conducted without any expected CTC discussion
Now waiting for hr round

could you please share MR round questions here, today i have MR round in Citius tech.

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Hi All,
I have 2 yoe in .net have 4.8 ctc.
Recently gave interview for TCS, after some days one of the recruiters from tcs called me and said that since i had done only BSC-IT they will deduct 6 mnth of expirence out of the total experience so finally i will left with 1.5 yoe, so for that they were offering 5.5 lpa since.

Is ther any rule one who has odne BSC they will not consider 6 mnth experince, thats the reason they have given to me.


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Anyone that works at Verisk-ISO? Had a phone interview today and the recruiter called back saying the hiring manager wants to continue further with a video call next week!

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For LTI hired folks, where can we see our interview status? is there a portal, pls share


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Hi all. Recently went through the interview process at Google for an L5 non tech strategy role. Made it to final on-site interviews, but just got the email from the recruiter saying they’re passing due to “other candidates that were a stronger match”. I asked the recruiter to have a quick chat to close the loop. Anyone have any experience with this? I genuinely want to know areas I could improve/ask for overall feedback but also keep the door open for a future Google attempt.


Interviewed at a small tech firm a month ago, haven't heard back RE a decision. My original POC just emailed asking if I was free for a call next week. No context provided, unsure how to read this.


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Additional Posts in CitiusTech | Healthcare Technology Solutions - India

Hello Fishes
Did anyone have meet and greet sessions with CitiusTech folks after receiving an offer? What do they discuss in it? Did anyone have any such sessions before the joining date? TIA!

Got the back to office mail today.
What to do?
I don't want to leave home.

Hi friends, last week only I joined to CitiusTech.
To get a project I attended 2 interviews in 2 different projects. I didn't clear the interview.

Actually the problem is I'm a manual tester I worked in automation tools ( but that's all is codeless tools. We worked using record run mode or keyword scripting)

Here they are expecting High.. javascript, selenium, coding.. but I'm unable to ans their questions. Now what to do? If I don't clear the interviews then what will happen?

I have offers from citiustech, TCS and salesforce Can you help which is good for wlb, learning opportunities and career growth
I am having 2.5yr of experience as java developer
Citiustech selected as part of impact program -- 11 lpa
Tcs selected as systems engineer ( java developer role) -- 10 lpa
Salesforce (technical support Engineer) -- 15lpa
Please suggest. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

Need likes as well to communicate with others.


What are all the exit activities that we need to do in citiustech?
Do we need to submit headphones as well along with CT laptop?


What types of projects we can expect in citiustech since it's healthcare domain?


Hi Fishes ,
I joined
CitiusTech recently in July 2022. As per their offer letter Retention pay is around 1.2 lakhs per year . If i leave the organisation now should I pay back 2.4 lakhs ?

Citiustech Healthcare Technologies

What is the avg hike % in CitiusTech


Does Citiustech retain employee ?

Hi friends,

In CitiusTech what's the salary for 6.5 years experience testers.
Role : Technical lead

Hey all, I have recently joined Citiustech Healthcare Technologies CitiusTech and have already received 3 interviews but got rejected in all due to some reasons,can anyone tell me how many more interviews will I be considered for by the staffing team. Also if this continues what can be the worst case scenario. Please help

Salary range for Technical Lead I QA in Citiustech??


Does citiustech layoff employes ?


I am thinking of joining CitiusTech in June,at Pune location. I always have worked for australian clients,so habit of working from 9 to 4. Does Citiustech provodes onlu 12 to 9 shifts?
What are the chances I am getiing normal timezone like 10 to 7 project?

What are HMT-3 Clients & Project?
What does HMT means in CitiusTech?

How much time citiustech will take to revise the offer


Help !!!
Any reviews on Citiustech Healthcare Technologies CitiusTech ??

Friends, anybody from CitiusTech Chennai location. Need your help..