Today I will be having an interview with Hexaware for data science role. I appreciate for sharing key points to crack it, and how well is the work culture & is it WFH ?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Sharing my experience, hope it helps.
- You will be first asked about the projects you have done , followed by questions related to same.
- You will be analysed for your understanding on ML conceps
- Questions on latest advancements in data science, to understand your interest/awareness in the field .

Best wishes


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Hey, any idea on the pay that Deloitte offers to AM Level 2 and 3 into Audit (FS) side ?


Hi guys,

I have two offer wipro and LTi

which one to choose for job security ? Both are offering same package.
Skill Set :MSBI YOE:9+
Salary -23FP+3VP


Help! I have 10 years experience split between claims for large carriers and most recently as a successful producer on the agency side. I’ve been applying for underwriting roles but not getting nearly the consideration I had hoped for. My skill set I believe would make me perfect for a production underwriter role but I’m coming up empty. What am I missing? Any referrals would be greatly appreciated


Hello Fishes,

If you have not used 'Benefits You' credit points then go to go.accenture.com/benefitsyou , select 'Fitness & Wellness' --> All-->Trueworth Wellnes-->Select package and submit

Then download 'The Wellness Corner' app from play store and register using accentire email id.
Register on The Wellness Corner using this code X41LLT and get ₹100


This is a long shot, but has anyone interviewed with the COGS team at Home Depot? I am hoping to get some information regarding the case study.


What's the culture like at ADP?


I have been applying to jobs for over 3 months with no luck. Trying to relocate and I think that isn’t helping the situation since I need time to move once I get the job. Any advice?


I confess: I would love to see personal attacks fade away from Fishbowl culture.



If you know of an opening or opportunity, please drop it in the comments below!

Help another Fish! 🤝


Anyone transitioned from b4 consulting to Program manager role at FAANG? Is transition worth it?


Hi fishes

I have cleared technical rounds with nagarro and waiting for HR discussion. I have a counter offer of 18LPA. Please let the know how much can I ask for? and in an average how much nagarro pays to front end developer with an exp of 4 years?


I have received an offer from a Big4.
In my resume I have mentioned my last role with EY (Senior) and true total tenure with EY (2018-2021) and have mentioned my promotion dates in bullet points but I have not mentioned that I started as an analyst (assuming it was self explanatory). What do I do now ?
The title goes as EY- Senior - (2018-2021) and the first bullet point mentions the date of promotions.
Am I in trouble ?


Hey guys,

How is Yum! Brands? Is it like a startup?

They have started a new division - digital and tech.


Hi! Asking for my niece who’s <1 yr out of undergrad, anyone know of which McKinsey offices are hiring at the moment?


How much can I expect if I already cleared Technical and HR rounds in LTI Hyderabad for Oracle DBA position Total Experience: 16 yrs CCTC : 22 lakhs


What's the probability of getting hired when you made it to the final interview?


Hey folks, Does anyone have any insight into Ogilvy Consulting compensation? Specifically at Director and Partner


Hi Fishes,

Do these 2 points in the JD allude to modelling requirements?

• Prepare transaction specific and marketing materials (teasers, information memorandum, pitch books, corporate profiles, and industry data and analyses)

• Perform in-depth company and industry research supporting specific client engagements and marketing opportunities


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Any BDRs/SDRs here or y’all on LinkedIn being sold courses by "sales influencers"?


What is the expectation of bonus and increment this year. Share your views and thoughts

I haven’t worked with a therapist before but know I’m totally burnt out and need some time off from work. Has anyone successfully started a relationship with a therapist and gotten their support to do an LOA shortly after starting with them? I’m worried because I don’t have a long standing relationship with a therapist, they’ll be resistant to supporting this. Would appreciate any advice


Hi Fishers, I have accepted walmart offer and my BGV has started 3 weeks ago. How do I check my BGV status? I will be joining in mid May. Also, I have been hiding one of the company where I had worked for 45 days and then absconded due to personal issues. Would it create any trouble? They had created my PF account though.

Any help would be highly appreciated


What’s a typical annual raise in FDD or valuation?


Am I only in a good position to ask for money during negotiations if I have a competing offer? What if I wanted at minimum my base salary at current company?
Asking as an incoming software engineer


I am product designer with a fair amount of experience (6yrs).

Recently was interviewed for a Sr. role in Booking but unfortunately, the team finds me better suited as a core individual contributor.

I am also in the advanced stages of some lead designer positions in other companies.

However, I am really interested in joining the team at Booking, especially because of the design culture.

What should be my reasons to accept or not accept the offer from booking?


Thoughts on the following neighborhoods: 1) area south of Chatfield Lake; 2) Roxborough Park. We are a family with a middle school aged child (and late 30s). Thanks!


This might vary by group, but does anyone know how long an offer typically lasts before it expires? 2 weeks? TIA

Desperately need some motivation to stop order taking. If I'm lucky, I'm barely gonna hit 100% this Q. I get a ton of leads and feel like I just need to give them what they want and go to the next. But in reality i do non work related shit for at least 1-2 hours per day. When I WFH, I normally wake up 5 mins before meetings. There's enough time but I'm burnt out having not taken vacation in 6+ years. I can't vacation now. I need to crush numbers and hopefully take some time off in January. HELP


Confused if parents want schools to reopen or not? I read so many posts here about how difficult it is to work full time and manage kids’ at-home schooling (I can’t even imagine!) so would assume that means parents want to reopen, but at the same time keep seeing a ton of backlash from parents in states who are pushing to reopen due to safety reasons. What’s the general consensus?


Anyone out drinking tonight?

The normalization of "on hold" by the usual suspects. Had 6 interviews in past 4 months with D_itte Get the verbal offer from HR. Yay. Fast forward to following Monday. Get thanked for my complimentary followup sent post-final interview. 48hrs later, same recruiter (on speakerphone) tells me job is now hold and "you must be upset" and good luck in your search.

Tacky AF. Tell me I was rejected by the shadowy 5-person board or it was given to someone who wanted less. Just not this b.s.


That can’t be correct, Doc

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Is Google Trust and Safety dead end work or is there potential for future growth and internal moves elsewhere?


Hi.. what package is offered at Bain & Co. For Cordinator, Global Tax position?

YOE: 3.5 years

How much oracle india used to give for 6+ exp? Current CTC is 15LPA. It is for GCS.


If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the (consulting) kitchen

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Additional Posts in Hexaware

Got two offers for MSBI stack, data analytics -SQL n SSIS

Bureau Veritas -24 lpa fixed is 21.5 n rest var
Hexaware - 30 lpa 27 is fixed

Which one should I opt? Hexaware has good stabiloty n work life balance n do they follow hire n fire rule ?

Please help as my joining us next week. Thanks

Anyone working for AMAT account under BIBA ?
My role is data science and iot engineer. What questions can I expect in an internal interview ?

Hi Fishes,
I have 6 years of experience and have offers from the below companies, Help me on selecting the same?
I am getting a headache as my last date is approaching. Please Help me before Jan 18.

Company, project, CTCdetails are below.

Value Labs - Banking(Fullstack) - 19Fixed + 2LPA
NTT Data - Well Fargos (React) - 20 + 3LPA
Hexaware - Amaze Banking Project (reactjs,AZURE) - 20+2 LPA
GSPANN - Sports E-commerce (AWS, MERN) - 20+2 LPA

Hi Guys!

How is the work culture and work life balance in Hexaware?

Appreciate your inputs.


Why this group is so silent?


Hi guys, After CAF completion by last week, yesterday I received a call from the HR for the second round of evaluation. So, I attended it yesterday and performed well by answering 90-95% of the questions. Even the interviewer gave good comments on my performance. But suddenly today I received an email that my candidature isn't suitable for the role and they're keeping my profile in the database. Does this mean they'll call me if there are openings with some other project?

I attended interview in hexaware on sep 24th and cleared all rounds I got a mail from HR to send documents on 29th sep after that no mail no calls.. it has been month.. usually how long hexaware take to release offer

Holding 2 offers. 1 from Accenture and One from Hexaware. Hexaware paying 2lakhs more than Accenture. Which one I Can choose. Accenture taken me for Cloud. Hexaware taken me for Devops. Friends pls suggest. Confused lot


Are hexaware offices opening this year or next year ?


Anyone here aware of SME - Band 1 designation in Hexaware technologies. Does it come under IT or BPS? Will it have any impact on payrole ?


What is CAF initiate process during recruitment?

Hello Fishes, I recently gave the first round interview for a role in Hexaware and got a mail called CAF initiate asking me to submit documents. Does this mean I cleared the first round?


Hi Hexaware,
This question is for my brother.
He joined h3xaware as fresher this year and has unknowingly declared medical insurance for parent. As I am already having another medical coverage for them. Is there a way to opt out of the insurance from portal.
It caused a deduction of 2k from his salary and is not required.

Any information on this or process will be really appreciated

#medicalinsuranceforparents #notrequired #optoutofparentalinsurance

Anyone working for Grant Thornton account

How is hexaware account management role?

How is the work culture and policies at Hexaware?
I have cleared the interview rounds and about to negotiate for salary.
With 10 years of IT experience and expertise in cloud computing how much can one expect? Already holding an offer of 23 LPA.


Attended interview in hexaware, selected and completed CAF form. HR mentioned that it's sent for approval. But it's been a week and didn't got offer letter.
In general, how long it will take for approval of offer letter and get it released?

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