{ "media_type": "text", "post_content": "LTI Specialist Data Science in the Data Service BU. Could somebody tell me how is the business unit? What kind of work I can expect here, is it even data science or they are just tagging it as one to hire people. Larsen & Toubro Infotech Accenture HSBC Citi Fractal JPMorgan Chase Deloitte EY PwC KPMG", "post_id": "62d81f8a0f039b0024fa2a8c", "reply_count": 0, "vote_count": 2, "bowl_id": "60a56650fe19b4002bf014d3", "bowl_name": "Analytics and Opportunities", "feed_type": "bowl" }

LTI Specialist Data Science in the Data Service BU. Could somebody tell me how is the business unit? What kind of work I can expect here, is it even data science or they are just tagging it as one to hire people. Larsen & Toubro Infotech Accenture HSBC Citi Fractal JPMorgan Chase Deloitte EY PwC KPMG

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Hi Guys - what should be the ideal salary range for QA automation, 7.5 YOE?

CCTC- 25 LPA, level 8

Expecting CTC to become ~ 30 LPA (retention hike)

Also, I am confused about L1B and H1B visa?
Which option to choose considering my skill and visa rejection rates?


Anyone knows about the base for chase PCA?


Hi All,
I am plning for my Masters for Jan intake.
Crntly wrkng as a data scientist wth 10 LPA(YOE:5.8 yrs) nd got an offer from X org with 16 LPA(DOJ Oct 20th). (It's been a mnth bt I hvn't resigned from my crnt org), exptng another offer this week frm Y org with arnd 19 LPA.
If thngs go wrng wth Masters(Either wth univs or visa), I am plnning to hve a bckup wth any of offrs i hve. I mght get clrty by Nov last week reg masters. sgst me when to resign to hve win-win situtn?(crnt org NP:90 dys)


I already have an Amex gold. What’s a good card to supplement that? About to spend 4k on a medical bill, so I’m looking to charge it to a new card for a sign on bonus and then pay it off. Mostly travel with delta and American


I am about 100k points short of a 5 night stay at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills (4 nights with points, 5th night is free)

I also have ~80K Chase points I want to drop on a really nice hotel for a night in Miami.

Would it make sense to convert my Chase points to Virgin Atlantic then Virgin Atlantic to Hilton at a 1:1.5 ratio? Or are Chase points really that valuable and I should keep accumulating them?



My new job offer was recently rescinded, and my employer has terminated the contract. I'm on an H1-B visa and currently on a 60 day grace period.  

I'm looking for Program Manager roles and have experience in strategy and operations, project management, data center operations, supply chain operations, and data analytics. I would greatly appreciate any job referrals! Thanks! 






Any ACN folks who took a leave of absence due to visa related challenges? What is the process and how difficult was it to get back in business after the break?

Would like to switch from audit with 2 YoE to forensics, especially would love to learn more financial modeling/valuation skills, and further develop data or technical accounting skills. (understood that there are research and qualitative work)

CPA, speak/read and write in Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese

Can use Alteryx and Tableau, know basic Python/SQL (wish to have more time/opportunity to develop data analytics skills)

On my first year of H1B visa. Would anyone be willing to refer?


Marital advice from points 🐠 please! I’m the points / rewards person in our house. Spouse couldn’t care less. Drives me bonkers when he makes purchases at stores where we have rewards but doesn’t bother to identify it. He literally leaves money on the table when not bothering to pick the credit card from his wallet that has the best rewards for the merchant. I give him the tools (card pointers app, all the rewards cards in apple wallet) but he just can’t be bothered. How to get him onboard??


Hi All, a new analyst in Deloitte Advisory. Deloitte told me they will apply for H1B next year. But for Green Card sponsorship, my seniors told that I would be eligible in 2 years but i140 is only submitted if I become a Senior Consultant. My seniors told that I it would take upto 5 years of consistent performance to become a senior consultant, so my question is that if I get my H1B visa selected next year and it takes me 5 years to become senior consultant would that be OK for GC?


JPMorgan Chase Hi All,

Got offer for AWS Data Architect Associate (A.V.P) for JPMC Mumbai and CTC 40 LPA.
Experience:- 11 years

Now I'm worried with this high CTC will i be able to justify, i not sure if being overpaid at this level?
Should i ask HR to reduce CTC?


Anyone have experience they can share with CSR purchase protection benefit? Someone stole several packages from my building (left behind the empty boxes). I’ve already filed a police report and just trying to get a sense of how this will work and whether I’ll really be able to recoup the ~$600 value stolen.


Fishes, got annoffer letter from Australian company for 135k +17super .

They are filing for 482 short term (2 years). Do I need to take exam for visa ?


How much is the average yearly hike in amex?


Do we need to take english test for short term visa 482 (Australia) ?

135k +22k super


Best everyday bank account and credit card in Australia for an expat couple?

I‘m moving to Australia with my partner and we don’t have a bank account and credit cards yet. We basically need the bank account only for everyday finance stuff (local payments, debit card, etc) and we‘re looking for some credit cards with good international fees and ideally a reward program to collect some points for traveling.


Additional Posts in Analytics and Opportunities

Will it be worth to leave Accenture and join Nagarro ?? I am just confused. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks Accenture Nagarro Accenture India


What are the best OCM conferences coming up?


Can anyone please let me know what are the steps to resign from EY GDS?
Is there any portal/url where we have to submit our resignation?


Are Producers expected to have a portfolio/website as well as a resume? Specifically I work as an innovative EP


FaceTime date 👀


Any one else made to feel bad taking vacation days?


When do equity awards get paid out?


Can someone speak to the branding/prestige of BCG Platinion vs Accenture Interactive?


Do government workers often embody a level of frustration due to the slow processing of pretty much everything? I've completed 75% of just the hiring process, and I'm already tearing out my hair. 😵


Been in Customer Success/ Account management for 5 years + and fraud and security 5 years +. Currently finishing my Bachelors in Management, to fulfill the degree requirements. I am looking to grow my base in a better tech company. Any recommendations and how to network to get in?


I’m happily married, but every so often, I want to reach out to the one(s) who got away.

Then I peek at facebook and realize those guys are still single all these years later, and appreciate all the reasons they got away… but I still wish I could have changed things and locked them down.


Buy while you can. #Bakkt


For those of you who have ever interviewed with capital one, particular finance, what was your case like?
I have a power day coming up for the finance rotational program and trying to prep as much as I can . Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Expecting mama here. Trying to think of ways to cut expenses and save money for our new little addition. Any advice welcomed. ☺️ Thank you


Hurro hoomans. Friday night movie time on da couch

Post Photo

F 🐠. Early 30s. Engaged. Wedding in December. My fiancée has a problem with my spending habits - he gives me a hard time for buying shoes, handbags etc. We had an argument about it yesterday and I’m really thinking of calling the wedding off…


What's DentsuMB like?


Any software developer here who is going for executive MBA here? Have some doubts to clarify!

Additional Posts (overall)

Hi Fishes, I'm holding 2 offers, one from Genpact | 30 LPA, another from Porter 32 LPA both fixed. Which one would you prefer, given - I have to relocate with family to Bengaluru in later case? YOE: 8 Analytics and consulting @


Anyone got a call from Tek Analytics for Alteryx and Power BI?

I'm looking for an opportunity for Data Analyst.
Total YOE: 2 years
tech stack: SQL, MS Excel Advanced, VBA, Python.
Notice period: 2 months

Please let me know if there's an open opportunity in your organization.



Hy Fishes,
I am from a non-IT background, having 5 years of experience and i want to switch to IT. Can anybody please suggest me which course would be helpful to get a job ?


Hi Fishes, looking for Data Analytics, Product Analytics and BI opportunities. I have 7.4 years of experience and currently serving notice period. Last working day is 10th April.

if you across any positions or can refer, please comment below and I will DM you. Cheers!

Is there any company that hires freshers for Analytics profile who have desired skillset.??


Hi fishes,
Is there any referral for the data analyst jobs in Noida, gurgaon.

If yes then pls refer me or share the job description

Thanks in advance


How is Accenture Analytics? What is the package range for level 9, Analytics specialist role? Accenture HSBC KPMG Deloitte PwC


Any idea about tapclicks? How is the company?

Hi, What is the salary range of Product Analyst FAANG vs Startups?
(1+ YOE)

I have my joining in EXL (Inductis) next month, but my last working day in the current organization is 15 days later. Is it possible to request a 15-day joining date extension? What are the chances they are okay with that? My current organization is not okay with early release.

Any 7+ years exp person in AWS/Data Engineering? We have an opening with handsome pay.
DM for more info
Company - Fractal


Hi fishes,
Can anyone let me know how is work life balance in NATWEST company.what all other perks include in this company



We have openings for Senior Engineer under Data Analytics. Please send resume to
rc2015dsi@gmail.com for further discussion.

Experience: 5-8 years
Skills: Power BI, SQL
Location: Noida


Hi everyone,

I have one question I am currently working @5 lc per annum package and skilled in Excel, sql, visio and process handling skills. I have a experience of 3+ years and thinking of a change since company is paying lot less.

My question is - What more skills do I need to learn to ensure I get a package of 10L.

Please help me out.


Current market salary for Data analytics manager in Bengalore ?

Working as business System analyst( BA).
Would it be a good idea to switch role to business analytics. I have worked in software projects before but have never worked in the data project. I feel bored in business system analyst so want to move to some technical role.

Can anyone refer me for position of Data scientist.
I am currently serving notice period and have experience of 5.5 years

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