Please don't ignore. Badly need a suggestion. My lwd is approaching.

Currently working as a backend developer in Java, spring boot, microservices.

Cisco Appdynamics CX - technical support role Software consulting engineer (grade 8)
26.5 fixed + 1.85 variable + 5 lakhs jb

JPMC - Credit Risk LOB - development role Associate - 601
28 fixed

Is choosing cisco with the hope of moving to dev role internally after one year is advisable ? Please help me.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Please someone do share your opinion


Cisco supports internal moves well. Of course it depends on the opportunities available at that time, but quite possible to move to a different org/role internally.


Is it possible to move from support to dev as well internally?


I have worked for Cisco for 4 years as a developer. To be honest It’s very rare and hard to move from tech support to Dev.
Joining with hope of internal switch is not I would suggest


Thanks for your response

You have to serve one year in current role to apply for internal opportunities

Yes I do not have any issue if it is of one year. But my manager has asked me to be at least 2 years in my current role. Will that be an issue if I tried to move to other role internally after one year ?

It would be better to look for a dev role directly. Though it's possible to switch roles internally but don't expect it to be done immediately after a year. IMO, there will always be uncertainty for internal switch.

By uncertainty I mean there's no surety of when that switch will happen. For a moment think from managers perspective, in one year few months will go in training and grooming you for the role. By the time you're ready for the role and may be take more responsibility you want to switch.

Moreover, manager in other team may not even want someone who is working in a support role since an year. Because of all this I'd always prefer to directly go for a role which I want.

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Hello Guys,

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Hello everyone,

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Hi fishes,

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Post Photo

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Additional Posts in Cisco bowl

Can anyone give me review of appdynamics?

Can any please let me know if there was any joining bonus ?

I am expecting a grade 10 position..

Hi All, in a recent offer by Cisco i have been offered $10k worth RSUs. can someone please explain how is this a benefit? is this a fixed amount or will depend on appraisals etc. ? Vesting period is 4 yrs so will I be able to use them after 4 yrs?


YoE = 11yrs
Is Grade 10 right fit for this experience? Also does G10 resolves to Software Engineer IV?

Hi folks..How much can I ask for 12 years exp..Stack is Spring boot,java,GCP..
Do they provide stocks..etc..Do they give wfh ?

Want to know about hows the scope of growth in Cisco Systems (Bangalore, India). Got the offer from Cisco as Data Analyst grade 8. YOE -- 5 yrs

Please let know on Cisco probation period..Is it strict..being from service companies will it be easy to be confirmed


Hi all I have few queries as I am planning to join Cisco next month. Is there any onsite opportunity in Cisco? Any yearly hike? Is it really flexible to change project?

Thanks in advance.


How good Cisco is for finance professional? I mean in terms of growth opportunities.

Generally what percentage of variable pay based on company and individual performance is paid out to employees ?

Salary range for G11?

Do Cisco renegotiates offer if competitive offer is shown from another company? Role is for grade 10. Tech stack is networking.

I am having client round with Cisco as a angular developer.

Please suggest what type of questions they will ask.