What is the max pay range for Principal Database administrator role for 10+ years experience in fidelity investments Bangalore location ?

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Hi All,

I being offered Band (7B), with a salary of 18lac (ARS) + 1.28lac(Retirals), is this a decent salary offered or I can negotiate more , I have an offer from Unicorn Startup which gives me CTC 20 lac(Fixed) .


Is 120k pounds a good/competitive base comp for EM level in London?


Should I be worried about looking/accepting a new position with the threat of a looming recession? I don’t want to be the first one cut if something happens.


I just recently promoted to HR assistant manager. I have my PHR and working towards my SPHR. I am the lowest paid employee in the depth. We have a senior specialist and a general specialist both make more than I do. They have been employed longer with the company. What is your advice on this issue?


Hi Fishes, I am an angular developer with 4.5+ yoe, and I want to switch to scrum master role in a new organization. Any suggestions on how to start with the preparation of becoming a scrum master and how to move to a new organization.
Currently I am also having some project management responsibilities along with development deliverable so that can help with the CV making. I want to be a scrum master


Hi Everyone
Looking for company change.
Current role - Test Analyst (Infosys ltd)
Experience- 6.5 yrs (1.5 yrs onshore - Australia)
Looking fir help for reference and help to get recruited.



Considering a move to NTT Data in a healthcare consulting role. Mixed reviews in the bowls. Major concerns are bench policy, staff aug roles, 2 week PTO, and high turnover due to job dissatisfaction. Recruiter and mgr had great things to say around growth and opportunity, which doesn’t align with feedback from the bowls or Glassdoor.
Understanding things have changed there in the last few months, I need un-biased advice from fellow fish who have recently joined or can speak to recent changes

I’m curious - let’s say you have a role to fill but they are targeting only female candidates to balance out the team. What recruiting strategies can i implement to meet those needs?


Anyone from Nagarro. Need referral?

HR discussion was completed and got an confirmation email that I've cleared all rounds on Jan 10th. HR was mentioning that the hiring process is on hold. It's been a month already and HR is asking to wait for 1-2 weeks everytime. Will I get offer letter?


Is a 3.3% salary increase in the DC market competitive? From y2 to y3 staff


Hi , got an opportunity at Singapore. Salary is 7000 SGD per month. 4 years experience. Current fixed is 15 lakhs. Is it good enough to have a decent life in Singapore?

Hi everyone, if you have got an offer from Big4 in UK, can you please share your base salary, core skill, designation and YOE?


Crowe is actively recruiting for all positions. If you're interested in joining a top 10 accounting firm, shoot me DM for referral.


I am an IT manager at a small manufacturing company that is in the commercial aerospace and DOD manufacturing space. I manage everything IT and have one other person and an intern currently for around 250 employees. I have been there for just 15 years and it’s stressful. I don’t feel like I am paid enough as now I have NIST 800-171 and CMMC to deal with as well. I am paid with bonus at $120k a year. I have started looking elsewhere because I am just not happy anymore and underpaid for what I do.


I am from Oregon I have been at my place of work for 9.5 years. I am a CMA. With this company I have been a Lead MA, Scheduler, Float Lead, surgery assistant. Basically the go to girl and been there done that. Currently I am Mohs Hisotech. I went to go ask my company for a rise and was instantly denied before I could ask for a raise. I make what I need to make. I make $28.78 and I know others make $30-$31 within the company. What should I do?


Anywhere hiring (in London)?


I am currently getting paid $61K as an HRIS Analyst in NY for a company with 4000+ employees. I was an intern for two years and became full time a year ago. I graduated very recently too so I feel like that’s why they lowballed me. I want to ask for a raise because I definitely think I deserve to be paid more for all the work that I do but also don’t want to risk losing this job. If they say no, I’ll have to look somewhere else. Any advice on what I should do?


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I’m 37 and on medication that I would have to be off if I wanted to have a baby. I also have a weird undiagnosed physical abnormality. Nobody knows of it was a genetic mutation or due to a virus. However I am very happy still with my physical appearance. I have no husband, boyfriend, or partner and don’t want one. I make upwards of 140k and would like a baby at some point. Is 44/45 too late? Am I crazy for thinking I can get donor sperm, briefly get off my meds, and have a healthy baby?


Tata Consultancy Infosys Cognizant Wipro I have completed all the technical and HR rounds and salary discussion, documents submission also done. But all of sudden got mail from hr saying that my profile is kept on hold. Any possibility that I will receive offer letter or it will be in hold forever? Meantime can I attend interview for other positions in hcl?


Hi, Is there job openings in Accenture for Oracle cloud technical/Oracle Integration Cloud(OIC)

Total exp - 5 yrs

Accenture India Accenture

How do you handle work-life balance and emotional boundaries? I'm starting to get really burned out and could use some help.


In my office we have a very small number of black people. I don’t know the exact numbers but it doesn’t seem like more than 10. All of them I know >3 are on a personal improvement plan for very basic reasons. One faced blatant racism and was placed off the project. Therefore it was harder for this person to find a new project. How to investigate if this is correlates with microagressions and discrimination towards black people? Any ideas? How to convince non POC that this is a problem?

Taking FAR later today and just do not feel prepared whatsoever - any last minute tips?


Nov 20th is Transgender Day of Remembrance. Take a few moments to pull together a communication to your org about it. No D&I team in your org? Take the initiative and do it. We’re not going anywhere.


Failed a second exam attempt and expecting my training contract to be terminated as a result. Two years of audit experience and a consistent strong performer, U.K. based. Anyone know of top 10 firms hiring that would take an experienced candidate?


This might sound dumb but who do I actually ask for a promotion? I'm at a fairly big agency and a bit overwhelmed with the different CDs, creative managers, ECDs, HR directors and other titles that I'm not sure who to go to.


I'm so upset/anxious with this pandemic. How do you stay productive when you have loved ones at risk and in the hospital? And worse you cant even visit...


KPMG management consulting or Accenture management consulting (ACN)??? Accenture KPMG India

Asked in a different bowl but didn’t get an answer. Thoughts on parking $100k in an NRE account (India) and use in a year or 2 for a house downpayment. I thing the current interest in 5-7%.


I think spending too much time on LinkedIn is getting me down. It’s this weird content mix of POVs, complaints/rants, other people’s accomplishments, depressing stories, and job postings that already have 200+ applicants. I’m starting to realize it might be the worst place on the internet.


How to constructively talk about the long term future with SO? We (both 26) have been together 6 years with the last 3 as LDR. We are supposed to be moving in together over the summer, but given she is moving across state lines I don’t think this should be a light decision. It’s reaching the point that if we don’t move in I don’t think we should continue dating and I also don’t want her to move in without talking in detail about core relationship topics (marriage, finances, etc).


Thoughts on We Are Social?


Someone please help me with LTI offices in delhi ncr


Will Mindtree renegotiate the CTC after accepted the offer

Anyone have some insight into Zumper, culture , wlb, future. Any info is appreciated.


My experience is 8.4 tableau developers/admin
Package 14lakhs ,can some one help what is the market package.

Additional Posts in Fidelity Investments FMR

Hi fishes

Does fidelity revise offer letter without the counter offer or does they take the offer back?

What would be the hike percentage for a new joinee who has been in Fidelity for 6 months? Grade : 4

What is the range in which Fidelity pay a Programmer with 2 YOE, my current CTC is 8 LPA and I have an offer of 13 LPA in my hand, what is the Max amount I can ask from Fidelity HR?


How is FFIO BU at Fidelity Investments
work pressure
working hours
tech stack
i am hired of java microservices.

Hi all, when will Fidelity investments pay salary , is it last day of the month? Where and when we can see the payslips. Am new to the company and not sure how to clarify these , please clarify.

What is grade 5 in FMR and also how is the bonus cycle.

Hi Friends,

Could some recommend some good pgs around fidelity investments (manyata tech park). I will be starting the office from Dec.

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India Hey fishes👋

Which one to choose considering wlb, growth, learning curve and work from home opportunities.

Fidelity Investments
Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India Societe Generale

Yoe - 2.7 years
Roles offered - Fullstack, Backend.


Fidelity Investments Hi Fishes,

Is there a dress code for girls in fidelity, Chennai? I joined very recently and this is my first time going to office. Please help.Fidelity Investments

Hi folks,What is the wfh situation in fidelity?



I am looking for Job change serving Notice period
Qa automation with4+ years of experience

Hello fidelity guys,

Got offer from fidelity.
I have been told i will be working in brokerage middleware project.
Do anyone know about the technologies i will be working in?
My current techstack : Java, Spring boot.

What will be the scope of development work?


Hi friends,

Please suggest which offer to choose

1) Fidelity Investment on PLSql (25 LPA)
2) Virtusa on Data Engineer role (not yet confirmed)

Having 9 years of total experience and I was basically a PLSQL developer.

Hi Folks,

What should be salary range for a lead software engineer in FMR.
Experience :7 years

Thanks in advance!!

Hello Fishes,
Is there any chance of renegotiation of offered CTC in fidelity on already accepted offer. I have joining in mid November and recently got a higher offer from another company.

will fidelity extend doj ? my actual is may 23rd. i want to change it to july 11. no response after dropping mail. pls advise

Stuck in a support project with no development work in fidelity. I know IJP is the option but I have to wait for 12 months to be eligible for it. Can anyone here share your IJP experience? How easy/difficult it is to move across different BU via IJP and do they consider you if you have learnt new skills but do not have project experience? I am a java backend developer with 6 years experience and planning to learn angular so that I can ask for full stack role.


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