What salary can I expect for the Senior Product Analyst role at Tavisca?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Yoe and current ctc?

@Product Manager 1 can you share your offer details which you didn't joined?


PM1 what's your YOE and offered CTC from Tavisca?

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I'm being offered a position of Assistant Manager Marketing at Sunlife in Gurgaon but they are offering 26 LPA salary. That's a 15% hike. Should I take it or negotiate for more?

Also, I'm currently working from home and they expect me to work from office. Letting you know to help me make that salary decision.


Anyone in marketing at Goldman Sachs or Deloitte? I’m curious what your role is like. I’m seeing Marketing Analyst positions at both that I would be perfect for, but the company names are intimidating me since I only have 2 years experience and I work at a small company. Goldman Sachs Deloitte


Wipro is Hiring aggressively,

Please let me know and share your updated resume to:
snehijob@gmail.com along with Technology or JobId.

Subject: Wirpo Job Rafferal | <JobID> | < Your Name >

Java / .Net / NodeJs / Testing.

Experience : 1 to 5 years.

Happy Helping.

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My current title is Buyer. I handle the purchasing of the larger categories of direct materials and train any new Buyers. I also manage outsourcing and quoting of raw materials for new business, among other things.

I am looking at taking over capacity planning for manufacturing, while keeping my previous responsibility.

What could I suggest for a new title/promotion? There isn't an existing position that I would be filling, and I want to show career growth on my resume.

Hi fishes, I have a few questions about employment with Nokia for the role of Senior data analyst.
1. How is the company in terms of growth and learnings, for data analysts?
2. How much shall I expect in terms of salary and benefits?
3. How about work culture and wlb?

I have 12 YOE


I’m looking for a position with a good organization as a 100% remote case manager. A position that meets my salary requirements and has good health insurance. I love case management and found it when I needed a break from bedside. Any guidance would be deeply appreciated!


Im preparing for an interview within my department for a lateral move. The position is brand new. Any suggestions for questions I should ask? Or tips for asking for a salary increase.


Does anyone have a salary range for an in-house Sr. Photographer/Videographer? 10+ years of experience, working in consumer products, with 15+ brands. Environment is agency-esque, collaborating with internal brand partners and associated agency. Some Producer roles mixed in as well. Thanks for any insight!


Any insight on CAIA? Difficulty and whether it impacts salary?


Did anyone gave interview for Research Consultant in Scotiabank?


I am having experience of 7 years in metal mining industry . currently working as associate manager.I am looking for a consulting role in Accenture . Currently working at a CTC 13 lac .What should be the expected CTC for the consulting role?

I have about 10yrs of customers service experience. I'm looking for work, but I'm always getting minimum wage for this position. Should I change career path? Or is there a job for customer service that actually pays well.


Anyone at KPMG willing to refer to Tech Consulting team? 8 YOE, looking for SM referral in Dubai. Happy to connect on LinkedIn and share cv etc. Thanks in advance


Anyone know anything about LA offices / culture / how to get in at; Apple Music, IG, Spotify, TikTok?


Hi Everyone, I am trying to apply for a Technical Support role at Dropbox. I’m entering all the required fields but there seems to be an issue, when I hit submit after filling the form, it doesn’t submit and throws error ‘Looks like you left this blank! Please fill out this required field’ when all the fields are entered already (I have checked so many times, and filled the form from scratch several times too). Anyone from Dropbox who can put me in touch with HR or suggest what I should do next?


Can anyone confirm if AWS, Msft, Google pay the difference in salary if an employee who is a military reservist gets deployed for an extended period of time?


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Got a verbal offer from Amazon as a Senior Program Manager non-tech L6, YOE 7, current big four. They haven't sent over the offer details yet - to come next week. Anyone has any idea what the range might be? I'm hoping 200k - 220k not sure if that's reasonable to ask? Thanks!


What was it like when you got your r2 decision call? What were you hoping to hear and what’d you end up hearing? How was it?


Can we all put in the real situation of companies approach to WFH/hybrid model. This way we can share which company is lying and which is genuine for 100% WFH.
My current company Novo Nordisk is asking to come to office minimum 10 days per month.


When can I put something in my book? The spot is currently playing, and I helped during the converting and editing phase (I even wrote for the story boards). I’m hesitant because lot of people at the agency i did the work with complain that people put work in their books when they only did concept work or their edits were irrelevant.


I started a new job recently, and they are very excited for me to start (it was a 3-month time from offer acceptance to start date). I haven’t had much input in the calls, just been observing and listening, but I feel like I’m not putting myself out there enough. Should I be asking more questions even though I’m still just observing? I really want to excel in this role and don’t want to come off like I’m not doing enough.


What's the average salary of an Engr II - Software Development with 2.5 YOE (lateral)? I know I'm being paid good but I just want to know if there are better packages being offered.


How much do law firm office administrators or office managers in NYC generally make?


How's the work life balance in PwC SDC in SAP domain? I have worked in Deloitte USI earlier so trying to compare against that.


Anyone else notice a HUGE rate increase from Ad-ID? Augh


Any leads in pharma consulting at MBBs?


What's the salary expectation I can keep as 3.5+ year experience in salesforce(total experience same).
Even though location will be a factor.
Maximum & Minimum. ?
Best Pay organizations ?


I've been working 4 years as a software engineer in the Bay Area now. My initial stock options have finally vested fully. This is how I feel:

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Which company is better Sopra Banking Software(Manual Testing with banking Domain and its a product based ) with 11 lpa or Hughes systique corporation with 13 lpa(automation testing and its a service based CMMI level 5 company).

For location wise- Sopra Banking software is near by my home while for HSC i required relocation

Please help me out fishes!!


Any good options?


Well its been about a year since I picked up the game and went from a 30+ handicap to an 8 handicap. All I can say is, we just scratched the surface! Im totally hooked and love golf so much. Were any of you able to dramatically improve over the pandemic?


Hi guys im a .net developer with 4 years of experience. I have worked in support project throughout my tenure and want to switch to development. I planning to switch so what are the skills that I should plan to learn and how should I go about it? Any suggestions are welcome and also if someone had any similar experience , it will be great if you could share it!

Thanks in advance


So Delta is rewarding all its SkyClub members by cutting back when you can actually use the club. Starting 6/1, it has to be within 3 hours of your flight. But worse, you will not be able to use the club after you land for a call or a quick snack unless you are on a layover.


Any idea of how Scientific Games Corporation wlb, yearly hike, work culture, learning and opportunity is Location: Bangalore Tech stack- .NET Team- Under Implementation and services


I am wondering if I can do this. It feels daunting but also I’ve accepted an offer from another company but don’t know if it is what I want but I think I also don’t feel comfortable in my current situation. I wonder how long I could maybe do this but not sure.


Additional Posts in JPMorgan Chase Pune (Tavisca/cxLoyalty)

Fishes, about to get an offer from JPmC ,how much should I quote ?
cctc- 31lpa
Tech stack-big data,hadoop,Spark,aws,docker
Currently working with fortune 5


I joined JPMC Mumbai last August. I wanted to know if my last working day in the firm falls after my first work anniversary, will I be entitled to return the relocation lumpsum?
What happens to the relocation lumpsum if I serve the notice period and put down my papers a few days before my last working day.

Hi Everyone,

Could you help me answer few of
Question related to Tavisca Pune.

1 what is different in job profile Tech lead Cloud and Senior software engineer cloud? Is there any job responsibilities difference, seems both required similar years of experience.

2. How is the working model ? WFH/WFO/if hybrid how many days mandatory requires to visit in a week?

3. Hows the work in terms of AWS cloud ? DevOps/EKS/scripting?

4 how is WLB/work culture / office hours ?

Thanks in advance.!!

I have been interviewing at Tavisca for a month long, thanks to there recruiter, already tole my expectation upfront, Now after all the tech rounds, HR round happened and told again my expectation INR X lpa Hr was like ok, will go ahead, now after someday, he says that we dont have budget and cannot go further. Then I told them I already hold an offer and will share which is INR X+ lpa, After trying for few more days finally they told that they can offer INR (X-10) lpa, Looked like a joke to me


Joined JPMC in September as 602 associate. How much to expect in performance bonus and appraisal hike?JPMorgan Chase


Fishes, how has your life changed post acquisition? Better or worse? Pros and cons??

Gave interview sometime back, Initially they did not agree to the ask, since I already have offer from other org which is much greater than what Tavisca is offering.....Difference is around 4lakhs in both of them, the other org is mid sized company which gave higher offer... What to do in this case... Go for JPMC?? Or other org?? Tavisca JPMorgan Chase

Hi Everyone..
Currently given Interview for devops role at tavisca.
Total exp.: 3
CTC: 7.5 lkh

Had few doubts :
1. How is work related to devops and cloud ?
2. Since the tavisca is taken over by JPMC , are all policies and benefits are now applicable to current tavisca employees ?
3.Also if someone can share about pay / bonus / salary structure ( i would discuss this with HR once i clear all rounds )

Hello Fishes,
Is it WFH at
Tavisca currently or hybrid ? Any plans for return to office ?Tavisca

Any one know servicing tribe in Tavisca ?
Work culture and work life balance?


Does Tavisca offer stocks as a part of the ctc? If yes, then on which grade and how much and on which grade?

CCB LOB hikes and bonus...input please

Does Tavisca match up the counter offer if we ask the HR?


Hey everyone, I was just exploring openings with Tavisca Pune. I do see opening related to .net + AWS engineers.
Can someone elaborate the about the organisation?
Do we get offer letter from Tavisca or JP Morgan?
How's the WLB? How much CTC can one expect? 7 YOE - . net+ AWS? Tavisca


How much are you making at Tavisca?
CTC , YOE and designation.

This will help us create a chart that can help other people to negotiate salaries when joining or already working in appraisals.

YOE 8+
CTC 26
Tech Lead


Hi Fishes. Need help with referral in JPMorgan. Kindly help. Thanks in advance.

Hi All
I have 10 yoe in Mainframe, ccctc -10L. I have below 2 offer:
infosys - 22.29L.
JPMorgan Chase - 27L, still negotiation going on (also have h1b visa if that matters in negotiation).
I am planning to join in JP Morgan. This is going to be my first company switch (working at onshore since last few years) so wanted to know below things:
1). Is 27L is good enough for 10 yoe resource ? I have seen people joining 24-25L at 4 yoe.
2). How is asset and wealth management (AWM)..? JP Morgan

Can some please provide feedback for jpmc mumbai
1. Work life balance
2. Is there hiring then firing with employee just joined
3. At the AVP level what is max pkg we can get ? I got 25 lpa fixed ... is it okay for 9 year exp in jpmc ?
4. Do we have free transport, also is it bus or cab ?