What’s a reasonable salary range for someone in ATL with 7 YOE and an MBA? Currently at $155k base plus 15% bonus and looking for exit opps but the market is capping Sr. managers off at $170k so not worth it for me to move unless it’s a Director level role but then it’s also hard to break into the Director level from Manager. Should I just stay put? Any thoughts?

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works at
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Sr Managers in consulting? Or industry?



What’s your focus?

Also can you share what companies
These roles are at. I may have a director role open up for me at my current company and want to make sure I’m fairly paid

MBA from?

Top 20 school

If the $170k is total comp then yea you’re kinda stuck. If it’s base only then that doesn’t seem like an unreasonable increase from $155k. $155k + 15% bonus for a manger in industry seems about right. Exception might be tech or pharma, both of which would be higher.

Will be difficult to move directly from manager to director without moving to a smaller company with title inflation, but then I wouldn’t expect comp to be much different from what you’re seeing for senior managers at larger companies.

Do you have any interest in a local business and technology consulting firm? Happy to talk to you about SEI if you do.

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Did wipro give the salary on last working day of month or last day of month only?

Welcome to the Salaries in STEM bowl! 💸

For the best response to your post, please include the following:

Your location or HCOL/MCOL/LCOL ("high cost of living" city etc), years of experience, and any other relevant information for context.


"Engineer in a HCOL with 5 YOE currently making 85k and know I'm very underpaid. What should I be aiming for?"

These variables have a great affect on salary and you'll get better answers the more details you provide.



Any views on RNIP program, is it worth considering it to move to canada


When law firms lay you off, do they always give the standard 3 months salary and 3 months on the website? I’m looking at very likely being let go I think and I’m trying to plan ahead.


Hey folks,

Can anyone give salary insights on the automotive business side of Qualcomm.

What to expect as a offer with 4+ YOE in automotive industry and looking for a Business Development role.


Hi Guys,
Any openings for webMethods?
Mostly in development role, also have support experience.

Not looking in below companies:
TCS, Wipro, TechM, Accenture, Cognizant


Hi Guys, I am holding offer with 16LPA at hexaware and 16.8LPA at Verizon. I am working in workday technology having close to 5 YOE. I am bit confused which offer should I go for..

Please help me with your experience.. which one is best to choose as of current market standard and future attrition.


Hello All, i am a SQL DBA working with TCS
total experience 8.6 yrs
i am planning to switch my profile from
SQL DBA to A devops engineer

My queries are
a) Azure/GCP/AWS Which devops profile should i choose

b) after learning on my own, how will i justify my knowledge/ experience in Devops

c) do companies consider someone form job if they hav knowledge but no experience

Thankyou all for you time and effort to read my queries 😊


Hai how much is the salary of an Associate QA at veeva systems in Canada?


How much max should one expect for a System reliability engineer 2 at nutanix with 4.5 YOE


Anyone else who feels that they want to step into the more analytical/executive/operational/financial side of business?

I feel that as a corporate lawyer, you’re mostly doing the necessary details to carry out someone else’s decisions (= EG the boring part of business). The most "strategic" advice you give is perhaps advising on a choice between transaction models.

Would only a law degree and big law transactional experience be sufficient to go into more traditional business roles?


I’m a 3rd year at one of the Big 4 (2020 grad) and have been debating whether it would be wise to lateral to Littler. I want to ultimately be at a v100 law firm with market salary at some point; however, I haven’t had much success with lateraling directly from Big 4 to v100 (Paul Hastings, Morgan Lewis, etc.). Any thoughts on sticking it out until an opportunity arises or lateral to Littler in the interim.


Hi! I’m an incoming 1L at Loyola Chicago this fall and was wondering if anyone is willing to connect?

I am a first generation and I am not as familiar as I would like to be with the legal field and would love to hear people’s experiences and journeys!!

Thank you in advance!!


How do you all handle non-billable work on top of meeting your billable targets (assuming no minimum requirement and bonus threshold not an issue)? I.e. If you have two hours of non-billable work to do (but it’s work that can be added to your time sheet like business development) do you still bill ~8 hours of billable work on top of that for a total of 10hrs on your sheet?


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Just signed a BA offer for one of the bigger Mckinsey offices (SF/Boston…) but bf just got an offer at another region - how possible is it to transfer my offer to another office, especially given that I’ve already signed it? If that’s not possible, how long do you advice me to stay at an office before I transfer to another? Thank y’all so much!!


Hello everyone, I wanted to understand I have done BBA and after that MBA in banking as minor and have been working as Fraud investigations Advisor I want to advance in my career so which certification is good CAMS or CFE, the Investigations I am currently doing are system automated we just have to follow the SOP and take action on the account, can anyone guide me how to proceed further in my career path and which certification can help me to advance in my career. YOE 7 years


My boss shamed me publicly in an email sent to the entire office. I am a marketing director and have handled multiple important campaigns, but I got sick and he called me "weak" and told my coworkers that they should avoid being like me. Huh.


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Hi All,

Greeting !!

I am looking for job change, currently i have 6 years experience in Hadoop admin(Big Data) and working at TCS. Let me know if there is any opening.

Prashant Gupta

#hadoop #hadoopadministration #hadoopadmin #lookingforjob #hr #recruitment #hiring #hive #hbase #hortonworks #mapreduce #MapR #jobsearch #sqoop #mysql


I heard from my head that there is a lot of slowdown in VW Germany... There is Hiring freeze, level freeze and all ... And soon that will spillover to india. So be prepared for very less hikes in coming cycle :( Also automotive sector in general is struggling with tesla laying off 10% workforce recently. Maybe time to make a move? What do you say fishes?


Advertising is great because you get to have end of year, Friday evening arguments with account people about putting QR codes in print ads no one will ever see


Building off the used car thread, I’ll be in the market for a new car next year. I’ve always bought used and would like to try new this time, but is that a mistake with the car market like it is? I don’t urgently need a new car, is it better to wait till later in the year or possibly 2024?


I just went through a rough time dealing with depression, PTSD, and anxiety. I didn’t seek help earlier because I didn’t want to appear weak or less capable than my male counterparts. I tried to ignore the elephant in the room and it almost cost me too much. I am glad that someone convinced me to seek professional help. That was the best decision. If you’re struggling with stress at work, let me tell you: your mental health is more valuable! Reach out and talk to someone. It can save your life.


Can someone tell me good badminton courts near marathahalli ORR or brookefield?


I filled out two job applications this week which required entering dates I went to school. How can they ask that if they’re not supposed to ask for age? Isn’t this age discrimination? I’m guessing


I want my exhibit numbers and declaration paragraph references to automatically update in my motion/MPA. Anyone have a way to do this? Trying Word’s Master Document feature, but seems buggy.


Anyone ever gone from financial restructuring/bankruptcy/insolvency law to work at a distressed fund or special situations fund? Is it a common path? When would make sense to transition and how?


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