What’s a VP salary range in finance for Dublin ?

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Folks, if any suggession if I should accept wells fargo or IBM offer considering both are giving closely same compensation package , your feedbacks are really appreciable 🤝👍


I’m looking to pivot back into a technical writing role, or at least a role with tech writing as a core responsibility. I’ve been working toward a solution architect role but I’m not allowed to own any documentation; I have to farm it all out to BAs. I actually wouldn’t even mind being a BA — which is literally what I was hired as — but my “on paper” boss said my salary is too high to be a BA(?!). Is it possible to land a tech writing or BA job that pays in the $140k - $150 range?


What’s the salary like for a valuation associate position at a PE fund like Apollo? If the TC is 120k+ I’ll quit pwc right now


what is the salary of a Director Product management in amex ?

Cleared client round and got email confirmation from HCL PM on offer. HR discussion is about to start.
6.8 yrs experience in Automation Testing and currently in Test Lead position. Getting hired for Implementation Analyst/Manager considering my previous responsibilities held and aspirations. My current total CTC is 15.5. How much can I expect? Also do HCL provide joining bonus?

Hi all! New to this bowl. Any idea of comp in Indeed Canada - the role is a mix of individual contributor as product manager and people management (team of 4 analysts).


Hello. I am a Spring 2022 Masters graduate, possibly aiming for a full time conversion in a retail company that I am doing my internship at. My internship is that of a Data analyst. I also have an MBA and 2.5 years of work experience in Financial analysis (from India). Though I am new to tech, I was doing analysis before.
I was told I might be good for a level 2 position. I am hoping to understand the salary range I need to aim at?


I have 5 years of experience in my industry in Chicago. (Engineering Firms working with Electrical Utilities on Substations)
I started as a CAD Drafter and worked my way up to a P&C Designer.
Is 63200 a good salary for someone with my experience?

I want to also say I’m back in school going after my EE.


Can anyone help me with my in hand salary after deductions?

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How can I get a good paying job in healthcare administration??

I will soon have my masters in healthcare administration and I currently work for a hospital system as a patient service coordinator. I feel extremely undervalued on top of underpaid. I know that I am capable of more. Is there a space for young healthcare professionals to excel?


Friday the CEO sends out an email proudly proclaiming that the company made $22 billion last year.
Two hours later I am told on our team meeting that the bonus/raise pool is down from last year.
I just have no words.


Where do you live/work & would you recommend it to a 20-something new pa!?Salary, benefits, lifestyle, etc.


Whats the salary offered by IQVIA for Data Engineer role for 2 YOE?


What is a competitive pay for a retail Store Manager with 20 years of retail experience. 10 of those years in the Store Manager role.

Any insight on pros and cons of lateraling as a midlevel litigation associate to Paul, Weiss?

Generally happy with the cases I’m working on at my current firm and I love the other attorneys I work with and partners I work for (for the most part). Compensation would be the same. Mostly considering the move because things are so disorganized at my current firm and I end up pulling a ton of unnecessary all nighters, and I have virtually no administrative support.


Hi fishes,

Please suggest what should I choose from following:

Mindtree -> 24 LPA (Following up every week if I am joining or not)

R Systems International -> 25 LPA (Current company, trying to retain, very good hold on project and good relations with manager)


Tech Stack -> Angular Front end development.

Serving notice period (more than 2 months left)

Please suggest considering the global recession fears

Thank you.


Any advice for negotiating modifications to full-time offers? Ex: firm offers unlimited PTO, but rival shop offers 4 weeks guaranteed. What about signing bonuses?


Consultant salary range. Exp - 8 years. Line - Consulting.

Is it worthing leaving a managerial permanent role in FMCG to get to a contract individual contributor role in META which offers circa 70% more money than the permanent?

Role is for 12 months which can become 24 or permanent


At what point is it realistic to ask for $$ to pay ourselves as founders (who will quit their job?) and how much is appropriate?

We are currently doing a pre-seed raise of $500k, but I’m really struggling to balance my work and my start-up.

Note that my current job pays $100k, and I don’t have a crazy resume.


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My wife is a Software engineer - QA with 2 Yoe, now we are thinking to move to Canada, can someone please guide us on which 2 year course can she pick (for student visa), is data science related course a wise decision? Or how to find a QA related PG program.
Preferably in Victoria, British Columbia


I sometimes eat edibles/weed gummies for anxiety - should I stop doing that during my stim cycle? Anyone know if this is potentially harmful? I don’t plan on drinking alcohol during it.


I’m interviewing at two great tech companies and am in the last rounds of interviews at both, meeting with the execs. Both companies have expressed that they want to hire me regardless if the execs agree and are willing to find a place for me. Both have great company culture and benefits, and both are willing to meet my salary requirements. I wish I could work at both of them! If you were in this position, what other factors, besides the obvious would help you make a choice between the two?


Since we’re posting fur babies for likes… meet sox 💕

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When are they posting 😩

Hi fishes ,

I received an offer for senior manager position in PWC .

Can you please let me know about the health insurance coverage as it is not mentioned in offer letter.

Please also inform if parents can be included in health insurance provided by PWC.


Hello All, I have been selected in the interview at NTT DATA and also submitted documents as requested by Recruiting HR. However , it's been a 10 days after docs submission but haven't received any call from HR for salary negotiation. On email follow up with HR, he said he is on it and will come back to me soon for further process. Any views.NTT DATA


Hi Guys,

I have offers from Pwc and Nagarro, difference between them is around 6 lpa on fixed, does pwc negotiate on higher offer?

Long term, is it a good idea for a new lawyer who graduated without an MBA to try and get one if they are headed to a corporate group at a large firm? Assume that the lawyer has an interest in it and is not simply looking to stack accolades.

If so, how might one best do so?

If not, why?


I just made a transition from ID to commercial litigation/corporate transactional practice. What kinds of CLEs would y’all recommend I take? Also — I’ve heard that boutique firms in my practice area generally have lower billable hour requirements but for more money. Is that because it’s more complex work that takes longer? Or is there something else I’m missing? Thanks y’all!


Hi friends. Have you ever dated a non-Catholic or non-Christian, and do you think you could see a holy marriage arising out of it?

Is Cognizant offering permanent WFH option for new joiners?


Your age, gender, youngest you’d date, oldest you’d date. Go.


What’s it like working at Accenture?


Curious how other people’s brains work.
When you get an activation brief, what’s your process for coming up with a solid idea?

Look for cultural moments that you can adapt? Look through award show books? Scroll YouTube videos until 3am?

I know that every brief and every idea is different, but I’m more interested in the process and what you’re creative routine is to get the wheels turning.



Larsen & Toubro Infotech Does LTI provide any onsite opportunity? Especially Insurance Consulting unit. If yes, for which countries
Larsen & Toubro Infotech


Does wipro provide any internet reimbursement for Wfh ?


Hi Fishes,

I have an offer of 10 LPA from TCS and 13.5 LPA form Tech Mahindra. Which is the better company bro join? Still 55 days are left of my notice period, when should I ask TCS to counter this offer? Can TCS provide me a better offer or match this?

Tech- Automation Testing


Additional Posts in Salary info

Salary for Mechanical Engineering Team Leader in the automotive industry located in the Midwest.


What level does EY offer in Technology Consulting for Data Analytics FSO for someone with Industry experience of 10 Years?

Also what is the average base pay? EY


Hi, I’m looking for advice of what sort of salary range to expect for an AVP role within Corporate Trust (specifically Structured Finance) in Dublin?


What is an acceptable salary range for a director role in KPMG?

How does getting salary info on Fishbowl actually work? The reason I joined was because the video showed people looking at their salaries… But it looks like a lot of people are posting asking for salaries, and nobody is responding to them.


Anyone here work with Salesforce Salesforce Canada and know the pay range for Manager, Finance Program Management & Delivery... im in the middle of interviewing and will like to assess if its worth my time. Thanks


Hi all, I moved into a role in marketing about 9 months ago and they let me know they were starting me off at $42k CAD because I was entering with no marketing background. Now that I've had time to learn more and show my abilities I wanted to get a feel for what Junior marketers make so I can ask for proper compensation when the time comes.


Anyone have insight on the comp for Sr./ Lead FP&A analyst at NASDAQ/NYSE/CBOE

What salary should I expect as a tax technology consultant entry level at Deloitte? — CSG group —
I know salaries are based on work location. I need some guidance please. I will add that I have one year experience as a former tax associate at PwC and I completed my Master two months ago. No CPA yet. Deloitte


Hi all, what are the ranges a full-stack developer can get working with modern JavaScript stack with 5+ years of experience. Working remote from Florida, USA

Service specialist II Edward Jones Salary range does any body know


Anyone aware of the base salary for a Business Ops Manager II - Chase Auto - Lease to Loan ??? (chase bank)


Hello Shark, I have 24.5LPA offer in hand(Erricssion-Program manager job level-6) and one more offer as a project manager from Toll in process. Pls guide me how much package I can ask to Toll logistic IT Project Manager Job role.

I went through two rounds of interviews for
a job that the posting stated $36.66 per
hour (FP&A Analyst)…the company
recruiter had told me in the initial call the
pay could be 32-36 because of the other
benefits. If I do get a job offer what range
should I try for? I was really hoping to get
around the 36-40 but now I feel like they
may try to offer lower than what was
posted. Also there was no range but the
average for this position is upper 70s-90k.
Thanks for any help!


How to find more accurate/ up to date salary information.

I am seeing a wide band for my position [sr fpa, 60k-120k in the same area]. How do I know how to find the most accurate comp.

I'm looking to build a case for a raise and want to use what I've worked on in the company as well as outside comps.


What is the salary and bonus range for AVP at Citi London?

What is an acceptable bonus range for a PE sales associate in the NYC metro area?

What is the salary range in Technology consulting with 3 years experience in a small company moving into one of the Big 4s with work location in NYC ? The position is Senior 1 , there are 3 positions within senior level Senior 1,2&3.


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