Any openings at ZS Associates for Project Management profile?

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Yaa there is.

Don't join

But doesn't get the salary worth the work


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Atlassian Would love a referral to improve Atlassian software (product role)




Hi everyone my brother got into tcs 1.5month back & still not allocated to project they said he will be interviewed again for project selection. Please let me know if there will be an issue with that?

Leaving audit for Financial due diligence role at kpmg potentially as a senior. Any feedback? Anyone from komg care to elaborate? I have no care in the world to get my cpa just trying to relocate


Hi Fishes,
What is the hiring procedure in delta airlines for senior Software Engineer?

Hi All,
I have 2.8 YOE on Linux Administration. My daily activities are patching, incident management, service requests, Change Management, Remediation, Server builds and Decommissions manually and also we handle 1600+ VMs, LVM partitions, User access management. I am also working with configuration tools like Ansible and Installing Mandiant, Nagios, Eracent etc. Involved in MFT project. RHCSA, AZ-900 Certified.

Kindly let me know if any vacancies or referrals.


Question re: salary. I’m thinking about accepting an offer at a small (4-6 attorneys) transactional firm. I would primarily be working on NDAs for clients. The role sounds great (no billable hours, fully remote, flexible hours/ can work from anywhere); however, the salary is $70K. I’m a new attorney, with only one year of experience. Does this salary seem low? If so, any advice on what someone in my position should ask for?


Anyone here ever gone back to school while working as an associate? I’ve always wanted to practice for a few years and then move into academia. I’m at the point where I’m ready to start working toward that transition and am considering doing an online PhD while I keep my role as an associate. Anyone done this or something similar? If so, what online program (university) did you do (attend) and what was your area of study?


Anyone have a sample contract clause for a procurement situation where you want the vendor to take responsibility for acquiring third-party software licenses and pass the license rights through to your client as part of the end deliverable?


Why are there so many Private Client Advisor positions/ Private client Banker positions open?


I have been giving interviews for web automation roles since Feb and got my first offer on 1st March.

I have hands-on experience with only desktop based application automation using Vbscript, Shell script, Jenkins, JUnit, Docker and Azure.

I have acquired quite a good grasp on Selenium, Java, Rest Assured through online.

What could be the expectations from a Senior QA role in a company like Informatica?
As I don't have hands-on experience with web automation I am a bit anxious.

Brillio is Hiring !!!

NodeJS Fullstack Developer

Role: Lead Engineer

Experience: 3-5 Years

Location - Bangalore

Skill Set - NodeJS, ReactJs

Interested people can DM me.


So I’m being contacted by GS for an associate role in Dallas. I live in Tampa. Making around $88,500. What is the realistic amount I can ask for? I assume I can try and get $120k to $130k for an associate role within GS. Hear hopping firm to firm is a standard and it usually brings a nice pay hike.

The girl of my dreams moved to LA!! Help this copywriter move there (eventually).

MullenLowe, Wunderman Thompson, Phenomenon, and anyone else who is hiring copywriters, I see you 👁


Just got an interview call for Telecom consultant role in Infosys.

HR asked for video interview and I dont mind that. I replied the HR that panel also puts on their web cam. It's not a healthy way to communicate during inteview when panel remains on audio (and perhaps in their shorts and baniyan ) :D

And interviewing the candidate wearing formals.

Secondly, any tips sharks for the interview ?
I have 15 YOE in Telecom BSS domain.


Interviewed recently with @VillageMD. Anyone have any insight about the remote Medical assistant positions? Preferably someone who does or did work in that type of position with this company. How was the workload? How much time is usually spent on the phone answering calls?


Wipro is Hiring aggressively,

Please let me know and share your updated resume to: along with Technology or JobId.

Subject: Wirpo Job Rafferal | <JobID> | < Your Name >

Java / .Net / NodeJs / Testing.

Experience : 1 to 5 years.

Happy Helping.

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Hello! Recently been job hunting and have interest in a role at Estee Lauder Companies. I am hoping someone can refer me as I haven’t heard back from the contacts I reached out to. Thanks so much!

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Does EY do actual expenses or is there a per diem?


EU big 4
Sequence of events:
Wk 0- confirmed offer on video followed by an compensation detail email
Wk 1- Negotiations
Wk 2- Recruiter promised to have the final number. Didn't.
Wk 3- received the final numbers after a follow up. Accepted. Ws told to receive letter next week
Wk 4- nothing
Wk 5- asked for an update. told there ws system error. ll have the letter by Tuesday
Tuesday, week 6- still no offer letter

Can someone advise what shall be the tone of follow up? Is this delay normal?


Recently single gay male from Chicago (early 30s) looking to move to a new city to find love. Between NYC, Miami, and Tampa. Any recommendations?


What inspired you to become an engineer?


How many of you do not have a single credit card?


Hey everyone, can anyone help with the going freelance rate for a writer at the senior/acd level?


I've started waking up for a sunrise walk everyday, then working for two hours before my kids get up. Always hard not to hit snooze, but so glad once I do it


Any women here who have dated both men/women/NB, will to chat to me? i'm currently dating a woman and i'm so confused about something TMI to ask anyone in real life, also I'm not out to many. TIA 💛


Hi I am new to fish bowl. Kindly please like the following post so I can reach out to more opportunities. I am looking forward to move into good product based companies.


How is the work pressure of EYGDS consulting service line at Kolkata location ? EY

Hi can anyone help me what kind of questions comes and their level in HSBC psycometric test ? .

And from where I can prepare HSBC India HSBC


I need a referral for Barclays, I've the job I'd. Can anyone help me with it?

He is Risen! Happy Easter to you and your families! Hope you are able to celebrate the Octave without too much craziness at work getting in the way.


Does anyone have a thorough cleaning service or cleaning lady that they’d recommend? Also how much are you paying? Appreciate any recs!


Does anyone play in a weekly basketball run in Dallas? Just moved to the area and am looking for a group to run with. Thanks!


Ola amigos, are you down for December Coffee Crew? I can find a spot downtown or midtown TO, if that works for y’all. DM me if you are interested and I can kick off a WhatsApp group to plan further! TIA ❤️


Third year commercial lit associate. Any tips for dealing with trying to be too perfectionistic with assignments? It causes a lot of stress and maybe even procrastination.


Sohoor stuff on deck in case Ramadan starts tomorrow. Good luck fellow traveling fish.

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Anyone from BNY Mellon, what is average hike percentage and when will letters roll out for same


EY looking to discuss joining at the manager level. Would love to speak with anyone within the BSA/AML practice.


Additional Posts in ZS India Women

Is ZS, India free from Harassment environment?


Vacant room in a fully-furnished 3BHK flat in Sector 30, Gurgaon. Price: ₹11.3k. Interested women can DM me. 👍


How do you tackle or avoid office groupism, bitching and gossiping?


Is there any profile of innovation consulting at ZS?

Any good and safe ,only female pgs in sector 30 or 31 Gurgaon ?


Any ZSer who has taken HPV vaccine?


Hi All, I am new here. I thought of sharing the post to seek guidance from my experienced fish communities. I have in total 9.10 YOE in Investment banking and financial services. I have switched 3 companies so far in my professional career - Societe Generale (2012-2013), Accenture (2013-2019), and London Stock Exchange Group (2019-Present). Even after switching to 3 different companies, my current package is 15 LPA (Fixed). If I look at my peers, I am underpaid. Thanks to guide me.


Hi, I have 7 years pf experience in Finance ( in AR 4 years ) and rest in AP, OTC . Looking for job change due to low pay.
Anyone please refer me.


Hi Everyone,
I am looking for a job change , I have 8+ years of experience . I have 6 years of experience in HR generalist and 2 years in Knowledge management.
My current package is 8.2 lakhs and expected is 12 - 15 lakhs
Request you all to fine me a good opportunity I will be grateful to you all

Hoping for positive response.


I applied for a job in ZS but my application was rejected right away, citing reason that I do not meet the minimum qualification required.

Did this happen with anyone else or any idea on this?
In minimum qualification, GPA and work permit was mentioned.
I have 76% in btech and wp in India.
Please help.


How bad is WLB at ZS?

Is it true in ZS there's no real work involved especially for data scientist profiles? I've heard that most of the time at zs ....people only make ppts. Is it true?

Hi, did anyone apply for permanent wfh in ZS and got it approved?


Hi fishes, I am a dentist and did Masters in hospital administration from IIHMR B. Currently I am working as Cerner EHR support analyst since Aug2021. Can someone refer me to ZS, healthcare solutions. Thanks in advance


Hi All,

I just wanted to understand how's it like... Working at ZS.
Especially as A data science associate?


Any openings for 15 years of experience in project management ?


Hello fishes,

I'm a Business Analyst with 1.2 years of experience and currently, I'm trying to switch to a different organization.

I have worked on and have been part of various analysis and case studies in my current project and have experience working on Bridge Insurity tool, Python , SQL ,C#, .NET, Data Structures and Algorithms.

Please refer me if there are any related opportunities in your firm.



Hey Ladies,

I created this bowl thinking that it would bring focus on any kind of issues we as women might be facing in ZS india.

I felt like the other ZS women group has issues and solutions more catered to US office.

Feel free to interact and share!

Hope this is useful!