Can someone refer me to KPMG..i have the job id with me

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Bhai mat aa. Bekar company hai.

Ghatia leadership hai and ghatiya hi projects hai.

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Looking for PwC ,Apple, Google referral for project manager position or Data Analytics role?

Hi folks,

i am looking for referral for frontend/ react developer position.
Np: serving, LWD:05/11

Any referrals will be really helpful
Thank you


Hola Fishes! I'm looking for a job change and I hope someone could help me with a referral.
YOE: 3.3 years
Skills: Python, Selenium, JS, Shell scripting, WCS EY Deloitte Accenture Infosys IBM Amazon


Does anyone know any any good job openings for senior accountants or of any good reputable recruiters in Miami?


Hello folks,
I am looking for new opportunities. I am a Design engineer with 5 years of experience in NX unigraphics - design, drafting of engineering drawings, Assembly/installation drawings. Strong in Geometry control and clash check analysis. Can someone refer me to a suitable role?


LTI-Larsen and Toubro Infotech is Hiring!!
Share EmailID along with JobName to Apply
Candidates who can join in 30 Days will be given preference

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We have openings in Accenture Mumbai Customer service roles for voice process

UK shift
Rotational Shifts and off
Immediate joining

If you or someone else is looking out for a job please let me know.


If you are looking for new roles and opportunities CGI is hiring at amazing scale. Feel free to DM me for referrals.


Can anyone help me with Referal?

I'm a Fresher with internship experience of 1.8 years.
I'm good at Brand and social media strategy.

Skills - Social media marketing, Brand Strategy, Atl and BTL, Advertising (online & offline), Ms Excel, Ms power point, Canva, Photoshop, Market Research, Analytics.

I'm a graduate in Journalism and Mass communication for GGSIPU

I have recently applied for the role of Associate: data visualization
My profile suits the job post and I also have a great interest towards that area
Can I anyone refer me to that job role?


IT Strategy & Transformation consultants with 4+ years exp being hired at our NYC/Boston/SanFran offices. We’re an innovation consultancy, offer good WLB, nice people and hybrid work. DM me for a referral link 💪


Multipel positions opening in my current organization, send your resume

Location: Hydrabad (Hybrid model)

Email me:

Winfo solutions is 5 year old organization with both IT services and Product solution for clients.

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Anyone hiring for a junior level project manager in Seattle?

I'm looking for someone who is looking for some side work. I'm looking for someone to edit and provide some creative work for a YT channel.

DM me if you'd like to connect.


Like everyone, PwC is hiring! If you want a referral & would like to help me pay off my soul crushing student loans, holla at cha boy!

*Also, I will harass the hiring manager daily to keep you updated on your progress!*

PwC announced base salary increases, $250 for taking 5 consecutive vacation days, has some great people to work with, plus really great partners & leadership! I will be posting additional jobs in a bit, but if you are looking for something in particular, please let me know!

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Hello Fishes,
I’m looking for someone to refer me at
Flipkart Myntra for Data Analyst role. I would really appreciate if someone could help with a referral. Thanks in advance! Flipkart Myntra


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We’re soft reopened the office and Thursdays are team days and the team has asked for Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Say you get accept an offer on a Wednesday.. do you wait until Friday to give your current company notice? Do people ever give notice for 2 weeks plus a few days?


For those who went from private practice to in-house, what are some questions you wish you asked during interviews? I'm coming from a large regional firm, 9 YOE as a patent attorney, just had a first interview for a Senior IP counsel position at a profitable R+D company. Just wondering what I should be looking for or asking as far as red flags, because things seem really good so far.


Check your band for year 2020-21


Is HDFC bank account mandatory for pwc ac Bangalore as salary account? Currently I have icici as my salary account.


Hello all, looking for some suggestions on which organization to join as a
Data Engineer
1) ZS (Role: AC) CTC: 19 LPA (Fixed: 15.4 + Perks + Variable + Relocation) Location: Pune
2) EXL (Role: Consultant II / Lead Assistant Manager) CTC: 17.4 LPA ( Fixed: 14+2(Practice Premium) + Variable: 1.4) Location: BLR
3) Clairvoyant (Role: Software Engineer 2) CTC : 16 LPA (Fixed: 15 + Variable: 1 + JB: 1) Location: Pune
Looking for decent WLB and good learning opportunities on modern DE tech stack.


Get outta my gat damn meeting before I break my foot off in your ass....insubordinate! 😡 😂😂


Not sure if this is the right bowl. Have any of you filed bankruptcy? How does that affect your corporate AMEX card?


Hi Folks, I’m on notice period , am I eligible for mid year bonus at Accenture?


Has anyone heard of or conducted reference checks by video meeting? I submitted references for a job, and they’ve been contacted… for a video chat/meeting. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of this, and I feel terrible for not being able to warn my references ahead of time. I also feel like this is a huge ask of references - no one has the time for or wants another video meeting during business hours. Anyone doing this or hear of it? Is it a new or common thing?


Best place to sit at Staples Center? Going to a Lakers game soon!


What’s Risk Dynamics like at McKinsey & Company?

1. Do you actually actively program for your projects? (beyond basic Pandas, perhaps) or is the job mostly basic excel + some data visualization?

2. What’s work life balance like?

3. Are there much traveling involved? (Pre-covid/possibly after covid)


Anyone currently working at the Delta Air Lines office in Bangalore? I have an offer for Lead Developer 1 from there and wanted some feedback from someone currently working there.


Anybody with a MacBook Air get a My Passport external hard drive and have success getting it to work?


How many hrs do u guys sleep? I had the best sleep last night and wondering if that’s how well slept ppl feel every night. Been living a lie if so


Silly question: When is the second trimester?

If truly 40/3 I would think 13w2d, but sources say 12, 13, and 14. You hear 12 weeks referred to as a milestone, but is that accurate?


when Work >>> Life 😅

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I am sick of being a realtor! I've been trying for 5 years and have only sold 3 houses. Where I'm from (small Southern town) nobody is buying. Most people's families already own homes and it's just a bummer to see all these nice houses deteriorating over time.


Apartment recs for Navy Yard? Ideally 2 bed for approx. $3,600 ish. Going to be first time living in America, and we want year 1 to be in the city living our best lives with all those American building amenities that don’t exist at home! Chose Navy Yard for proximity to airport (consulting) but open to other recs...where would you send a newcomer?!


I'm in serious need of a mid-level HRBP to work for me at Deloitte! Can be located most anywhere in the US or CA as we are primarily remote. PM me for more details!


Additional Posts in KPMG Global India


I am offered a Software engineer (rank 44) position in
EY GDS and a Consultant in KPMG India.

Which one should I choose?

Not much difference between the CTC.

KPMG being higher side along with joining bonus.

Please let me know as I have to decide in a week

Any replies will be much appreciated.


Hi folks, currently im working in capgemini. Can anyone refer me to KPMG for the role of Functional testing and Manual testing? KPMG KPMG India Capgemini


What is the average duration one spends at Manger grade before the promotion to AD or Senior Manager at KGS?
Assuming that everything work-performance related is going fine.


I joined KGS 4 months back. I am taking home loan now. Do I need to inform about my home loan to any one in our company? Any one please help me with this query? Infosys KPMG Tata Consultancy Accenture PwC Wipro EY Cognizant


Do we have any RPA BA in this group?

Hi all. I am looking for associate consultant job in KPMG with Java as the tech stack. I have an experience of more than 2 years. I would be obliged for any sort of help from here. Really looking forward to work here.
Thanks in advance


Hello Sharks, What is the package range being offered to AMs in KPMG working in SAP ( if it's domain specific).


Hello fishes...
What are some Exit options available for Digital Trust - CDSG Consultant ?


What's the usual work timing of the Tax operations team at KGS Bangalore?

Hi, i am now at HR round with KPMG. Hr has asked me to fill CAF which i have done. But unfortunately it is not showing in their system. So I have filled it again with another mail id and shared with them the reference number. Is it a geniune problem anybody faced? Will they release offer??KPMG


Hi Fishes

What is the salary band for Assistant manger in
KPMG india, and what is yearly hike as well bonus we can expect average in KPMG India?



Hi folks
Please advise how is the life looks like in Consultant in Advisory profile, do we have wlb or any other perks, is it good to join ?


I have offer from KPMG global and Optum for 15 LPA. CCTC: 7 LPA Which should I join?
YOE:5 Tech stack :ETL


How is annual hike in KPMG lighthouse india?

Is there still vaccancy for Tax Analyst in KPMG ? I heard there was vaccancy and hiring before 2 weeks


Hey fishes!

Can any one help me with how do we proceed with smart connect!
What domain name to be used and user id?
It is giving me error everytime I try.
Thank you

Hi ,
Got offer letter from KPMG INDIA with 65 percent hike, although i am up for promotion this year and expecting 30-35 percent hike here at deloitte. Please suggest what should be the ideal approach and if can also throw some light on KPMG INDIA culture.
Thanks in advance!!


Hey Kgs .
I need to know how is your KPMG Salt team,?
The work pressure. The hike rate and all . I recieved a offer as A2 there


Hi, can you share your thoughts on what is a better option, I have following options
HSBC: X lpa (fixed)
IBM: X+5

Work life balance and career growth are my top priority