Currently working at EY and recently promoted Senior looking to switch into a Business Transformation consulting role. Could anyone provide some insights on the day to day, as we as the interview process? Thank you very much.

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Can anyone tell me how is the work life balance in Citi Bank? The opening is for credit analyst role in GCB group, which I think of the retail division.
I am currently in Commercial banking and the work life balance is pretty bad.
Also what salary can I expect at C11 level?

Hi all,

I recently joined Deloitte as an Analyst - Finance in Enabling Areas

I have 1.5 YOE and my fixed CTC is 5LPA.
Is it too low? When can we expect salary revisions at Deloitte?


Since COVID I have been actively recruited by several agencies. While being sought out for your experience and reputation is complimentary, what isn't is being ghosted by senior leadership on conference calls or video interviews. Has anyone experienced an uptick in being ghosted by interviewers?
#recruiters #interviewer #ghosting


What is the level that Amazon offers for Sr. Customer Solutions Manager role?


Could someone help me get a gauge on AML/Compliance salaries in NYC? Could you please provide “City, Firm or Bank, Title, Salary” and any helpful tips? Currently in the interview process for a Manager position at an AML consulting firm. I’m trying to figure out where the market stands for Manager / Director all in comp for AML?


I have a few interviews lined-up and wondering if it’s unprofessional to wear my nose ring on an interview? What are your thoughts?


Been in strategy consulting for ~2 years (hired out of undergrad) and looking for a well-paying exit in Toronto / GTA. LinkedIn job search has not been successful... any firms I should connect with?

Nagarro:34 LPA including 5% allocation bonus and work from anywhere facility

HCL: 32 LPA including 5% Engagement Bonus work location is lucknow

Which offer would be best for 10 Years SAP consultant lives in lucknow and considering work culture yearly hike and job security .

HCL Technologies Nagarro


Hi folks,

I have been assigned to one client project.... During a client interview they have asked qns in my relevant technology but after getting into the project they put me in different tech... Which I have never worked at before...
That project is short term and they are asking to complete the development within 2 weeks and I am the only one resource... I told my tech skills to my pm... He said no other resources is available to replace you.... What should I do now....


How is work culture and job security in sony india software? Any insights plz..

Hello! I talked with a recruiter at GAP Solutions Inc. about a Clinical Advisor position in Rockville, Maryland and asked for a range of 125-135k and I got a written message that if all goes well, they can give me 125k. Typical! Research shows the average salary as 151k and I'd like to push for closer to 140k. Do I keep my mouth shut until after the interview or do I say something now? I don't want to dissuade them but I also don't want to waste time. I make about $110k now.


Anyone at SiriusXM? Want to know the job title hierarchy. Got offered a Senior Director position.


Hi Friends,

I got 2 offers one from TCS and one from PWC SDC Bangalore.

TCS Package - 27.5 lakhs including Retention Incentive of 1lakh

Additionally, they have added Monthly Performance Pay and Performance Bonus (Variable pay)

PWC SDC Bangalore - Fixed - 27.35 Lakhs.

What would be my hand salary for both TCS and PWC and which company to prefer in terms of good projects and wlb

Please advise


Hello Fishes,

Is anyone here working on Data Management Associate role ?
I got a hint that you need to work end to end starting from ETL to Data visualization and all the other intermediate processes involved.

How is the WLB then? Is it okay to commit on such roles provided you are proficient in one part and have least exposure on the other sides.

Kindly share your valuable insights.


Hello, is there anyone available for a referral at General Dynamics?


Business Coordinator needed for our SF office. Great opp for motivated & creative early careers folks with an interest in business dev, sales & marketing. DM to discuss a potential referral 👍


What’s the typical response period to hear back from Alvarez & Marsal? Haven’t heard back in a week, however the team was on offsite all last week. Nerves are hitting, however don’t suspect the interview went poorly.


Interviewer asked what my current salary / bonus is and I told them.

I got the offer and it’s exactly the same base/bonus as my current role. (Though they’ll also give me so stock options in the private company).

Can you share what is reasonable % increase to get for salary / bonus when switching jobs? I know the team really likes me.


What is the EY GDS exit portal link ?


Hi All,

I have experience of 8 years of working as data engineer with experience in Python, sql, plsql, shell scripting, data warehousing, data modeling. Also have knowledge of devops using jenkins, docker and Kubernetes. Please if someone in Amazon can refer me if any role requires these skills. Thanks

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Back to back posts, but value the opinions here.

I am being offered a Senior AE role, but the Head of B2B is also hiring a Head of Sales, North America.

I met with the person who will be leading NA sales, and do not think hes the right person for the job. Not someone I think I can learn much from.

Would you share this with the Head of B2B? Or is it not my place?


Just finished my investment advice diploma and certificate in paraplanning cisi, any advice on which companies offer or are currently hiring for junior wealth manager, junior private banker or junior relationship manager (wealth/private)?
Looking to take the next step in my career.

Is it possible to lateral into a big law firm with no previous big law experience, with no superb academic credentials and graduated from a T4 law school?


In developing a new PM department within a small Pharma company a colleague and I are trying to determine the best PM software/program to utilize. For reference we are steering away from MS Project and currently looking into Smartsheets. Does anyone have any other recommendations for a program they found useful? We want to have a dashboard that collates information from cross functional teams but, that can simultaneously be utilized for the individual teams. Tracking milestones, risks,budget...

Looking to start therapy again. Going through bios of the therapists and I see some white people who may be a good fit for me, but I’m also wondering if it’s better to have a black female therapist. What has been your experience either way?


How many others use the weekend to catch up on work? Feel guilty have almost no work life balance.


Senior associates: how many rounds of revisions, on average, when you draft a brief?


I don’t sleep so shareholders can


Can I switch technology in PWC after joining?
I was selected for TM1 but I want to learn Anaplan,onestream or others?


Just found out im auto enrolled in fidelity netbenefits for 401k, are they good? Not knowledgeable about this at all but i wanna make sure i start off right. I wanna be able to choose my own investments and def wanna put a decent amount in crypto and high dividend stocks


What's the average Sr. Corporate Paralegal salary / total compensation for NYC big law? (Have a boutique firm client with this need that has no idea of budget)


I've been working at my current job for about a year now and I'm finally beginning to understand how the company works.

It's not easy, though. It's a small company, which means there are only a few of us in each department. There is no dedicated training team, so we all have to learn new things on the fly through trial-and-error or by asking our coworkers for help. The management team seems to be pretty hands off when it comes to project management and project direction, so it's up to us engineers to figure out how we want to spend our time and who we want to work with.


For those applying this fall, how are you staying motivated at work? I’ve been putting in less effort at work as I ramp up GMAT studying and networking and I’m feeling a bit guilty. It’s been especially hard since getting promoted to the post mba role. Does anyone have any advice?


What makes you want to learn yet another programming framework / library / language besides the stack at work?


Does anyone work in (tech) product comms? Can I DM you if so?


For all those in the industry who'll be working this weekend (myself included), 🍻🥂🥃


Can anyone share their thoughts on Randstad Sourceright? I've been offered a role with them as a consultant and would be seconded to another business. Salary is v good and they pitch it as consulting but with the security of being a PAYE/perm employee... which sounds great but it seems almost too good to be true! Like, at the end of the 12 month secondment are they just planning to pay my wage until they get me another contract?


Additional Posts in Ibm Enterprise strategy and iX

What’s the latest on E&IX with red hat abs cloud focus?

Anyone work in the Chicago office?

I’m being interviewed for an Associate Partner position. I’ve already been through 3 interviews with positive feedbacks. The recruiter informed me that they are willing to schedule 2 more interviews. Is this normal in IBM? It seems a very vague and slow process in my opinion…


Anyone move to this group from Accenture ?

How is the work life balance at IBM?


What would be the salary range for IBM GBS / Consulting for Associate Partner (band 10) coming as experience hired from Accenture?

What’s associate partner salary range?

Is this the new ‘Enterprise Strategy’ practice at IBM?

Hi all, interested in IBM and read there is an official bowl. Any chance I could get an invite to check it out? Interested in ES/iX roles but wanted to explore IBM overall too. Thank you!

Is there another bigger bowl for all IBm employees ? Can anyone please share the link ?

Anyone have insights on the 2023 IBM Enterprise Strategy, Senior Consultant position(comp package, what they do etc). Looks like it has a Start date ofJune 2023 or later.

Any insight would be helpful!


Looking to connect and get insights from IBM consulting practice in Canada 🍁

What’s the rank hierarchy like in IBM? Where would an “Associate Partner” sit in comparison to a big 4 consulting firm? Got an offer I am evaluating

How would you describe the culture at IBM?


Does IBM give you a salary bump after earning your PMP Certification

What would be band 9 (senior managing consultant) salary range at IBM digital strategy and iX for NYC?


Interviewed for the 2023 Enterprise Strategy Senior Consultant role at IBM. Went through to the behavioral interview after the case and am waiting to hear back. Any idea how long it usually takes?

What is a fair salary range for a Senior Solutions Architect in Austin?

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