Do desi consultants opt for 401K? Upside/downside?

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Based on my limited knowledge, on early withdrawal from 401k you have to pay a penalty of 10%. But if you withdraw wisely such that you avoid the annual tax bracket then you save ~25% of tax on your salary.
So I am in favor of 401k

D1 thanks. What about Roth IRA? Do you contribute to that as well?

I do contribute 5% to Roth IRA, which I would probably not withdraw until 60 years, even if I leave US
And 10% to traditional 401K

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Hi fishes,

I'm looking for good opportunity,

I am having total experience of 9.1 years and 8 years in the Treasury. I am having 10LPA..

My key responsibilities are cash management, forecast, variance, Hedging, and investments, opening and closing of the bank accounts, bank reconciliation, handling customer, vendor, tax, and IC payments, audits, borrowings and handling bank KYC and AML issues.

Thank you.


Mental Health Field: Numerous positions including management, team lead, quality care coaches - any more! Ranging from positions with Hs diploma, bachelors, masters, APRN.
Large mental health agency in Florida
Google MHRC Florida and find join our team link for over 50 available positions. Rates and benefits are competitive to market rates.


What is the cell phone reimbursement plan for RSM?

My company is giving me a reimbursement while I go to school. It’s capped to induce me to study part time. I decided to go full time. Pay the difference out of pocket so I can graduate quicker. I have been working as a manufacturing engineer tech for 4 years without a degree but this May I will get my bachelors in Mechanical Eng. Currently making 63k a year, hourly. What should I ask for when I graduate? Living in Southern Pennsylvania.


What are the health benefits given by Verizon ? What is the floater sum insured for the family ??


Just graduated UG - I’ve got $25k in my bank, no debt, and am maxing out 401K. Keeping all my money in checking can’t be optimal - though recession fears make me wary of equity. What should I do?


Hello Guys,
Tech Mahindra as a company for experienced people, in terms of benefits, bonuses and hikes?
Any existing employees, please put in some light for us.


With social security potentially running out, why couldn’t it be an option for the govt to put $5k for every baby that is born in a year into an account Invested in a govt share class S&P 500 fund. Historical average is 10%+, which would provide roughly $2.7 million for a baby born today. Eventually, this would eliminate the need for soc sec tax, and would only cost $18 Billion a year instead of several trillion a year being deposited into the trust.


young pro in healthcare consulting thinking abt getting MD / MBA. How much is MD worth in annual compensation as a healthcare consultant? Thanks in advance.


Had multiple promising interviews the past 7 months but no job offers :( Looking for fully remote benefits or HR generalist type roles paying >80k. 6.5 years of total HR experience and 3.5 in benefits. Bachelors and PHR. Any leads are superrrrr appreciated!!


So, Im going on 6 wk paternity leave... ethics aside for a sec, could I technically start at a new company while on leave, and wait till paternity is over to quit pdub? 🤔🙈


Got an offer from a company with OK benefits. I am also in the interview process for another company with much better benefits, work culture, work-life balance and possibility 5-10k more pay. Should I wait it out to see how it goes or take the offer?


Unethical Persona Finance Tip:

Put your mortgage on forbearance and stack up and save as much as you can. We don't know when this will be over, the forbearance won't hurt your credit score (yes, you will pay interest), but when all said and done you can save 6 months to 1 year of your most important expense in case 💩 hits the fan.

Nothing hits the fan, you would have saved enough to probably put the down-payment on that vacation home you always wanted to get.


What will be the in-hand salary (after tax and pf deduction) ? Can someone help?

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Found a recently renovated property but unable to get seller disclosure because it was an investment property..... Is it typical that no seller disclosure would be made available or is that a red flag? Also there was a class action suit 15 yrs ago that included changing out pipes. It's beautiful but these 2 points sound questionable. Thoughts?


Friends after working for around 3.5 Years I have managed to save around 10Lakhs. Is this good?

I started with 3.3 LPA, salary. around 21431 rupees salary.

I don't want to invest on stocks, shares, crypto, mutual fund, sip etc.


Incoming EY SM. Can anyone tell me who EY’s pension provider is please? thank you!

Let’s talk about the 30% ruling. I moved last year to the Netherlands and got the 30% tax benefit. Nonetheless, it is valid for only 5 years. What is the recommendation to keep a fair netto salary after the end of the benefit? Are employers in the NL open to renegotiate and compensate the tax difference or should I consider moving to another company or even country?

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Funds attorneys : how long should it take to draft an LPA as a 4th year?


Can anyone recommend a recruiter to me? In Boston area? I'm person in post below :)


Hello All,

Need your suggestions on choosing the right org for career growth. I have 3yrs of exp and have been offered from Harman, SunLife & Axtria Ingenious Insights. Pay and tech wise Axtria offering better than other two. It will be really helpful if you share your thoughts on the same.

Any leads much appreciated


When do you look for your next role?

Joined new company new team, finally happy with the people, the vibes, environment, but I want to work on a different product and industry (been in financial services for 4 yrs).

Previously I'd look immediately if I'm unhappy, but I'm happy for the first time and not sure how to strategize this.

From the start of 2020 to the end of 2021, I single handedly kept our marketing department stay alive at a smaller org. Right before my boss got fired, & a coworker left the company, I was already taking on an operations role, plus my role at the time (marketing coordinator). For the next year, I would take the role of the VP marketing, a marketing manager, an operations coordinator and my role. I have since only been given a small raise (after fighting hard) and promotion & still only make 44K


My office has minimum 55s through busy season. My managers decided to up minimum to 65 for no valid reason. My team will happily work hours and demand is there. Am I wrong to think it’s unnecessary?

I am in a love hate relationship with teaching right now. I have so many amazing students who make working every day a joy. However, I have about four that are rude and blatantly disrespectful. I try to remember they are teens and think they know it all, but it is getting old after 20 years.


Hi Fishes, i joined citi from iris as BA. i am 14yrs exp but given desig as senior BA in iris but am expected to do proxy product owner role. Should I ask for desig change and sal hike stating this at iris? Please advice.


Anyone at Microsoft willing to chat? Would love a referral for a role. Trying to break into product management and see some great opportunities Microsoft


Does anyone have issues with their S/O not pitching in for food. I currently pay more rent because I make more money, which I’m okay with if it’s proportional, however, my S/O literally never pays for groceries and argues with me when I want to split them or have her pay some. It’s starting to become costly paying for two people, on top of my higher rent payment. Any thoughts here?


Is the CAIA a worthwhile designation to pursue? Firm is willing to sponsor, but not sure how much PE firms care about it

I just got an offer from PwC, how many PTO days for a manager?


Getting induced in less than 5 hours! Excited and nervous as this is my first pregnancy. Any last minute recommendations or suggestions for my husband and I?


Life sciences.
Who is paying best after MBBs in London? Trying to optimise WLB with compensation.

EyP, ZS, LEK, OW, Industry or others.


How much money should I have if I get to Canada for job search through express entry PR?


ETH average cost relatively high, barely green rn. Should I just get out and buy back in when the bear begins?


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Has anyone explored Falcon invoice discounting as short term investment avenue? What is your assessment and advice? Scam or for real?


H1-B, have a stock brokerage account as US resident and planning to go back to India for good. Any recommended stock broker that allows maintaining the account form India without US address?

Anyone jumped on the Infy bandwagon due to the dip??

Is there an attorney willing to spend 10-20 mins with me to review my response to a demand/collection letter?
Very grateful for any insights

Folks from EY, what are the implications of investing in India, be it Mutual Funds or direct stock? I’m worries about the independence restrictions in India, holding off due to that

Tax question- Indian immigrant filing taxes in US.
If non-US (Indian) bank account is more than $10k, then one has to file additional forms?

How do we buy corporate bond in India? Reliable platform as well plz

Anyone here able to open up an Indian SIP from here in the US?


Indiabulls Housing. The price went down by 10.35% because Swamy sent the Govt a letter which accuses the company of 1 lakh crore fraud. Knowing Swamy’s history, he mught be doing guesswork.. CONT

Which stocks have you invested recently and why?

Brilliant initiative. Benefit together!


US Short term capital gain question:
If I get stocks A & B at $50. In a month I sell one at $25 and the other at $75, do I still owe tax?

Hi all, I recently purchased a commercial property at WTC, Noida. As I look to grow my portfolio, I spoke to my consultant to see if I could get better prices. He worked with the sales folks at WTC and said that if multiple buyers come in, he could work out a deal. Wanted to check if anyone is interested? I could potentially get him to set up one-on-ones to help explain the commercial real estate market. Even if this property doesn’t seem interesting, I think an interaction wouldn’t hurt.. contd


I’m new to investments - my advisor in India asked me to start off with some corporate FDs and large cap mutual funds. Any thoughts, given the COVID scenario?

Which brokerage account you guys are using? any recommendations plz?

Hey Fish Fam! I wanted your advise on where to invest in property? US or India? Can you please help me with pros and cons of both?

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