Does anyone have any openings at their company for a project manager or junior project manager?
I am agile pm certified, experienced in leading projects and keen to get back into a corporate PM role. Thanks!

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I have an offer for a Senior Consultant role from PwC India. Need to know how are yearly hikes, bonuses etc.


Are any firms hiring after the holiday? ABD student with IO/HC consulting experience looking to join a larger firm.



I have been selected for infosys as a associate consultant ....what exactly does this role is for ...what are they expecting from this role...any one form infosys can please share your view..


Is ZS hiring and anyone willing to refer? 8+ years clinical experience, science masters, MBA, and 2 years in healthcare strategy consulting


Who’s hiring entry level for Account Management? My cousin is looking and she doesn’t want to work at the same agency lol


EdTech Sales Reps, what are your stats?

YoE in education
YoE in Sales
Sales role
Salary base/OTE

I’ll start:
Full cycle rep
Reading Software


I’ve never been able to secure a position by a connection so am reaching out for assistance. I recently joined a company which is just not a positive culture. I am passionate about working in Product but am constantly met with barriers even though I’m told I’m doing all the right things. If anyone has any need for a Product Manager or Owner coming from a Technical background please let me know. I am ambitious and do not shy away from a challenge. Knowledge in AWS, SAML, DB, Splunk, etc. TIA!

Are there any hiring managers that have been approached by a hopeful candidate via LinkedIn? If so, what was your take on the experience? Did you have an appreciation for the candidate reaching out or was put off? Thanks in advance!


Looking to see if someone would help me out with a referral and speaking about CSM role at MSFT? I have 4yrs of AM/AE in tech world. Below is the post I’m interested with

Job number 1332531


What is the Chicago job market for HR Specialist positions? What companies are hiring? Thank you


Is the market hot for jobs? Is every company hiring for PA or industry? Or are they freezing their hires?


The Salary Trap - Gift or a Curse

Could a great pay and benefit package be a cleverly placed trap?

Experimented with some interviews at different companies to see what a senior role would pay out. Pretty much in line with what I make now and most of the companies pay less. The company I work at is pretty great with a good team.

What would it take for someone to take a risk with a new employer, if there is going to be no salary increase?


I'm a VP at Union Bank, which just got acquired by US Bank. I work in quantitative analysis. I think by salary is a bit below market for a VP ($120K). Obviously I'd love to make more. Have those of you at heard of any discussions about raises?

Separately, what is a normal salary for that role at US Bank?


I'm receiving an offer this week for a role as an integrations delivery manager. Does anyone have salary insight around a role such as this?
I honestly have no idea what I might be offered, hence my post, because there's too many variances posted online. I have cross experience in my role now, and have been with the company 7 years now. Just a different business unit and position title I'm unfamiliar with


CitiusTech Hirings.

Please send your experience and required position at I'll send you the referral link. DM for any additional details required.

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Hi everyone. I’ve pivoted career paths a few times in my life. I was in banking, I was a paramedic, I worked for a startup as a customer facing advocate and my current position is in Cybersecurity as a sort of Compliance Analyst.

I’m not technical but I do want to take on a technical role. Software developer, engineer, web development, machine learning etc.

I was recommended one of the courses below


Don’t know where to start. Any recommendations?


Hello ,
What is technology and Utility BU In LTI? If anyone can help me on to understand what kind of project they have, hows the working environment, does WFO or WFH is still there.


Do you guys know of any tech companies hiring SDR/BDR roles remote?


Now I'm in a client location, My manager is a good person but he told me, I should report to Lead.

Lead is a psycho. He shows hell to the team members including me.
What should I do ?


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Almost 20-23 days NoFap. Night fall twice in 3 days. Is this usual?


Has anyone used Noom? Feedback?


Bajaj Finserv or DXC Technology which one is better to join?




Package same for both but Bajaj include 25 % variable.


Anyone know ANYTHING about Citizen Relations?
What's the Toronto office like?


Hi Sharks, Any idea in how many hrs we will be able to login with credentials after joining wipro?Wipro

How tough is it to get your work experience for the CPA signed off on after leaving a firm?


Hi, I am preparing for good companies like JPMC, Morgan Stanley etc. For Java role.

YoE - 1
Current tech- DevOps

I want to know do I need to know frameworks like spring boot also ?
I am preparing for core java concepts and DSA as of now.

Will it suffice? Or do I need to learn more techs? If yes what all?
Can anyone guide me the path please 🙏.

Would appreciate your response.


Hi , my base location is kolkata in ibm . And i just shifted to kolkata with my family. However i am tagged to a project Barclays client which is in pune and bangalore. Is there any chance of my base location getting changed any day in future in IBM.

Infosys Tata Consultancy IBM Accenture Cognizant Capgemini

Comments will help very much


How is working at Twilio as a TPM?


Any recommendations for a side hustle/passive income that y’all had a good experience with?


I’ve been a data analyst for a little over a year for my current employer. I manage databases, input new information, solve issues utilizing root-cause analysis, and I maintain reports on a daily basis. The only thing I don’t do is work with coding such a SQL. I’m currently enrolled in Coursera Google Data Analytics Certification to learn more about SQL.
I want to get a job in data analytics that uses SQL. How do I show that I know SQL without having direct SQL related work experience?


Ladies- I love wearing bold jewellery. Any suggestions where I can get them online. Not looking for very expensive recommendations .


hadn't worked with a female co-worker since starting this job, recently met a mindblowing amazing person who just got promoted to manager. she loves reading, any suggestions on female leadership books


Hi Fishes,

How much Tracelink offers to SDET 1 position for 4 years of experience? Or what's the range?



I want to go into civil litigation with a firm. But I may have an opportunity as an ADA after the bar. Any tips on whether I should hold out for a firm, or go into crim law and try to switch later?


Merry Christmas all. Looking for good books for 2018. Possibly related towards sales. Heard about questions that sell etc. any recommendations?? Trying to learn all I can as a new RIA


Had a dream about my ex from over 3 years ago (haven’t had contact in almost 2 years) and now I can’t stop thinking about her. I honestly thought I was completely over her but days like today I miss her and the thought that we might never speak to each other ever again hurts. Has anybody dealt with this? Did either of you ever reach out?


Hi all,
I wanted to know good companies for data science that accepts 90 days notice period


Custody case last week.

On direct: Dad testifying about how his contact name in Mom's phone is baby daddy. (Pretending to cry): "it's derogatory, I know my child thinks I'm just a baby daddy."

During recess: Me to the GAL: will you dare me to sing the baby daddy song in court?
GAL: I'd pay to see that.

Me, on cross: Mr. L, isn't that an inside joke bt you and Ms. L. Doesn't it come from the song from the 90s, "who dat is, that's just my baby daddy, who dat is..." (singing the song in th


Additional Posts in UK Tech

Welcome to UK Tech!

This is a place to talk a out and discuss all things tech in the UK.

Whether you've got a question about salaries in Manchester or maybe you're looking for CV advice for your first dev role, or you might just want to blow off some steam. This is the place to do it!


Any sponsorship available in UK for Test Architect

Does your first role matter in terms of changing industries later on ?


I am currently working in USA and my company offered me a role in Belfast, UK. I would really appreciate some information that would make me more comfortable in accepting the position:

1. What is the salary range for a Senior Data Analyst in Belfast?
2. What is the cost of living in Belfast for a single individual - information like rent, groceries and transportation will be very useful.

Thanks in advance!


Sainsbury's Has anyone interviewed at Sainsbury's DTD? I have a Tech + Behavioural Competency Interview scheduled for a Cloud Engineer role and would like to know how it would be?

Any employees who are currently working in DTD?

Could you please shed some light on how the general work culture is and how's the hybrid working flexibility?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,
Anyone here into technical Consultancy. I am looking for a suggestion/advise as where does this leads to after years (5-7) of experience. What’s the career ladder onwards?


Tap in! Where do you work in the UK and what do you do in tech?


Hi all

Can anyone explain the salary bands at Vodafone and how they work? They’re talked about but not published publicly

Curious outsider


Does anyone know how the Sainsbury DTD tech teams work?
I recently got an offer for a London location but it says I should be prepared to travel at least 2 times a week, but the number of travels depends on the team.@sainsbury

Hi all,
Capgemini UK is hiring rigorously. If anyone wants a reference let me know, I can refer you. 😀


Hi Fishes, I am actively looking for opportunities within sales support functions and currently applying for vacancies for Sales Operations Analyst, I have 4 years of experience using Salesforce for reporting and dashboard needs and order processing. I wanted advice if there are any roles that I could target where I could utilise my salesforce experience? Any advice for upskilling for better opportunities? Thanks! 😊

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Is it typical for UK companies not to cover the cost of visa sponsorship and to assume that the international applicant knows that they will have to fund the process themselves without telling them?


Googled Senior .NET developer salary and average is apparently 60K. Is that right or am I grossly underpaid?


Hi there!
I completed the last round of an interview (presentation) last week. Originally they said they would be calling my references & then make an offer accordingly.
Today they updated that they'd like me to travel to their HQ (based in Nordics & I'm in London) for the final round where I'd meet the CEO, the hiring manager and a couple of people in the team.
I don't think I'm the only one in the process - even though initially the last round was the presentation.
What are your thoughts?

Currently working as a consultant in the US for a software company. Moving to UK next year for personal reasons and my company is sponsoring my visa and has offered me a Product Manager position (per my request to make a career change). Currently at 155 TC in the US and not sure how negotiate UK salary for a new position.

Anyone here working with Premier Farnell, UK?
Have been scheduled for an interview for salesforce admin and wanted to know what the work culture is like
Thanks! 😊

What do you think is a good salary for a Creative Technologist fresh from a masters in the UK?

Hello - Hopefully Moving to Manchester before the summer! Any advice for a US Expat coming to the UK beyond the obvious stuff from a Google search.


Hello all 👋 new to the bowl today.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far!


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