Guys any Internal Portal to Check the Openings in HCL for the persons on Bench...

Pls do inform

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Hello Fishes,
I have given my Amazon interview for the role of SDE 2 and have completed with 1 Hackerrank round and 2 Technical interviews.
Could anybody guide me like what would be the further steps of the interview process.

I have completed my technical interview yesterday, when can I expect a call from them.
Folks, kindly guide me on this


Best job to get to transition into HR?

Does anyone know where to start in HR please?

My goal role in 5 years let’s say is Chief People Officer / People & Culture Director, etc.

My background is 12+ years in customer/client experience, coaching, sales, and account management. I’m finishing a Lv7 executive coaching course and starting a CIPD Lv5 people management course.

Any ideas on what roles I can start with? Don’t care if it’s a simple role, getting in with a good company is important.


Hello all,
Can someone please refer me in Infosys., there is job opening which is suitable for my profile. Kindly ping me


Hi, I'm almost at the end of NP. I've two offers in hand with different roles and similar packages.
1. Product manager at EY
2. Product analyst at Livspace.

While package is my second priority, role and job security is more important me.. My aim is to get into product manager roles and I've been waiting for this since forever.
Which one should I go for after considering the pros and cons?


Let me know if their is any openings for iOS developer at Gurgaon for 5+ experience in any MNCs. #openTo Work

Which role would you take? Account Executive with a Series A French company with a bright future according to my research, 160KOTE 50/50 split. Second offer comes from Salesforce, 120 OTE 50/50 split + other benefits.

Hi Team

My organization is hiring for multiple roles. I can share the referral if anyone is interested.

Business analyst (4 open positions, job location: Bangalore)

2. Customer Success Manager(2 open positions, job location: Bangalore)

3. Sr. Customer Success Manager (1 open position, job location: Bangalore)

4. Customer Success Manager - Singapore (1 open position, job location: anywhere in Singapore)

5. Associate HR Manager (1 open position, job location: Bangalore)


I am an MBA graduate (tier 1 B school) who joined as an Management consultant in Finance consulting role. My team is full of IT folks (with experience in Finance softwares with 6 years+ work experience). I dnt see the reason why they should hire an MBA graduate if they already have IT folks. What value add can an MBA guy bring?

With lot of IT folks in the same line of service, as competition, do you think Finance/IT consulting would be a good career option for an MBA graduate?

Thoughts please!


Hi all, what's average TC for the sr. engagement manager role in AWS? Thanks!


Hey fishes,

What CTC and compensation structure can we expect from PWC AC's Strategy wing?
Expected role: Associate or Associate 2
College: Top IIMs
YoE: 3 yrs

Asking for PPO insights.

The average CTC at our college is above 30.


I have been offered Band 8 role with 31% hik with no joining bonus. Is it a good offer ? It is Infra SME role.


Hi Guys,
I have cleared interview with
Mott MacDonald Limited for role of senior developer in .Net with azure.
What is the reasonable package which I should demand from them?
My YOE is 9.8yrs and CTC is 12 LPA.
Please let me know your inputs. TIA


Anyone in Dell hold the SMB Inside Sales 2 Position? Wanting to know if the starting salary was up to par for the position before I counter offer upon receiving the job. Salary 58.8k Base/ 30% (70/30 split) commission. So, theoretically 80-90k, if my math is correct. (Please correct me if I’m wrong) . Also, I read many places the metrics they want you to hit have been difficult in the small account sector. Is that the case ?


Hello fishes,

I have got offers from EXL and Genpact for Data Engineering Consultant position both with same payscale, I am a bit skeptical of which one to choose. YOE : 5 years
And how much remuneration can I expect from EXL with 5 yoe in Azure Data Engineering(ADF+Synapse+Databricks+PySpark+SQL) domain?

Will request you guys for your feedback.

Thanks in advance

Can someone at one of the larger tech companies (Google, Airbnb, Stripe, for example) provide some insight for me?

I have 30+ yoe, with 20+ years as architect and tech lead at various mid-to-large companies. What is the highest level position I should consider applying for that would still keep my hands mainly in the code, not just managing others? Staff? Principal? I'm looking to make the big decisions, but also have fun coding it afterwards... Money is good, but not if I don't enjoy the work!


I’m going to be leaving Square in a month because I got a Sr Director role at ViacomCBS Inc. My old role as Marketing Insights Manager is up for grabs. If you think you’d be a fit, shoot me a message.


I If you are looking for a referral in EY. Please DM. We have multiple openings.


Looking for a referral for associate or senior associate at CVS CareMark


Last Wednesday 8/3, I had my final interview with oracle. They are hiring 2 people for role and the hiring manager stated she had more interviews next week and was looking to make a decision by the end of the next week but didn’t specify I’d hear back at the end of next week. It’s now Friday 8/12, is it okay to reach out to the recruiter today for follow up or should I wait until Monday?

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Need a genuine review of scaler msdl course. Is it worth the cost of 3L?


Unboxing of first MTM suit and dress shirt today from Indochino. Super excited and super nervous at the same time


I'm a long-time Houstonian who's been away for 7 years and is finally coming back for a visit!

Looking for new interesting or unique places to go. I like anything with a gimmick.

Old favorites include the Bookstop that was once a movie theater (closed years ago), Hobbit Cafe, 59 Diner, Treebeards, Phoenicia Market, the Angelika Theatre 😢.

I'm especially looking for:

- a good Tex-Mex rec (my old fave didn't survive 2020)
- unique bookstores
- anything else weird or special! Surprise me 😃


Currently in a pivotal career choice... I have two offers. Civil Eng and ML Eng ... I did my MSc in both. I keep hearing of crazy six figure tech jobs but I am not seeing anyone I know in tech making it. Are people just talking BS? is it worth to go to tech and make 300k in a year or two? that sounds way too far fetched


Does anyone have a recommended third party social platform that allows posting multiple images and stories to Instagram? HootSuite doesn’t do it, and Loomly doesn’t seem to. More costly ones? Sprinklr, AdobeSocial, Sprout Social?


In the land of the quarantied pandemic the introvert is King.


Anyone has a PCP they like who’s caring and open to functional medicine?


Can Indian passport holders get the Tsa Pre?

Is the SIA partners recruitment process slow?


How is work culture in Citicorp? What are the learning opportunities and certification opportunities?


Hi fishes

Need your expertise...can you please let me know the exact questions asked generally in behavioural rounds for business analyst and same for bar raiser

Do they also ask technical questions during these rounds

What can I expect as part of salary for yoe 3 as business analyst

Please help contribute....hope this helps other people seeking similar roles


Any ID attorneys get their CPCU? Trying to make myself more marketable as claims counsel or in-house for a carrier (not doing ID).


Does anybody have a resource available for pricing and billing? I am 2 years out of law school, working as a corporate attorney, and wanting to go solo. Ideally, I will take my corporate client with me, but am working to build work on the side during the transition. Also, do you have any recommendations for document preparation? I would like to draft wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents, but would like a resource that has boilerplate provisions to utilize as a reference.


Starting at a company in mid July. Should I book an Airbnb for a couple of weeks to look around during couple of weeks In July or is it also advisable to look virtually and book a place?


Guys one of my friend who is working as a Graphic Designer for last four year. He is not much happy in Graphic Deisgner field due to lack of interest and financial benefit.

He currently thinking to come into IT industry as a developer/programmer/analyst.

Do you guys provide any suggestions how he can switch industry? Is there any specific course he can do for come into IT industry? Does anyone of you done this before?

You feedback is really valuable.

I have learnt Python (Numpy, Pandas) and have SQL advanced knowledge...
Can I start looking for DE roles?
I have 3YOE data analyst experience ..

Q2) Where and for what purpose do we use python in data engineering cycle?


Drink or hold?

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Congested, runny nose, sore throat, and head pain...any tips on how to get better really fast? Have an interview in 2 days


Additional Posts in HCL Offer Letter

What is the extension letter they ask us to provide during onboarding ?


Where is the HCL office in Mumbai? Can anyone tell whats the process on onboarding/joining day?


Hcl managerial round done Wednesday and they asked for documents eg last 3 months payslip and all, hr round done (including salary discussion)
Is that confirmed that I get the offer letter?


How is job security at HCL?

I am currently in LTI, is it good decision if join the HCL ?


Hi i have been selected by HCL for graduate engineer trainee role last week. But still i am waiting for my offer letter. How much time will they take to release the offer letter? @Hcl


What will be the inhand salary for 17 lpa in hcl?


I received mail from HR Post clearing technical interview. On 6th May I got mail from HR Siva Jyothi gunda subject Documents required for HR discussion and i accordingly reverted back on same day with all required doc. Today its 27th May and no response yet. Anyone have contact details. Also shal I expect further communication or should I drop it.


Hey All,

Can anyone tell me do we need to maintain any minimum balance in bank account if your company is offering you work permit in Canada?


Hi, Anyone pls tell me what will be my in-hand salary?

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I need referal in Siemens? Plz DM me Siemens

Hello everyone, I have completed my hr round with HCL on 21- Jan and Hr told that I would be receiving an email regarding bgv but didn't receive any email related to bgv or offer letter. Any idea on how many days will it take to recieve the bgv email.

Hello Everyone,

Please tell me what is the notice period during probation in HCL.



Anyone else here being ghosted by HCL? HR sent the salary breakup and I asked for 20k more. Since then HR is not responding to any of my mails or call. What should I do.?

Hi fishes,
So I had 2 technical interviews with HCL which I was shortlisted and I got a call to have a client prep session but I have not gotten any offer from HCL. I just want to know if this is normal


Hi All, I will be joining HCL in next month and I am trying to know my BGV status, I have followed up several times with my HR partner but not getting any response. In discover portal I can see BGV document upload option is got enabled recently but I have already uploaded all the req doc in smart verify long back and not getting any option to upload it again. Can anyone please share some light if had face the same issue.


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