Any interview experience at paytm and PayU for data science role

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Anybody from Deloitte USI Joined PwC AC bangalore recently? Could you please guide which one is better ?

I have offers from both and confused which one should I join.

Domain - Consulting YOE 5 Years


One thing I keep having to remind myself is that career mobility is higher than ever. Have gotten several offers at this point from companies that I "kind of like", and have been holding out for the dream companies. But I should probably just take a solid offer elsewhere. It would give me a foundation to build up skills and experience, and continuously applying for jobs while having a solid job is probably a lot less stressful than needing the perfect job before I graduate my MS degree in 2 mo.


Hi Guys,
Please help me to decide which should I choose hcl technologies or legato health technology?
Legato health technology is offering me 28lpa but no WFH while hcl offered 23lpa and WFH till dec at least. YOE 8.5 yr and technology wpf and .net full stack


Hi fishes, how Accelirate lnc pune is for Salesforce Developer?


Which company offers better yearly hike ? EY GDS or Mindtree?

Are Software engineer 3 and SDE3 in Walmart same?


If someone has to get promotion in this cycle in Accenture, when do they get to know about it?


Have to decide between Qualcomm and Schrödinger, Inc.

Both are giving good pay but Schrödinger is giving 8% more base pay.

Do we have someone working at Schrödinger here?


Can anyone answer what it’s like to be a nurse working for Montifiore hospital at the Wakefield location? I went on an interview and was offered the job. The interviewers didn’t seem very warm or welcoming.


Hi Globers ! I have an offer from Globant for the role of a BA. While discussing the role with HR pre and post the interviews & offer, I had specifically ask the HR to tag me to Ahmedabad location as that's my hometown and I do not wish to relocate. But she has rolled out the offer for Pune location ane verbally ( isn't giving me in writing ) assured me that the location will be flexible. May I know from the fellow Globers if we have location flexibility or WFH option available? Globant India Pv

I am looking for Switch And have 5.8yrs of experience.
I applied for cognizant, And recieved and email to complete Hacker Rank Test. I submitted that,
On last Monday (The test went so well). I didn't recieve any communication from Cognizant on that, can someone provide input on this that how much time will it take to get a response from Cognizant.

How much travel outside NCR can be expected in PwC India, Gurgaon for SAP Functional Consultant?


Hi fishes,
Need ur suggestion,
I had 2 yoe as java developer.
But because of loss my 1st company has been shutdown so should I use it in resume?


Multipel positions opening in my current organization, send your resume

Location: Hydrabad (Hybrid model)

Email me:

Winfo solutions is 5 year old organization with both IT services and Product solution for clients.

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I’m about to start my new role as a senior in FSO FAAS. I have done accounting advisory before but dealing with tech clients, so pretty different. Any tips on how I can be better prepared for the new role and recommendations on good reading materials(guidances) ?


Should security engineer positions (aws) application security, expect an algorithm white-board coding interview? Or is everything more relevant to the job, I.e. source code auditing?


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Another salesman told a client their ad campaign would be ready next week. Today our supervisor told me to help him, but he has hardly even started the work. Is there any way for me to point this out without feeling like a jerk


Hello, I need advice on salary negotiations at my current employer. Got offered a HR management role @ $62k a year. The average salary in SLC is $73k. Someone less than 1 year of experience earns $69k. I’m also PHR certified and have 5+ years of progressive experience in all functions of HR. Anyone in the outdoor or sporting goods industry with a company size of 250-300 employees? TIA


Truth be told I have never been through onboarding via remote. It’s a bit of a struggle. It’s taking forever to get access to certain resources and my assigned mentor is always underwater. How is everyone dealing with this? My manager seems hard to please in our first couple 1:1s.


In industry and they’re advising employees who have received their 2nd vaccine to return to work 2 weeks after the 2nd dose. I got my 2nd one yesterday and I am not ready to go back to office full time. My company precovid had no telework policy so I am not mentally ready to go back 😩 just needed to vent.


Hi, fishes,

What can we do about me not having relieving letters from the first two organizations of my career? Need serious help! 8YOE. #hcl

I’m pursuing my Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. I’m still not sure which area I want to focus on. I don’t want to focus too much on numbers or spend my days till 9pm in the office. Would really appreciate some advice considering the volatile US job market.


I have been in product management for over 20 years, yet I’m trying to pivot from travel tourism into technology or healthcare. I’ve been applying for jobs for months without any bites any suggestions?


Prob B passed... thoughts? Next steps?


The Butterfly Effect is my favorite movie.


Realtor recommendations? Or any advice on how to find a good realtor? Wife and I are looking to purchase our first home preferably in Lakewood area but also looking at Canyon Creek area and a few other but all Dallas county if that makes a difference.



Stern R1… notification date. Have you heard back yet? 😫


Hi! Anyone looking to hire an Account Coordinator in NYC? I'm a Negotiator actively looking to switch into PR

Just had an interview with PwC OWT/DDV. Can someone tell me more about what it is like working in this group? Types of projects, culture, WLB, exit opportunities? Thank you!


If anyone needs help finding an apartment or a home in Dallas - feel free to reach out to me and I can have an experienced realtor help you :)


What stack have you typically used on projects?

A comment in the pinned thread about ACN being Tableau heavy got me wondering if certain firms end up landing projects at least in part on expertise with particular app/platform flavors

- Tableau vs PowerBI vs Looker
- R vs Python vs something fringe like Julia
- AWS vs Azure vs OCI vs ... etc etc


All my Philly 🐟 staying safe out there? I live in West Philly (the nicer part, granted) and heard some angry crowds outside this weekend.


Additional Posts in Interview Experience

Hi Fishes,
Feeling demotivated as not getting selected any of the interviews attending, this week i appeared for more than 6 interviews but no luck rejected in all.
Pls give some motivation


Has anyone attended an interview through FloCareer - a technical evaluation partner for MNCs. Please share your feedback .


What is the cooling period for Morgan Stanley Java SDE 4.4 yoe Morgan Stanley

Can anyone suggest interview questions for angular developer exp 2 years

Need suggestion.
I am working as manual testing lead. Total Exp:8 years.
Now I want to switch from manual testing. Which option is recommended for long term.

Think of
1 selenium
2 devops

Any new suggest are most welcome
Thanks 🙏


What is the best answer to Why are you leaving your current organization ?

Has anyone recently given interview Interactive Brokers LLC for java developer? Or anybody working in Interactive Brokers LLC ? Please share your experience. Thanks in advance! :) Interactive Brokers LLC

Hope you are doing well

I was working with Mindtickle.
And unfortunately got laidoff from Talent Acquisition team.

I'm looking out for change as Talent Acquisition, would you mind to refer in your current organization Or can refer in your connection if someone has the opportunity.

Location - Delhi NCR /Remote
Exp- 5+year. Relevant (2.3year)
Notice- Can join immediate



I have received offer from Accenture mentioning joining date is sep 22, previously I told them 3 month notice period, but later I got to know that my notice period is of one month asi was in probation.
So i have requested them early joining, will they give?

I discussed same thing with HR,he said that he will send revised offer letter before my LWD. But I have not received yet, it is almost 20 days now.

My LWD is 17th July. And I don't have any other offer.

Pls suggest what should I do.


Hi Fishes,
Help me with some tips please - I got an offer from sprinklr they were ready to pay 19lakh+variable and i was waiting for the offer letter now the HR says the VP agrees to provide only 14.5 lakh. What you think i shuld do as i wanted to switch from a service company to product based growing company. Shuld i accept the offer and negotiate with the existing organization or reject it?


Deloitte Worst Interview Experience.

1. Interviewer late by 45 mins, and unapologetic about it.
2. HRs took a week’s time to arrange my interview, just to know it’s a case of profile mismatch.
3. They just picked a keyword from my profile and didn’t even bother to have a look at exact profile.

After all this they still have the audacity to tell that we don’t compare ourselves with others due to our brand value. Time to reconsider your mythical facts.

What’s your views fishes ?


Hello fishes,
Need 11 likes to unlock my DM access.

Please like to help.



Did anyone who recently attended UST interview for Java tech stack can share interview experience??


I have given the first round of interviews in Infosys on 7 dec 2022 but till now no update .what to do?Infosys


I have interview in Workday for a salesforce developer position this week and recruiting team said we will have a hacker rank round and then two technical discussion and other rounds later. Does anybody have any idea about the hacker rank round. Please advise.

Or if anybody else gave interview in workday earlier for a salesforce developer role? How was your experience?


I have got an offer from juniper for notice period of 2 months but my company notice period is 3 months. Initially HR confirmed via mail that revised offer letter will be shared post confirming doj. But now after 1 month juniper HR is not picking call/not responding to emails.
Can they revoke the offer?


Hello fishes, need some help. I work for a
company which pays me 10|pa. But I also
have a client who pays me 28 Ipa. This is
my side gig and I want to keep helping
my client but I need to put in 4hrs at least
But now I have 2 offers
Walmart: 25.5 fix + 4.8 var + 3.5
rsu(vested 4 yr)
Zomato: 30 fix + 7.5 ESOP(vested
4 yoe in iOS
What to do?


Hi fishes, anyone knows about the the interview process and what kind of questions will be asked for a BA role @ Reliance General Insurance, TIA