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Sorry to be offtopic but could you give insight on your experience with 6sense as frontend dev?

Ping me for BNY

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How can I maximise chase sapphire reserved points?

Does EY sponsor H1B visa mid year?

Anyone have any experience in 2022


Hi Everyone,
The status of my job application shows "In Progress" in the
JPMorgan Chase portal. Can someone explain what does it mean? Am i being considered for an interview then?
Thanks in advance! :)


Anyone who already has an L1 Visa and moved to US recently (or moving soon) —— how are you planning to physically move during the ongoing travel ban? Did your firm help you with NIE?


Start ty Johnson or chase Edmunds? Half ppr

When you’re given a corporate Amex for expenses, do you actually use it? How much is the policy enforced? I wanna earn those points 😭


Anyone who is from/ has applied to visa strategy role?

Any thoughts on the process and work culture?


I've been working in a small business here in houston,tx as a computer technician / help desk support etc. I got hired from the Philippines and got a working visa.. on the contract they pay me $25 an hour but in reality it is just $17 i have no choice because I'm already here in Texas...

The problem is the owner of the company has toxic vibes... Even checking your phone for emails or text messages he keeps ranting... I wonder why my workmates stayed for 20 years on the business.. 🤣🤣


I recently joined Deloitte, with an approved 140 from my previous firm. I don’t expect my date to be current any time soon. Can I just keep extending my visa at Deloitte based on my approved 140 until my priority date becomes current?

I'm a SWE from Italy. Love my country but salary and taxes here are outrageous. Got 2yrs experience in fullstack and data science, 2masters, a peer reviewed paper and outperform all my peers for 24k€ a year.
I'm thinkin about landing a remote SWE job (leetcoding and building a portfolio this summer).
Have you got some advice? Is it possible to work for US remotely without visa? What other countries pay well? Is it possible to land a 100k$+ with this kind of experience and working from Italy?


Hello Everyone , I am new to UK and looking for a Backend Developer Job in NodeJs/AWS , currently on dependent visa.

I don't have the DM feature yet, Please refer me or let me know if any requirements. TIA ! Cheers!


Tata Consultancy - received offer and had word with delivery manager for project in Australia in which they can process me immediately. Need advice - once I join , how long it takes to process visa for Australia and get on boarded for the project in TCS. Yoe 7 years CTC 26lpa Jb 1 lk


Yoe 3.5 yrs , holding one offer 24.5, how much can i ask for, in JP Morgan chase HR round?

Hi fishers,

My spouse is currently on H4 visa which is due to expire in 7 months.

I was planning to ask my employer if they can start filing for H4 visa renewal. However, she is also eligible to file for EB2 NIW visa as she has worked as a research analyst in a non profit organization earlier during her 6 year H1B visa.

Could you please advise if both EB2-NIW filing can be applied when H4 visa renewal is already being processed or vice versa?


Hello everyone, I recently received an interview call for an account executive role from Dentsu. I wanted to know if Dentsu sponsors visa for junior level roles too or is it just for senior roles. Thanks!


JPMorgan Chase offered me a job. Please help me evaluate if it's a good offer.
Role : associate product grade 602.
Base : 108k
Current Base : 105k
Exp : 5+ years

No other allowance offered by JP Morgan.


Does anyone know if you can apply for a L1b visa extension from within the US? Like not a USCIS application but rather go to the US embassy and extend?

I know that going to embassy at your home country is preferred but is the embassy in the US an option?


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What is the difference between "counsel" and "of counsel?"


Starting out to be an Investment Advisor with just couple of accounts under management. Is there any good book about being a better advisor providing better investment performance?


Thoughts on going from a national firm to a smaller one with ~200 employees and $65M in revenue? I’m a first year tax manager and can get a 33% raise by going to this firm.


Saw this ad on YouTube. I can't be the only one seeing the resemblance to HRC?

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I avoid Series A companies like the plague because they usually don’t have product / market fit or have their shit together at all. Agree or disagree?


What are the eat what you kill firms?


Can anyone support for refferals at Accenture ?


Moved to Dallas a few months ago, anyone else think it’s strange that so many neighborhoods use rear entry garages and people drive through alleys to get to them? Never saw these growing up.


Looking for a pivot from Agency Recruiting to Human Resources—any suggestions?


Cont. from Previous Post 3 mos 8 rounds: Thank you for your interest in NR. We appreciate the time you took to apply for the CSM position. We were very fortunate to have a strong group of applicants to consider for this role and have recently filled this position. Unfortunately, because this role is no longer available, we will not be moving forward with your application. We will hold onto your application, and if a position opens that closely matches your skillset, we may contact you.


Folks, What your thoughts on Jibe Development Services Pvt ltd.
Can anyone share their experience if you have worked with them.
Appreciate your response in advance.



Considering relocating to Atlanta for a job with my husband and 15 yo. We're probably going to rent something our first year. I need some recommendations for safe areas with a good high school? We're open to outside of the city

KPMG are most people and most new hires back to the office these days? Wondering for advisory specifically.


Thoughts on Tag Carrera Plasma?


Help— short vs long term rentals!

I have 2 vacant units that I need to get rented or monetized. I’ve never done the AirBnB host thing before.
I’m in the Bay Area and rent control laws are very real, so I kind of like the idea of the short term rental option for that reason.

Continued below


Anyone joined Salesforce from consulting or industry? Seems that's the dream role to land but just have some hesitations. Currently a solution architect, have a call with the recruiter to determine best fit role tomorrow


The interview happened last month first week and documentation process also completed. They have given a verbal offer, but no offer letter as there are still doing some audit and compliance on the earlier employments. They have yet not reverted. What should be done in this scenario. Is this a normal thing in Accenture where they take an inconsiderable amount of time for small things too


What is the one product you really want to work on and why?

Can someone refer me for Work From Home opportunities, currently working in R2R and have 4+ years of experience in it.

Additional Posts in Tech Referrals

Can someone Please refer me in any of the following organization :
I'm an immediate joiner with 2 years of experience in DotNet and Angular
@epam, @EY ,@MasterCard, @globant, @deloitte, @Wipro, @Nagarro, @Citi,


Hi all,
Need likes for DMs. Thanks in advance.


Hi fishes,
Please give me 11 likes to unlock dm feature

Thanks in advance :)


I need a referral in Adobe noida for frontend position?


Looking for Java, Springboot Developers. Kindly DM if you looking out for change or anyone you know is looking having experience in these Skill-set.

Flexible work culture with Prominent WFH.

P. S: Hiring very aggressively, can offer better CTC as per the market standards.


Hi guys, I am a java developer with an experience of around 7 years. I am looking for referral.


Brillio is hiring !!! DM for referrals.

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How to negotiate notice Period from 2 months to as minimum as possible? Any suggestions?


Hi Fishes
Need 11 likes to activate DM.


Hi folks
Can anyone refer me in Deloitte for frontend developer role (ReactJS) with 2.9 years of experience?


Hi all,
I am looking for plsql developer role referrals. I am an immediate joiner . I have experience in banking BFSI domain too. Kindly comment or dm if you have any referrals. It would be of great help. Detailed skill set and resume will be shared if further details required. Thanks in advance :)
Skill set - Oracle SQL, plsql, linux
Exp - 3.11 years


Hi Fishes ,

Im looking for a new job.

Tech Stack MERN/PERN.

exp : 2 years

Looking for a referral


Hi Fishes,

Do you have any idea about T-Systems like project, wlb , benefit & job-security.
Please Need your input!


Hi Folks

Available for Immediate Joining. I had an offer from company and that is why I resigned. Now the offer which I had was revoked and HR said the project is not going to start soon.

Currently I have no offers in hand. Please help me in getting referrals

YOE - 3.5 Yrs

Tech stack - .net Full stack, Azure, AWS, Automation scripting ( Powershell, python , automation anywhere )

Ready for Immediate joining.


Hi Wonderful Fieshes,
Can someone refer me for jobs... I am actively looking for a change.
Below are my profile details-

Total experience - 6 years
Notice period- 90 days
Technical skills- Oracle Plsql , sql, toad, unix, autosys job monitor, identity access mgmt, service now ticketing tool, oracle db, Query optimization and performance tuning in oracle, core java, putty.

Thanks in advance.


I have very good opening for Senior software engineer in my team. If you think you have strong analytical skills, good java, spring boot, REST knowledge, DM me.
I believe 5-8 YOE should fit.

Can someone refer me for stable startup as sde2 currently in IBM system development labs. Tech stack CPP and python.
ECTC: 26-30LPA