PwC India Hi fishes, Can someone refer me for this position-
Associate - Corporate and Business Strategy - Strategy Consulting?
PwC India PwC

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Hi fishes! I have experience more in data analytics, but also tangentially researching employee/customer behavior. Any chance this can crossover into a user research role? Interested in making a switch!

Sys admin (security) role in Zoho- chennai (hometown) with 6.5lpa
Or Information security executive role in Asian paints (9lpa)- Mumbai.
Which one should I choose. Please suggest your opinions.


Any opening for scrummaster please let me know. Affected by bad management. Np 30 days. Location bangalore. Yoe 11


Anyone looking for a project manager?

Looking for a role that would interface with Account, Creative & Production teams to help execute ad campaigns & monitor KPIs/insights.

about me:
-Big4 Consulting xp
-Finance UG
-Creative portfolio
-Digital marketing xp (eCom)

ANY insight/feedback would be helpful. DM me!


I recently transferred offices to NYC at my firm. This doesn’t show up on my app besides on my resume on the location line where it says “NYC/x” next to my position. Do I explain this in the optional or will they understand based on my address and this note on the resume?


HR from old job wants to reach out to me about something I mentioned in my exit interview. Why would HR want to reach out to me when I’m no longer employed? Been at my new company for a month now. I left bc my old boss was not good. I dealt with HR in past about the issues with my boss & team for months but of course HR was no help resolving the issue. Should I tell HR to shove it & don’t contact me again? I said what needed to be said. I’m very happy in my new job btw.


Am i right to ask my company to benchmark my job against the average salary expectation for my role every year?

Where each year it appears that im paid 3-5k less and the company is proud to pay the mean average for any given role?


How is PwC Canada's Workday Practice? Going through initial recruitment steps with them for a WD role.

In addition can anyone comment how challenging the HCM Core Certification is to complete for an outsider without Workday Implementation experience... I've heard mixed reviews about the difficulty.


What’s the average salary for a senior 1 position at EY west region? I got an offer today but not sure if it’s a good one.

Hi guys, I’m having an offer from PwC for M position and Deloitte for DM position. I’m being told from Deloitte HR that Deloitte’s DM is equivalent to M in other big 3. Is that true?
I’m currently a SC-III in EY.
Also, if you folks can share your inputs which firm to join.

Deloitte PwC EY


Hi fishes , does anyone given Ibm cognitive test in the hiring process. What would be the next step after cognitive test. I applied for data engineer profile.

Hey guys,
How is Support Engineer role at Salesforce?
I am from Java background and got selected for support engineer role.
How's the WLB, learning opportunities, hikes etc.
Also, how much is the expected amount that I can quote.? I mean the range.
I have 3.5 yoe and current ctc is 5lpa

Cont. from Previous Post 3 mos 8 rounds: Thank you for your interest in NR. We appreciate the time you took to apply for the CSM position. We were very fortunate to have a strong group of applicants to consider for this role and have recently filled this position. Unfortunately, because this role is no longer available, we will not be moving forward with your application. We will hold onto your application, and if a position opens that closely matches your skillset, we may contact you.


How can someone in SME role supporting the operations at Amazon join the technical vertical? I am applying for SDE 1 roles but not getting any reply from the hiring managers. ATLAS is a long path, I'm a 2020 CSE graduate having no experience in technical field. What should I do to switch to tech domain?


Which country has the max opening for Oracle HCM technical.
Looking for european opportunity

Deloitte EY KPMG PwC Tata Consultancy Infosys Cognizant Capgemini Accenture

Looking for referral at Optum in Governance,Risk and compliance field...can anyone help?

Tips on success with portfolio presentations (hour long)? What types of questions will be asked for a UX research/ design role? Thanks in advance.


Did well in first and second interview. Third interview was behavioral questions which I had a gut feeling I didn’t do well on. Niche consultant position. Was executive in last role. Have sent enthusiastic thank you emails to all three. Would sending a more in-depth addendum email to 2nd and 3rd interviewers to better answer missed questions be over eager?


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Where are the black girls in Miami and what do they do for fun? I don’t mind hanging out with Hispanic women but sometimes I need to link up to get the vibes only we can provide for each other. What’s a girl to do?


I'm interviewing for Sr Product Design positions & each interview is 30 minutes to share 2 case studies. With only 12 min/case study (I eat up some time introducing myself & setting up the work), does anyone have advice on what to make sure I show? It's so hard to hit all the points they I'm trying to hit: problem definition through user research, wireframes, design exploration, usability tests, prototypes, final designs, red lines, engineering handoff, KPIs. Any advice or examples?


What's the best way to be supportive of a partner who struggles with addictive tendencies?


Went on a date with some clown who kept trying to show me a new “Rolex”…but it was clearly a knock off from China. Promised a second date but planning to ghost


I need 11 hearts to unlock chatting . Pls 🙏🏻. Thanks in advance.


Anyone raging this weekend?

best and worst traits of your senior


If you only had $750/month to spend on PR measurement/social listening, would you spend it on Meltwater or SproutSocial? Or another tool? (Can Cision offer that pricing?)

Did anyone experience lack of help/interest in the baby after birth? My child is 6 weeks and my SO did not stay in the hospital (however I had severe complications) and now he does not help at all.

What would be in hand salary for this breakup ?

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Current CTC at Accenture 21.8
Capegemini offer 29lakh per Annum
HCL offer : 31.5 lakh per Annum
EOY : 10.4
CL : 8
Which one should I Join? Or should try getting retained


Anyone have a ballpark on what lumber for something like this would cost? Queen sized platform bedframe

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Why this bowl is so silent?

What is the design QA process at your company?

Curious to see successful processes as I’m trying to establish one for my team.
We have a staging site that can be used for me to review, and also use Linear to collaborate between PM and engineers on individual tasks.


Hi there!! I'm currently studying, but I've been working as a logistics assistant for 5 months.

Has your company used blockchain to improve the supply chain? How does it work?


Does capgemini provides stocks to employees in india?


How is Harman Connected Services , Pune? I will have HR discussion on Monday. How much CTC should I ask for? I have 4.6 yoe and have offer of 17 already.


Hello everyone, vacancies at Consero for various roles.
DM me your resume

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PwC India Hi,
What is the Salary range which is offered for Senoir Associate - Reviewer - Assest Wealth Management at PwC ?
Can someone please help me with this.PwC India


What is the annual increment % at Senior Manager/ AD/ Director level in PWC India?
Also what is salary range for Senior manager in management consulting service line of advisory.


Can somebody refer me if PWC has SAP manager - C4C cloud for customer opening


PwC India Anyone joining PWC India on 11th August? Did you get any mails for laptop courier?PwC India PwC

I am seeing lots of Negative comments on PwC PwC India (Pwc India) ,

is it really that bad? I have to join next month and will be joining the Data Analytics and technology team.

Should I be worried?

I am really looking forward to some amazing learning and experience.


Is PWC India giving wfh for Kolkata location? I got offer today



Hi All,

Tomorrow I have salary discussion with
Fractal, I want to know how much I can expect based on below parameter:

YOE: 4.4 years
Tech stack: Azure data factory, data lake, data bricks
LWD: 28 th Nov
CCTC: 5.84
Offer in-hand:
Accenture: 9.98 LPA (21% variable)
Mindtree 11 LPA
Pwc : 14.5 LPA but offer letter is not generated yet but pending task were completed in Workday

Which one should be considered to join in terms of stability, growth and wlb?
PwC Fractal Mindtree Deloitte


Hello all,
I have been selected as a Technical Consultant for PWC India On-campus and they have mentioned that Internship starts from January, but there is not particular mention about a Internship Offer letter. And so far the Placement cell has only circulated a Offer acceptance google form. There is no official notification from PWC India as well. What else can I do?


Hi, I had applied for senior associate role in PwC Canada and got an email for the first round of interview which is through hire vue were I have to record my answers for the questions asked.. this is totally new and I have no idea what would be asked so anyone has experience on this? Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.


Finance and Accounts people
Need your suggestion

I have bachelors and masters degree in accounting and finance

Currently pursuing for ACCA qual. Completed 9 out of 13 papers.

I have exp of 2yr completely into finance and tax

CCTC 7lpa

My sole reason of pursuing acca is to improve my package by moving to relevant SL

I don't prefer Audit as I don't have any exp.

Is it worth to finish my qual. and get the membership

Please throw your suggestions


Hi all, any idea on what PwC india pays for a Tech Director? Range!!


Does PwC hire any company secretaries? Does anyone know about any openings?


Hi all,

I'm looking for job change currently in RPA Blue Prism Profile. Can anyone refer me in PwC?

Thanks in advance.


Is anyone know, PWC is having policy of minimum 60% marks throughout criteria for experienced candidates as well ?


Hi, I have the following 2 offers in the advisory/consulting line

PwC India: 18L fixed
BCG (back-end consulting): 24 fixed

Currently on a fixed ctc of 17 (back-end consulting).

Should I join PwC for the front-end exposure? Also, how’s the wlb and quality of advisory projects?

Thanks in advance


Guys from where can we collect 150 yrs goodies in PwC india Kolkata magnacon office? It will be my 2nd day at office since I joined in August end. Can anyone pls tell

Hi fishes!
Kindly provide some information regarding what can be expected as in-hand considering the RFB and what comes under the flexi basket?

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Does PwC India uses Teams Outlook etc I mean Office 365 or they use Google based services like gmail, hangouts etc. for work- Because Interviews, inductions happen over google hangout


Which leaves gets expired in month of December at PwC india .


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