Hey All,

I have been thinking about going into UX/UI Design and I wanted to know is it women of color work in this field (if so I would love to connect and learn how to navigate) or is it a male dominated field? Is it worth it to me to transition into this role? How competitive is the industry?

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Multiple reports have suggested different results. Some say it’s male-dominated and some say it’s more or less equal. I think at least in the US it’s still more male-dominated but more and more women are rising up as we recognise gender should have nothing to do with ability.
No matter who’s dominating the field, you should not be discouraged from getting into the field! It’s currently competitive as a lot of people take boot camps and try to get into this industry for the salary. But I do believe that if you show your passion and actively try to understand and solve users and businesses’ problems, you’re golden.


Thank you for your insight. It was helpful.

Agreed with the above sentiments. Additionally, having diverse perspectives can make the UX and end products far stronger.
Just be aware, as you’re coming into the field, some organizations talk about UX but don’t practice or prioritize it. In a case like that your unique perspective may be lost.


Understood. Thanks for your insight.

I have done UX design at two large enterprise companies, in my experience, it is roughly 50% Male / 50% Female.

I currently work at a company with about 30ish UX Designers, about 15 of those designers are female and somewhere between 5-10 are women of color.


Dicks Sporting Goods, i believe we are currently hiring for one mid level product designer and one senior product designer


I too have seen a pretty even 50/50 M-F split.


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Hi everyone! I realised my linkedin profile is super bland, this has mainly happened as my role kept evolving so much that I've now lost track of how to capture the information well and come under the radar of headhunters or sourcers.

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Hi everyone I'm a fresher passed out of college in 2020.

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My gut tells me this is low. Please help!


Hi Fishes,

I will be joining Cognizant in January as a Sr Associate.
Yoe -7.4
Tech stack- Oracle Apps DBA

How are the projects here and will I get project allocation once I join ?
As I dont want to be in PDP.
Also even after getting offer I got many calls from different HR teams for the same openings, so I assume there are many projects.
So kindly need ur guidance please.

Anyone exit to Coinbase either in an accounting or analyst function?


Looking for job openings and referral for the post of UX DESIGNER with 2 years of experience.
Location preferred- Mumbai.
Any inputs appreciated


Hi! folks at McKinsey & Company, I’d like to have a chat regarding the BA - Private Equity role in the Toronto office. I believe I’ll be a good fit for the same. TIA!


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Having a really hard time trying to sell / donate it, despite it's in a great condition as was used only for a year.
Any tips on where to conveniently donate it?


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What are some of the pros and cons of going private and work for Wework?


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PHP opening immediate joiner
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Hi 🐠

Have already dropped email for not joining
Tata Consultancy to HR but still getting reminder mail regarding my joining is it normal or we have to again mail to HR as i don't want to get blacklisted for no call show.

Tata Consultancy Accenture Infosys genuine replies pls


I’ve had radio silence from a small investment bank for about a week now. I’ve completed several rounds of interviews, but last Thursday the firm reposted the job I’ve been interviewing for. On Friday the headhunter said that they’re not sourcing new candidates and it’s probably just LinkedIn automatically refreshing the listing. She said they had a busy week last week but will make a final decision this week - is the delay and radio silence a bad sign or is this typical for experienced hiring?


Posting on behalf of relative-
Looking for opportunities in Manual testing/ QA / Business Analyst profile. YOE 3.

How everyone's concentration going today?


I hope y’all safe out there


What is a good introduction book on investing?

Additional Posts in UX and UI designers 🚀

Few tips to improve your visual design skills

- Learn Typography: Typography is essential because 60-70% of user interfaces are about written content displayed in a meaningful way.

- Learn Layout and Composition: You don’t need to be pixel perfect, but if you place labels 10px above inputs, you must do that consistently across your whole design.

- Learn Color: Color doesn't need to be complex. Understand how colors interact with each other and learn how color can set moods.


I'm about halfway through looking forward to my family gatherings this week... how does everyone explain their career to your family-members? I'm wanting a way to explain it to them like they are five lol


I think I've failed twice in answering these correctly in my interviews
This is for a Visual designer's position
1. What was the breakpoint for design
2. Did you design the components and design system?
3. How was your handoff to developers (I've never one that)
4. Wht was the most challenging part of this project.
5. What is something you would re-design if you were to go back.

Quick poll: what is better for design, Mac or PC setups?


Are there any designers training in accessible UI design lately?
I'm looking to learn and ask some suggestions for an interview tomorrow.
Pretty nervous on technical questions.


How to make a leap from UI/UX into product design? What skills should a PD have? With 5 YOE and I still feel like a junior. I have a good eye for visual design, but I'm a bit scared of the business strategy, analytics and testing part. Where do I start to learn those skills? I know the basics of testing and conducting workshops, but I don't know how to develop those skills further. My company focuses on UI and I haven't been lucky to land a PD job. Do companies really look for all those skills?


Hi 👋 Any good UX books for senior designer level that helps with strategy, and good frameworks, or anything that will help me with my thought process? I have the basic books like don’t make me think, and 100 things. I’ll be joining a startup soon as chief designer, and will be back to being a full stack designer — I’ve been an IC for the past few years, so I definitely need to improve on strategies and maybe frameworks when it comes to UX. Will appreciate any suggestions. Thanks! 🙏🏻


Anyone hiring for Jr. Product designers?
I'm really motivated and excited to my design skills + UX skills I honed from OCAD university Toronto.
I have 7 years of exp. In design and 1.5 years in UX. Currently Freelancing for a bank.

Thank you in advance for reading this.

Hello! I’m looking for a mid-sr. product designer role in tech and hoping to connect with any recruiters or other product designers with openings on their team. I have 6 years of experience in the B2B SaaS space and over 2 focused specifically in product design (previously marketing web design). Anything helps, thank you :)

Hi all! Looking for some guidance on the base pay I should be asking for in interviews. I have 4 YOE as a UX designer and making $110 in my current job. I'm in Atlanta and my experience is with enterprise software.


I’m transitioning from Art Director to UX/UI Designer. As an AD, I’ve worked on UX/UI but it wasn’t the only thing I did. I don’t know how to title myself on my resume with all my experience being an AD and/or Designer though.

Does anyone have some advice on how to approach applying to jobs during this transition?


Have a portfolio presentation interview with CEO for a Graphic Designer position.

Can someone please send me any referral links or youtube video to practice?