Hi all,

How long does it take for TCS to release the offer letter.
HR discussion happened couple of weeks ago and I have been told that I'll receive the offer letter in 3-4 days.
It's been 2 weeks now and no response yet.
Status in ibegin says - Evaluated.

Tried reaching the hr over phone and email but no response.

Any advices/insights.

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works at
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You need to wait for 4-5 days... after status change to evaluated... they will generate offer in 2-3 days and release in another 2-3 days...
In my case... status changed on Wednesday... offer letter generated date is Saturday... released on Tuesday. Hope this helps.
Btw what is your YOE and salary that you asked??


Yes... salary break up and offer letter will be same. For 5 years... depending on your current CTC... you will get around 40%-45% hike

It takes upto month too, it depends upon the experience u have..


Have you recived offer now?


Have you received offer letter?

After 4 weeks


its been now 4 weeks and hr has told me that they will update but still no update

After HR discussion it's been 1 week but still my profile is created status. When it'll evaluation in progress?


Hae you got the offer letter?

You will receive in 2-3 days after status changed to evaluated. For me status updated to evaluated on Friday and Monday i got the mail of offer letter..

Did they send salary breakup mail ?

After HR discussion how many days it took to change the status from evaluation under process to evaluated

Aprox 3 weeks for me

For me it took 3 days to change status evaluate but it's been 2 weeks from that status and no offer or salary breakup.
Is it a bad sign?

Why dont you talk to HR once, maybe they will help you out.

They are hiring in bulk, delay in all this is expected.


Thanks for the reply

After how many days of HR discussion you got offer letter?

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Tata Consultancy

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