Hi Everyone,

Can anyone here from Capgemini, want to know something about process of FP&A. I am done with Technical round, Director round, HR round (salary negotiation done) , All documents shared even given amcat test (English+writing).

And now from past few days no communication from Capgemini HR, even not picking call and not responding on mail. Can anyone update me is it take time or I am not shortlist.

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Both the possibilities are there

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What do you do when you’ve accepted an offer and later realized you not only lowballed yourself on base pay but also didn’t negotiate for other things like a sign on bonus or other things that you really should’ve? I start in a few days, so it’s too late, but is there an opportunity to revisit?


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Byju's Future School Hi Sharks,

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I have a phone interview with Apple on Monday for their People Ops team. Does anyone have any advice or tips from their experience interviewing with Apple? Thanks!


Hi Guys,
I got an offer from Capgemini (Aricent) of 35LPA(32Fixed +3variable) for senior professional 1.
Before interview I had asked for 40 LPA.
But After Hr discussion post interview , I cake down to 35LPA fixed.
Still they offered me 32 fixed +3 variable.
Will they reconsider the offer by any chance, if I talk to to them. If not, then should I join cap gemini?

Please help me to clear my confusion.

Total Exp:6.6 Years
Current CTC:22.5 Fixed + 2.5 Variable.


What is the highest salary offered till date in India for Mainframe Assembler skill ?


Senior at Big 4 FDD vs Associate at A&M? Base is higher for my big 4 offer but A&M is higher in terms of total comp because of the bonus and will be compensated way more as I get promoted. Per this sub it seems like A&M is the way to go but wanted to get some thoughts.


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Hi Fishes,
Seeking guidance to further align thoughts on the offers. Which company shall be good for WLB, learning, growth, salary growth. I'll appreciate honest comments and varying perspectives in Tech consulting.

Adobe India: 30 LPA (fix+ variable + retiral) + benefits

EY GDS : 29 LPA fix + benefits + 10% variable

Deloitte India: 33 LPA (28 fixed)

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I ran 3 miles today for the first time in my adult life without stopping. Why didn’t anyone tell me running is awesome once you get the hang of it?


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Hi fishes,

I had my interview for java developer position on saturday for
JPMorgan Chase
I cleard all 3 technical rounds and HR said feedback is positive but it will take some time to process the offer letter. How much can I expect? I have 5 yrs of experience.


Anyone joining accenture next week?

After the workshop you will have :
A basic understanding of Power BI Desktop and using the Query Editor
Importing data, changing data types and creating a date dimension
Creating new columns and measures (introducing DAX)
Building a data model – cardinality and joining tables
Building a dynamic chart using the data model
Using slicers and community visualizations.
Designing mobile layout for hand-held devices.
A Power BI project and certification

The workshop is scheduled for Feburary 27,2022.


Hustle culture is responsible for this. We are afraid that we are not doing enough, not being competitive enough.
In this whole process we forget to ask ourselves- "If I were to die in next 1 year, is this really what I want to be doing?"

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Can I pay house rent to my parents and claim it in ITR?


This bowl has grown a lot in the last month or so! Let's do another round of introductions for anyone new, and bowl veterans don't be afraid to chime in too. Tell us a little bit about yourself, what you do for work, and where you're from if you feel comfortable! Ideally this bowl can lead to some networking opportunities for all of us.


Hi recruiters! Question - I'm re-entering the workforce after some life transitions. During my time away, I went back to school to gain more training. I'm wondering if it's better to list my education first or my experience, even if it's a little old. Any thoughts would be much appreciated! Thanks!


Hi everyone,

So recently I was filling up the
Accenture BGV details in EAF. Everything went well, but I just botched up at a place wherein we had to provide the address with phone number of the previous employer.

Sadly, as I clicked on the submit button, I realized that I missed adding the phone number and that I cannot add it.

Is there a solution to this? Can it lead to rejection of my candidature? Kindly guide.



I am a Data Engineer, 10 years experience in USA.worked with etl tools & other DE areas.Have basic understanding of programming languages

Want to get into a job which has both work life balance & good pay.Attended some interviews of high tech companies & could not clear python coding interview

Confused with 2 paths whether to prep for "coding programming interview" or complete some certifications & get into "Architect" role

Suggestions pls.Also guidance on prep resources & strategy pls


I had a non traditional path out of law school because I graduated at the height of the Great Recession and my mother was seriously I’ll with cancer. I’ve worked for 2 big four firms in internal positions within compliance/regulatory for a total of 6+ years and am ready to make a move. What is my next best one? Is it totally impossible for me to go to a law firm?

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Hi Fishes! Can we get a transfer to CG Florida if we were previously working with the India Team?


Any WFO call from capgemini ?


I got an email from Capgemini HR for interview today. But I was already interviewed in April 2021. Is it gonna make any issues? Can I give interview within 6 months?


Before releasing the offer, asked Capgemini HR about joining bonus as I agreed to join the date she asked. She said that can looked later by the account once I join.. Will I be given joining bonus later or that need to be finalized nw and get it included in the offer letter?


Does Capgemini provide transportation in Bangalore offices


After accepting OL from portal of Capgemini. What are the next steps we should do?


Hi Fishes,

Need some information!!

I have an offer from Capgemini engineering. The Joining bonus payout, i believe, is done at the end of first month. Is the tax on JB deducted straight away during the payout, or is it deducted at the end of the Financial year?

Also, for Capgemini engineering the ID cards and payslip will be from Capgemini or Altran or Aricent?

Thanks in advance.


Anyone attended 3/5 drive and got offer letter?


Hi folks, Anyone have any idea about BNY Mellon account in Capgemini. Please kindly share your inputs. I got mapped to that account yesterday for Angular developer role YOE 4

Guys! When do new joiners get their laptops?

Please guide.

Skill: Mainframe

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Do Capgemini give retention offer after accepting resignation?


I have been tagged to Europe Apps BU in
Capgemini . How good is it for Cloud technology? Will there be good projects? How tough will be client interview?


Hi All,
I had left capgemini sometime in late 2018. In order to retrieve my ESOP investment, I am facing some issues hence trying to connect Capgemini ESOP team but not able to find their contact number and over email, they are sharing standard replies. Is it possible for any current CG employee to share concerned department contact number ?


Hi Folks, any vacancy for Company Secretary and legal. Have total experience of 3 years


Any Managers or Sm here? Looking for a job change, currently having 8 YOE as a business analyst.

Please Dm me. No referrals.


Hi Fishes..
Which one to join Capgemini or IBM?
CapG - Team lead, Demand Planning, B1 - 17 fixed, 1jb
IBM - Consultant 7A - 18.5 fixed, 2jb
Skills : IBP, O9
YOE - 5.8


Hi all,
Need 1 suggestion.
I have received an offer from Capegemini but joining date is after 30 days only.
Hence I asked them to postpone the joining date to which they replied me to start notice period and they will change the joining date once I have confirmed reliving date.
I am confused.
Is this normal? Should I start notice period or wait for new joining date?


Hi folks,
I had given L1 interview- on 9th Oct
L2- on 12th Oct
Hr called on 13th Oct. Asked for details like exp ctc, yoe and np. At the end he asked some time to come with final figure. It's been 2 days. No updates after that. Also, once I told my expected ctc 7LPA for 3.2 yoe. He didn't ask for negotiations too. How long is good to wait before asking the hr.