Hi fishes, anyone has idea about Pershing client. Bank of New York Melon
How is this client in Virtusa ?
Is this support or dev project

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Fellow 🐟🐟, I need your help!

I've been at BofA for the last three years and I don't think I can do it anymore.

I'm looking to pivot into a project/product management role.

I'm in a top 20 MBA program (I graduate in May) and I have a data science certificate.

I'm looking for a challenging role with ownership and responsibility, where I can leverage my soft skills.

Dm me with ?s. I'll post my res below.

Thanks all!

Any thought on Hello Fresh as an exit opportunity? Anyone know about their WLB, culture, riskiness in the current economic environment? Thanks!


I am a Financial & Strategy Consultant (15+ yrs exp in Banking, Climate/Project Finance & Strategy Consulting) with a pending EB-2 NIW case. I got a request for additional evidence from USCIS. Most of my letters are from known experts. They want me to submit independent expert letters from people who can talk about the significance of my work to the Financial & Management field and US interest, from non-familiar persons. Anyone willing to write me an expert opinion letter highlighting above?


deloitte india 18 ctc, 15 fixed for deputy manager role -- what is salary bracket for this level?

7 yoe

Current is 13.


Anyone here have leads on openings for sales/ client success roles? Actively seeking a role at FanDuel, DraftKings, Yahoo Fantasty, etc.


Hi Fishes... How long from DOJ does a 8-10 YOE .Net Developer can start working on project...? Including time needed for project allocation, selection, etc...?

Anybody gave interview in KPMG UK for Audit Assistant Manager post. Please help with questions asked in the technical round. Thanks in advance🙏.


Hi ..I recently joined HCL. can someone from HCL tell me from which portal I can do Some internal certification and is there a way to switch to a different technology/domain or project before 18 months? Is there any other career growth opportunity that HCL offers the employees?


Hi fishes, I joined EY GDS lastweek. My role is technical architect. They assigned a project for four months alone. Is this common in EY to be tagged with short term projects?Can I wait for long term assignments. Please suggest.


Do you know what today is, today is the day I am now allowed back to office as our vaccination requirement was dropped? I still can’t go to our office in NYC and possibly some other jurisdictions and we do need to follow client rules to visit them.
Have any of other Big 4 made changes?


Hi All
I have 10 yoe in Mainframe, ccctc -10L. I have below 2 offer:
infosys - 22.29L.
JPMorgan Chase - 27L, still negotiation going on (also have h1b visa if that matters in negotiation).
I am planning to join in JP Morgan. This is going to be my first company switch (working at onshore since last few years) so wanted to know below things:
1). Is 27L is good enough for 10 yoe resource ? I have seen people joining 24-25L at 4 yoe.
2). How is asset and wealth management (AWM)..? JP Morgan

what's one type of project that you really don't want to be on and why?

Hi Fishes, Any here from Amazon Bangalore location? Needed an help to understand their WFH policy as my candidature is in process for an open position.


I want to know how's job stability at IBM for band 7 - developer role.

I have been tagged to a project which requires me to upskill my skillset.

In case, there is performance issue for an employee, do they give second chance & move him to other project/bench or do they raise PIP?


Accenture Strategy India salary expectation
YOE -8
Level - 9 consultant

How much would be the right estimate ?


Tomorrow was my joining day with one service company, today i got a call from a client of rejected service company, they are very much interested to joining their team directly. I asked them to give an update by EOD.I got confused again. Any suggestions pls.


Hi fishes,

1)What is the Hike process in BNY Mellon?
2)When we expect Variable pay bonus to be paid and how much % BNY is paying on yearly basis?
3)What is the Financial cycle for BNY Mellon?


What is AD salary at Beigene?


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Hi! Did anyone use the Julie Santiago program? If so could you please share some details, price and experience? TIA


What are some of your side hustles working at google? Do you find the time? What are somethings you all have done to make those gig successful? What are some dos and don’ts?


I can confirm 🤭

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Do you think Job Opportunities in IT would increase in Kolkata in the next few years with good career progression, or it would be wise to shift to Bangalore, Pune e.t.c?

When lateraling to a new firm, what questions would you ask to make sure it’s worth it for you ?


On H1B, I140 approved- priority date 2016. Is investing in 529 for new born a good option? What other options do we have back in India for child investment?


Ordering Limerick breast pump accessories.
Wondering how much of each item I should order. Not sure what item I would need the most or more than another. Don’t want to undercut myself nor go overboard. Would lactation consultant help with the quantity of each accessory I would need ?


CTC 14+1L retirals what will be my in hand salary ...


How do you balance working full-time and managing your small business? I've delegated a fair amount but still find myself pretty much working around the clock.


So much WINNING....

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What would you rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 attractiveness level? Just curious how people perceive themselves


Hiring at Nomad Health a Healthcare Tech company which is the first digital marketplace for healthcare jobs, efficiently connecting quality clinicians with rewarding career. DM for personal referral link to each job or if you have questions. They are looking for the following positions to be urgently filled:

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Best hospital to work for in San Diego?


Anyone in the Chicago area with recommendations on where to go for super neat box braids?

Hello everyone. I am currently Active Duty in the Air Force and will be separating within this year. My job correlates with HVAC/ electrician work and I am looking for information on finding good jobs in those fields civilian side. Any information is helpful!


Planning to move to another state and turn my current primary home into a rental, and buy a new home that will be a new primary. Any mortgage loan issues I should be aware of? (Like will they count potential rental income, will they assume new property is a rental, etc)


For all upper management people or anyone who may know about this, do Lean Six Sigma certifications still hold weight in a resume?


Additional Posts in Virtusa

Hi Fishies,
Can you please comment on aspects like wlb, learning in hsbc client at Virtusa? I have been offered QA lead position.


How to get experience letter in Virtusa after resignation?


How much variable pay will we get in Virtusa? Please consider the average case

And one more thing any idea about yearly hike % ?



Any idea on lifescience projects in virtusa. Can someone help on how the projects will be and other things.


How is Virtusa Lloyd Bank Project?

How is work life Balance?

Tech stack Java?

How is the citi project in virtusa?

My tech stack: Java, spring boot, microservices, react

Is there any framework used ?

Please suggest



I have been recently selected in Virtusa and in the compensation there are components like Internet reimbursement, LTA, food reimbursement.
Could anybody please help me to understand will these components be paid out to me monthly or will be only provided if i submit the proofs for the particulars.
Also is the food reimbursement offered in the form of monthly Sodexo coupons?

Hi guys can we leave Virtusa in a day? I have got a better offer? Also how is Google account for wlb?


Hi Everyone,

I need one suggestion,

I have 2 offers one with
Virtusa - 16.75 fixed + 1.25 variable+ 1 bonus
Cognizant - 16 fixed + 50 variable

YOE - 4

Based on job security & Yearly Hikes which one should I Join?

One more thing do virtusa have a probation period?


Is there any variable pay included in Virtusa for lateral hires or is it only fixed pay? Virtusa

Hi Fishes pls suggest suggest which to join Wipro Zensar Technologies Ltd Virtusa T-Systems ICT India





Can anyone tell me if there is any portal for e-separation. My friend was trying to put paper but he works on client laptop and he did not know much details.. Is there any portal in velocity app for the same

How is the wlb in CTS and Virtusa for 8 years of Java developer Cognizant Virtusa


How will be the learning and career growth in virtusa? Also how long it take to be promoted to the next band?


I have an upcoming interview with Virtusa , is anyone aware of interview format , what to prepare ?

Hi All,
i need one suggestion.
I have two offer one with
Virtusa-13.63lpa Fix Total-15.00lpa
Exl service-13.5lpa Fix Total-15.22lpa
Tsystem offer i have they can revised upto 15lpa.
Which one should i go for?
virtusa Client is HSBS, does anyone have nay idea about HSBC Client.
please help asap my joining with this company is tommorrow.
Thanks in advance


Hi Fishes,

Anyone one from virtusa working with Citi client?

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