I Appeared for an interview for RPA - Automation Anywhere. I didn't got any response after the interview. Then when I reached hiring manager through LinkedIn I got to know I cleared all the rounds but my expected cts is high so they might have rejected. First thing is I never said what I am expecting . And I clearly told In managerial round that I am open for salary discussion.

But no one responded. Will I get the call back in time? Or I just leave it and go ahead with other companies?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

What is the status showing in ibegin?

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If you are a experienced CAD drafter with experience in environmental remediation, we’re hiring. I’d be happy to discuss the opportunity

Started a role in a brand new creative agency. ( brand new in this city but established in an another country)

The employer said I will be paid weekly but now after my first week, he said that they have to skip a week to align with the payroll.

And that he will be paying me from his personal account till they set up everything as a new business in the country.

Is that a legit process or do you reckon I start looking for a new job?


I am actively looking for a full remote or hybrid Executive Assistant role in NYC. Looking into tech, PE, VC, or biotech, cybersecurity. Please DM me if your company is hiring. I would appreciate any referral or info. thank you


What’s the salary range for an EVP digital strategy (w/ 20 yrs exp) in a midsized global PR firm? TY xx


What is standard cash pay and equity value for a bizops manager role at a Series A startup in NYC? For someone with 2yoe


What are project delivery Analysts at Deloitte? My buddy just got reached out to. Is this a consulting role?


I would be joining IBM as a project manager. I wanted to move again to technical role in some time. Please share your experiences how easy is it to move. I want to move to Data engineering side.
Your response would be appreciated 🙏🙏


How long does A&M and Houlihan take to get back to you? I applied for a role I think I’m well qualified for and haven’t heard from either recruiting teams. It’s been a week.


Has anyone bought/ done the HRCI Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion in HR Management? I already have my PHR, but I’m looking to gain more knowledge/skills and beef up my resume. Is it worth doing? The course is $239 and you get 12 Recert credits with it.


Hello folks, can anyone help me in providing referral for the SAP SD , I have the relevant amount of work experience i.e. 2.8 yrs ..

Thanks for the help in advance :) Deloitte

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Stepping into a more managerial role. Any advice?


1.5 Years into Audit role at PwC.
Just got offer from Bain Capital for finance associate (guessing around 75% accounting work, 25% finance requests)
Take it, or try to jump to another big 4 to get into advisory/consulting?
Or wait until senior?


I currently have my EAD based on my OPT with an addition 2 year renewal. I have also submitted a marriage based GC application in Nov 2021, did my biometrics currently waiting on my interview. I have an offer from a tech company and want to leave my current employer. I am worried if I tell my upcoming employer about being currently on OPT they will freak out and take back their offer even doh I can work and don’t need their sponsorship.

Do I have to tell ? Has anyone experience this before?


I’m a CA fully paid by a team but technically work as a Business Manager (can’t officially change my title/enter EGP role until I’m fully licensed). I’m thinking about moving to IL but I’m concerned about pay. As a Business Manager—anybody know what the average pay is?

I have 7.5 years of experience if this makes a difference. Appreciate any insight!


Hello Fishes,

Can someone help me in calculating the in hand salary for this?
If possible, both before and after TDS!

ALSO, what is this RFB (REIMBURSABLE FLEXIBLE BENEFITS) and how can we make use of it in tax savings?

P.s. - This is my first switch, pls help🙏🏾🥺

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Hi Fishers,
Can anyone refer me for Mainframe Role.
Total exp : 4 years.
Serving Notice period.



Hi all! I’m hoping to break into tech in customer success. I currently work in an inside sales account management role in the manufacturing industry. Is there anything I should know about a transition into a tech business?


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I feel extremely overwhelmed.


What file management system does your firm use? Lateraled a few months ago and my new firm uses eDOCS which is a stinky piece of crap. I used to use Imanage, which I didn't think too much about, but it's so so much better in retrospect.


How can you miss someone
You've never met
Cause I need you now
But I don't know you yet

But can you find me soon
Because I'm in my head
Yeah, I need you now
But I don't know you yet


Who else is gobbling up more BTC rn? I’ll be putting some buy orders in at around 9k as well


Can someone help me decide between Zee entertainment enterprise ltd zee5 and Zscaler For 5.5yoe react developer

Anyone joining Gurgaon labs location here? Let’s catch up!!!


Any website recommendation for making free explainer videos? Thinking as asked by a client if we can make a creative presentation for an upcoming presentation of his


Okay, it’s time to stop putting on a face about this. I love my boyfriend so much, but covid is ruining us. We are both still WFH and argue every few days about the dumbest stuff. My and his mental health are both diminishing and it feels like an impossible trench to dig out of. My stomach hurts every time we fight and I (independent of him) feel so stuck in this horrible global crisis. I don’t want to lose him, but I need to figure out how to dig us both out of this unsustainable mental state.

I just billed a 14.7 hour day while having my kids 6 and 4 as a divorced dad. I’m shocked but no one to tell who will get it so I’m posting here. I feel like I beat WFH... we even took a walk


Hi Everyone,
The status of my job application shows "In Progress" in the
JPMorgan Chase portal. Can someone explain what does it mean? Am i being considered for an interview then?
Thanks in advance! :)


I'm interviewing for Sr Product Design positions & each interview is 30 minutes to share 2 case studies. With only 12 min/case study (I eat up some time introducing myself & setting up the work), does anyone have advice on what to make sure I show? It's so hard to hit all the points they I'm trying to hit: problem definition through user research, wireframes, design exploration, usability tests, prototypes, final designs, red lines, engineering handoff, KPIs. Any advice or examples?


Any idea on how much salary can I quote for Associate Business Consultant role in Refinitiv?


I've a HR discussion today evening. Inputs required please!!


I m in a manual qa with 12 yoe, is it worth to shift in SDET? If yes, how can I shift in SDET?

What career path you guys can see in future for Manual Testing candidates?
Any thoughts...


Thoughts on changing your name for marriage?? I really don’t want to change my name - I feel like that is my identity, I have a career, I love my family name. My SO & I are on very different pages...


Need 11 likes so I can dm people. Anybody want to help me out. Please and thanks!


What made you realize that your SO was someone you saw forever with?


Can you all please help me get 11 likes so I can enable the dm feature?
Thank you


Any moms here go part time for a few years when you had babies/toddlers at home? If so, better to go hourly? Also did it affect your career in the long run?


What are RSMs benefits like? Do they pay for higher Ed?

I received an offer from a boutique litigation firm and a large law firm on the same day! I want to take a little time to consider both. What’s the typical time frame to respond?


Additional Posts in TCS Promotion 2021

Anyone got info about AST promotions for current quater?

Tata Consultancy I got the pune location in my offer letter......is it possible it can be changed to TCS indore.....I have asked HR but he say Indore is not available.

please advise!!!


How much time tcs takes to share the feedback? I given interview on 10th March

Hi Friends,

I have tcs offer of X and other company offer of X+2.5 Lac.

Can I ask tcs hr to match the new offer?
Will there be any issues? Any chances that HR cancelling the current offer?

Please suggest

I have tcs offer of 23 LPA and birlasoft offer of 25.5 LPA + 2 L joining bonus
Sap basis
Yoe 7.4

Please suggest which one is good.

Promotion letter received for October cycle 2021?

Did promotion letter for AST released for SEP22?

I have tcs offer of 23 LPA and birlasoft offer of 25.5 LPA + 2 L joining bonus.

Please suggest which one is good.

Hi All,
Promotion letters are out for C2 and C3A

Any idea about when the promotion letter will released?


Guys how much tcs can pay
to 2.5 years of experience in
Microservices technology.
Exp - 2.5
Current ctc - 2.5
Expected ??
Note :- i have cleared my interview
only hr round is pending

Anyone got C3A promotion letters from July 2021? Please comment

Is tcs lucknow has job opening for network Engineer?

Anyone received promotion letter in Jul 2022 in TCS?


What should be your CTC in TCS after 8 years of experience ? With average increments and 2-3 promotions

Last quarter TCS holds all promotions. Any idea about this quarter? Will TCS plan to release letters?


Any update on promotion??

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