Anyone got C3A promotion letters from July 2021? Please comment

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Have you ever gotten a promotion without a raise?


Hey everyone, Recently i had completed ux/ui designer course from simplilearn plus i had learned alot from self learning & prototype part is my strongest part like by creating some parallax effects, carosile,confitti & animation. With simplilearn i learnd technical & some skills to understand user needs. In past i have 7 years of web development ,digital marketing & web promotion as freelancer. Now i want to join any Mnc or startup as ux designer. So any suggestions that how much salary i expect

I kind of think people should be asked to wait until after November 15 to share their promotion news until all the agency has been given their news. As a courtesy.


M / Cleveland / 2 years experience / 58k as of today, raise of 16%. Pretty damn proud of myself.


Hello! I’m up for a promotion and obviously am going to bring up $$. What is an appropriate amount to ask up for when you’re promoted to the next level? 15%?

Do I take a job at a more boring company that’s a 41% pay increase and comes with 1% equity?

Current company: a fun and exciting fintech startup that’s about to raise a Seed/Series A. Possible to be promoted in the next year with a pay bump (still likely not as much as the job offer)

Potential company: A marketplace that sells used phones online and has been profitable for 5+ years.


Hi all! Wanting to get some insight into pay structure for outpatient clinics (essentially CMH). Looking to negotiate a raise soon and would love some extra points of reference. I’m in PA - LPC and ATR-BC - 10 years experience, 8 years post-masters.


I am an FAE looking for advice on asking for a raise. I have been in my role for >1 year & provide engineering integration support virtually & on-site. I support key contracts totaling 6M+, have earned new customer contracts, replaced competitors, been personally requested by key customers & do on-site support trips solo since Sept. I enjoy my job & team but believe I may be underpaid. I currently make 70k + 5k DNE bonus, 5% 401k match & no commission. Industry avg @ 1yr exp ~90k base.


Did Gajen say at the Town Hall that half of the employees received a raise? I’m part of the half that didn’t. Anybody else?

Hi all,

I am helping my wife negotiate her salary for a promotion with her current company in the Detroit, Michigan area. She is being offered a role as a Senior Financial Analyst with an automotive manufacturer (she has already been with the company for 4 years), and she has 8 years of relevant professional experience and an MBA.

What does everyone think is a fair salary target for her to consider in this market?


So deloitte advisory's raises were absolutely abysmal this year. How should I bring up raise ultimatum


How do you negotiate a raise?

What is a job as customer success engineer like? do they pay well? is there a clear path to promotion/growth ?


When do you tell your employer that you're pregnant? I'm in public accounting and my due date is 4/4/2023.
We have an informal process of mid-year promotion that those who get promoted would be notified at the end of December.
I don't know if I would get a promotion but I'm definitely hoping for one. Main concern is if I disclose that I'm pregnant, I would be passed on the promotion potentially. I know they're not supposed to but we all know what reality is.
Would you disclose early or wait?


Friend left for industry after a 1.5 years and now makes 74k in a Midwest city. I currently am in my first year making 50k in Midwest. Even if I get a 10% combined raise/bonus / year (con't)


Really trying to get out of the admin world. Or at least get paid more. My company doesnt offer a review system for admins- any suggestions on how to ask for a raise?


Anyone ever get a promotion with no raise?


Comparable salaries?

Applying for promotion to Digital Design Lead. 15 YoE, currently making about 82k + profit share. 3rd in seniority and department is currently restructuring. Based on some other internal salary ranges, planning to to ask for 106k, about a 30% jump. How does this look?


What is the promotional hike in GSK? Grade promotio or level promotion.


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What's a realistic path from agency (media or creative) to a product marketing role client side?


Hi Guys,

Can anyone tell me how much time IBM would take to rollout an offer letter. I had my final call on previous Thursday and uploaded all the documents on Friday.


Do visa employees have laptop options upon joining? What is the standard laptop?


Anyone know how an American can get a job in Russia?


Trying to make the switch into consulting.
Currently working as a Senior Engineer with about 1-2 years of work experience.
Bachelors and Masters in Engineering.
B.S GPA - 3.0
M.S. GPA - 4.0 (No GMAT/GRE) same school
Studied at a specialized school for Aviation. Non target for Consulting.
How do I get into a top 3 firm as a management consultant? Hopefully as an Associate at McKinsey

Are there any Guidewire opportunity at Big 4 firms in London


Anyone know a good dive Mexican restaurant in the Plano/Frisco area?


Hey all, any tried and true banner dev companies you can recommend? My usual suspects have been a bit disappointing lately. Am in NYC but can be anywhere. Thanks!


SolidCore makes me feel worthless. I think that’s a good thing but it hurts. 🤣


Anyone who recently did his/her H1B transfer with ZS Associates ? How much time does it typically take? Also, any odd cases of RFE/Denial with that?


Anyone refinance a mortgage as a freelancer? I can’t find a bank to work with me even though everything is in a great place other than not having a full time w-2 job. Recommendations welcome!


Work culture and work life balance of Accenture, Cognizant, ZS and Axtria?


What salary can i expect in Capgemini for 1 year experienced UX designer


How to check what is there in full and final settlement as they just sent the amount to my account...not any mail or anything to check.


Hello fishes,

How much joining bonus and package can I expect from mindtree. YOE: 4.2 ?

Anyone knows in which year Target moved to Workday ?

How much does Gartner pay post-MBA consultants?


What are topics asked for UI angular devloper in JP Morgan interview. Please throw some light.i have interview. With 8 years exp

@JP Morgan


Any recommendations on excursions or things to do with small kids in playa del Carmen?


GoPro or iPhone in Sealife case?

Additional Posts in TCS Promotion 2021

What should be your CTC in TCS after 8 years of experience ? With average increments and 2-3 promotions

Anyone received promotion letter in Jul 2022 in TCS?


Any news about promotions any deadline?


Hi Friends,

I have tcs offer of X and other company offer of X+2.5 Lac.

Can I ask tcs hr to match the new offer?
Will there be any issues? Any chances that HR cancelling the current offer?

Please suggest

Anyone got info about AST promotions for current quater?

Guys how much tcs can pay
to 2.5 years of experience in
Microservices technology.
Exp - 2.5
Current ctc - 2.5
Expected ??
Note :- i have cleared my interview
only hr round is pending

I have tcs offer of 23 LPA and birlasoft offer of 25.5 LPA + 2 L joining bonus
Sap basis
Yoe 7.4

Please suggest which one is good.

Hi fishes,
What is the process of resignation in tcs? Where can i apply? Is there a portal or is it mail based? If mail based do I have to wait for more than 5 days for it to be accepted? As I hv only 5 days extra in notice period ie 95 days to join new company as per offer letter


Hello Guys,

I have 8 years of experience with more than 4 years in the current organization. Current package is 9.5 LPA. I have offers with Accenture (14L fixed and 4L variable) and CTS (15.5L fixed and 70k variable) both having more than 75% hike.
In my current organization, I see a scope for onsite assignment (not 100% confirmed though). I am confused of which one to choose - Wheather to stay back or switch to which company.

Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks

Any update on promotion??

Is tcs lucknow has job opening for network Engineer?

Does anyone know when we will receive promotion for July 2021 quarter?

Last quarter TCS holds all promotions. Any idea about this quarter? Will TCS plan to release letters?


Larsen & Toubro Infotech Hi guys, I need u r advice to decide which should I join interms of wlb and job security. Hcl and infosys?? Hcl -14.3 lpa. Tcs-11 lpaLarsen & Toubro Infotech Tata Consultancy @


When is the promotion letter June 2022 releasing for IT Analyst

Hi.. I am working in TCS as a BA (Third party payroll) , recently my team has started the process of bringing me on-board TCS permanently ?
Is there going to be an interview for the onboarding ??

Are the promotion letters released for July cycle?

Which month do we get ASOC promotion letters in tcs?

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