Did promotion letter for AST released for SEP22?

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nothing till now..

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How much hike (%) does Accenture gives during promotion?
(If it differs based on management level then I want to know about promotion from level 10 to 9)


Anyone have experience as a SPM in AZ? I'm severely under paid. I've been promised a raise to correct it, but not sure if I should accept it or if it will be time to move on.


Received an offer from another company with a salary increase of about 25%. I’d like to not leave my current company. How to approach my boss in the most polite way and hoping for a raise?


I am RTL design engineer at Qualcomm with YOE 3.5 and this AR cycle I'm expecting promotion as Senior design engineer.
For Bangalore location, What market correction I should expect and what should be the base salary after promotion? What is the general hike?



What's the best piece of advice or wisdom you've received about negotiating a raise or salary? Drop it here and help another user!


I accepted an offer A a month back.
Now I got a better offer B.

But I like company and work of A

Should I ask A to raise the offer?

What are the best next career steps for a recently promoted strategy consulting manager whose objective is to keep climbing ladders or solid pay increases: stay in consulting or go to industry (pharma only, top 20).
PhD 4YOE. Slightly above average performance and promotion times.


Just checking in… How was your review? Did you get a raise, bonus, both or neither? How are you feeling about your job going into 2023?


Le ZSer when Outlook pings and it's not regarding raise letter

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I had a great review and a 5.5% raise and a great bonus at my company. But I also got a new Director and a peer manager of mine left the company, so I will be absorbing her team. In addition, my director said I will be receiving 'deep delegation' from them. I don't mind more work, but deep delegation is a new term I've never heard. What does that mean lol?


Any M1 in here? I just found out my promotion from SA to M1 and very disappointed. Curious if others in the same boat


What are your views on seniority vs. merit based promotion to partnership status?


Any update on promotion??

JL Associates, do you think we are getting another raise?


I was hired as a graduate consultant developer Thoughtworks in middle of 2020 and will be expecting my first performance based apraisal in April. How much should I expect? If I am not happy with my raise can, whom should I contact to?


Just got a mid-yr promotion but no raise. Went from consultant to sr consultant. Is this normal? HR’s explanation was that promotion cycles (mid yr or yr end) and pay raise cycle (yr end only) are different. Has anyone else experienced this?


Are other agencies on promotion freezes due to Covid19? Our company has cancelled this quarter's promotion run (we can only get promoted in April or October each year).


WPP sub-agency is not giving me the
promotion salary I am asking for
despite running the entire department
for more than 2 years. The salary I am
asking for is what an external hire
would get, they are saying percentage
wise they can't do that "in the system
and also need to wait for annual
raises. Yet I've never once had an
annual raise at WPP w/o title change.
Anyone have any luck with this? I also
found out I am paid 15% less than my
male counterpart w/ same title, exp,
and less work.


Saw a post on LinkedIn about not citing inflation as a reason to ask for a raise?! Feels like inflation is a perfectly valid reason to be asking for a raise, no?


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Dreaming of switching from account management to film directing. Any advice?

Anyone hiring in or around Boston? Looking to either transition to private or stay in public. Experienced in real estate and affordable housing.


Hi, I'm planning to start a software agency (solo or 2 person initially) while working full-time in a company. Any advice you could give me? Or, is there any problem with this?

Thanks in advance!


When did you tell work about your pregnancy?

Want to join Salesforce India, have 3.5 years experience as Salesforce developer what are ways I can apply?
20 days notice period remaining
Please let me know if have some reference.

Moving from NY to SVL for a job from Google. As I was in consulting before I have all formal wear for office. What type of clothes do women wear to office? Where do you shop for them?


Hello Fishes, Can anyone tell me hows the work culture in Citibank? And what will be the average salary and perks for C11 band? @

How long from a noogler account to a googler account ?


I just fired our 2nd digital agency because they over promised and seriously under delivered. How do I find an agency that I can trust to do the work we’ve agreed to?


To get this rolling - anyone used Fundrise? Experiences with it (rate of return, satisfaction with service, etc)?


Anyone joining IBM noida on 25th Oct? Let's connect..


Has anyone left their creative partner (for an opportunity at another agency) at an agency recently? How did you handle it?


How to know if the BGV has completed successfully? I have submitted my documents 2 weeks back, haven't heard back yet from anyone.


How do you make best use of your PBC / Open items list? Do you stay traditional with updating internally andattaching to emails? Are you using a shared site where both parties can view and edit live?

When to break-up with someone? I’ve been dating my gf for 6 years (2 long distance 1yr on a break and 3 living together. Nothing terrible about the relationship but I’m not happy and no longer feel in love. I’ve tried working it out but haven’t felt the relationship has gotten any better. I feel at this point the best thing to do for both of us is split (she shouldn’t be with someone that can’t love her fully). So here’s the options continued…

Happy Friday you filthy animals!!!!

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Hi! Is anyone using Microsoft Teams functionality with an Admin team specifically? Looking for some good use cases of anyone has any.


Hi guys, I need 11 like for DM


Which agencies will be fully remote or at least have flexible office time? Located in NYC


Is anyone else finding it difficult to get a raise this year because of market conditions? I moved from a business analyst role to a management role and didn't get a raise even though I'm taking on significantly more work. The terrible market conditions are what my boss pointed to. Is this happening at other companies also?


Additional Posts in TCS Promotion 2021

Hi Friends,

I have tcs offer of X and other company offer of X+2.5 Lac.

Can I ask tcs hr to match the new offer?
Will there be any issues? Any chances that HR cancelling the current offer?

Please suggest

Hi.. I am working in TCS as a BA (Third party payroll) , recently my team has started the process of bringing me on-board TCS permanently ?
Is there going to be an interview for the onboarding ??


Any update on promotion??

Hi fishes,
What is the process of resignation in tcs? Where can i apply? Is there a portal or is it mail based? If mail based do I have to wait for more than 5 days for it to be accepted? As I hv only 5 days extra in notice period ie 95 days to join new company as per offer letter


What should be your CTC in TCS after 8 years of experience ? With average increments and 2-3 promotions


Tata Consultancy I got the pune location in my offer letter......is it possible it can be changed to TCS indore.....I have asked HR but he say Indore is not available.

please advise!!!


Is tcs lucknow has job opening for network Engineer?

I have tcs offer of 23 LPA and birlasoft offer of 25.5 LPA + 2 L joining bonus
Sap basis
Yoe 7.4

Please suggest which one is good.

Hi All,
Promotion letters are out for C2 and C3A

Guys how much tcs can pay
to 2.5 years of experience in
Microservices technology.
Exp - 2.5
Current ctc - 2.5
Expected ??
Note :- i have cleared my interview
only hr round is pending

Are the promotion letters released for July cycle?

Which month do we get ASOC promotion letters in tcs?

I Appeared for an interview for RPA - Automation Anywhere. I didn't got any response after the interview. Then when I reached hiring manager through LinkedIn I got to know I cleared all the rounds but my expected cts is high so they might have rejected. First thing is I never said what I am expecting . And I clearly told In managerial round that I am open for salary discussion.

But no one responded. Will I get the call back in time? Or I just leave it and go ahead with other companies?

Promotion letter received for October cycle 2021?

Anyone got C3A promotion letters from July 2021? Please comment

Hi all,

I have completed 1 year in tcs on Oct 2022, can I eligible for promotion for next year..? Or I have to wait for 2 years.?

I got 5 rating.


When is the promotion letter June 2022 releasing for IT Analyst

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