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Offer wise go for coforge


Can't you renegotiate with tcs or try others to get 30 fixed

I didn't tried yet, I will try with tcs HR this week

Techstack and yoe?

mdm, 11 yrs, ur suggestion pls

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Any suggestions for books to help determine your next career move? Considering leaving consulting for other opportunities (biz ops, product management, non-profit, etc.), but unsure when the right time is and what to pursue next


Hey everyone!

Just landed an interview for a QAE position at Amazon after a 1hour phone screen and wanted to know more about Amazon's salary structure and what would be a good starting point to ask for. I did some reading about it and it seem rather confusing.

Also, what should I expect from the interview (that may take 6 hours according to the email)? Anyone have experience that could give some input?


Hey folks, I’m about a year into my new SE career and looking to continue to invest in professional skills. I’ve obviously been thrown into the fire learning the sales side of things, but what areas (technical skills, certs, books, etc.) you all would recommend I look to invest in? I’ve been looking at some beginner coding boot camps and scrum product owner certs, but interested in what you all have done to further advance your career


How much salary can we expect for a Software Engineer JPMorgan Chase India for 5 years experience and what designation (601/602?) Tech Stack - Python


I currently work in a very niche consulting role (not management consulting). Looking to transition to a strategy role at a startup in Miami preferably or remote. Graduated from college in May 2021 with a business degree, so I have a year+ of work experience and relevant academic coursework. Any suggestions/advice?


Incoming offer from a REIT as an acquisitions analyst in the Carolinas. I have 2 YOE. I’m hoping for 85K + ~30K bonus range. is this feasible? or should i expect something lower?


Does anyone have any experience with getting their OMCP certification? And if so, was it worth it? Have you seen an impact on job offers or pay scale?

Also, puppy for exposure. 😜

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Has anyone made the transition from non-profit and small firm practice to federal government, big law, in-house? I’m a special education parent attorney at a small firm and I’ve spent my legal career in the education and juvenile areas of the law working for 2 non-profits before ending up at the firm. However, I’m just exhausted, unmotivated, and and looking for a change. At this point (6.5 yrs of practice), is that type of transition even possible or am I stuck due to the practice area?


What is an average starting salary for a sales engineer?


Why TCS salary structure has low base salary component?

Also for grade C3A, How much monthly performance pay and performance bonus i can expect?


Starting to get more involved in the project sales process - any recommendations for books or resources to develop skills in this area?


Hello fishes! I am currently interviewing for a Portfolio Associate role a PIMCO , down in their Newport office. I would like to get some feedback if any of you are familiar with this role, what are the exist opportunities that can come up down the road? I know it is not presented as a front office role but more of a support role to PMs. Appreciate anyone’s input on this. Thank you!


Hey guys

I will be joining Accenture soon , in countdown to accenture i can see the project name/dept as SAP SI solution factory . What is it ? Also under business unit it says IDC any idea anyone

I’m expecting to receive an offer from BCG Platinion as a software engineer. Does anyone know how much travel the role would entail?


What is Senior Associate comp (base and bonus) at Morgan Stanley investing group?


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What's the current hourly & weekly rate for freelance for a mid-senior level Business Affairs Manager?

I'm looking to find a job like the Forward Deployed Engineer role Palantir Technologies in the UK.

I have become hooked on finding a job that involves solving the kinds of problems they presented during their interviews. Although I got to the final round my performance anxiety got the better of me (I think I wanted the job a bit too much...). I will reapply after working in a similar company.

Is it "deep tech" / "data science" or "smart enterprise" that they're doing? Any advice welcome.


Which is better Virtusa or London Stock Exchange??Virtusa London Stock Exchange

Partners, how can you tell whether an analyst has a good potential to become Partner later? What traits do they possess in their 20s: nice OR aggressive, do-as-told OR inquisitive and ask questions?


Yoe : 6.4 , cctc: 12.98 Lpa, holding offer : 25 LPA (24 fixed). Cleared UST tech rounds, HR discussion is pending for salary. Now what amount do you believe I can ask that has possibilities of getting approved above the amount I am already holding!! Tech stack - AWS+Python+DevopsUST Global


Any networking groups for young professionals in advertising in STL?

Is there a corporate way to bring up to senior leaders that an IC is causing issues across multiple teams because they are demanding and also doesn’t collaborate well? The IC gives vague “direction” then says they are too busy to clarify. They also refuse to use our project management/ collaboration tools.


Is there anyone from PwC Advisory/Application & Emerging Technology area who can refer me there? Thanks in anticipation


Upcoming interviews with salesforce, can anyone tell me more about the "present a recent project" in-person interview? What to prepare, what to expect, flow, etc.? Role is M/SM-level design lead.


Pros and cons of big 4 TAS vs working for firms like D&P, A&M, and FTI? Also any others I happen to be missing

Hi, I just really need a safe space to vent because I’m feeling like the most horrible person in the world. Married ~ 3 years ago and he hasn’t been able to work due to immi issues so we’ve been living on my 145k salary (for mortgage, car note, utilities, etc) and the occasional Instacart he does with my account. We also have a 1 year old that stays home with us (I work from home).

.. (continue in comment)



I am a qualitative primary researcher with 3 years of experience on agency side. Given thr hectic work culture of agencies, I've already reached burnout and am seeking a change in my career path.

Can anyone recommend a career path that can offer some level of work life balance?

Is UI/UX research a good path to explore?

Which major VC shops are most consultant friendly?


Anyone got Wiley material and how was your experience with it ?

What methods are you using to upskill employees during the current talent war? For example learn a new programming language or move from Backend to Full Stack.


SEO or PPC what tickles your fancy the most?


How far in advance of your target move in date should you start looking for apartments?


If you were starting a new role in Tech next month, how long would you wait to update your LinkedIn profile?

In the current economic landscape, would you be hesitant to immediately update your LinkedIn?

Also, would it send your new employer a bad message if you wait to update your LinkedIn?


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Is ACS solutions good company for Angular developer?


Hi fishes,
Which is the best company to join tcs is offering 11lakhs and OPTUM is offering 10lakhs CTC+ 2 lakhs joining bonus. Please help me out to decide

Thanks in advance!


I'm in monaqo since 5yrs, I just got promoted with 52% hike from 12.5LPA to 19LPA(18Fix,1 V) and increased NP from 45D to 90D. Every year I get hike betwn 20-25%.
Now got offer from freshmenu giving only 25% hike(24Fix,0V) but ready to wait 90D NP. They saying I already got good hike, our budget is only 24LPA, NP is high and we are considering only fixed part. Is it worth accepting offer because of 90days NP?
I'm thinking to stayback due to yearly hike by demanding NP back to 45D


Hi Fishes,

I have doubt .
Which company is good in terms of job security Verizon or Allstate India?
Experience - 5 years
Current CTC - 12
CTC offered - 16.5 in both companies

Please comment.Looking at the current scenario of layoff I am worried.
Please do guide.


I have got selected in Capgemini.. it's been almost 20 days I have submitted my documents for initial hr sending provisional offer letter format after a week they are asking to send e adhaar and uan with kyc as done from epfo portal .. is this regular procedure in Capgemini?


Hi Sharks,
Please help me which one should I go for

Wells Fargo : 33
EY : 33.4
IBM : 28

YOE : 7.5

My priority is work life balance


How much should be expected CTC from Nagarro
Current CTC 12.5 experience 3.2 years tech stack .net and angular

Does Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India revise offer letter? Anyone been there?


I am having around 11 YoE in SAP and expecting an offer from PwC SDC. Few queries:

1. What is the designation I should negotiate for in PwC considering 11 YoE in SAP.

2. My current CTC is 23 LPA. How much hike should I ask for?


VOIS is offering me 14 LPA CTC + 1 Lc JB
Yoe :- 3.6 yrs

Is it good enough?


Hi, 5.5 Yoe front end developer
Wipro 21.5lpa (relocation to Bangalore)
IBS 20lpa (wfh)
Enquero 23lpa (wfh)
Please guide and suggest to choose the best opportunity. TIA Wipro IBS software Enquero Inc


Guys , how much DXC Technology can pay for Azure Data Engineer ( ADF , Databricks, Pyspark) for 8.5 Yrs YOE.
Please comment


Hello Fishes,
I have joining on 19th. Is Mindtree a good option for 6 years experience lateral hire.
CTC offered 22LPA
Designation C4
Hr is saying variable will be paid in full monthly basis, however after merger would it be same?
And how's the projects in Mulesoft technology


Folks, Which one to choose?
Honeywell or Maersk

Having same offer from both.
YOE : 10.


I am having 2.8year experience in dot net field.
I have done all technical round in crm next.
In the hr discussion he ask me about expectation
I said between 9 to 10 LPA. He said my band is only
8.4LPA . And he said will share your feedback.