I have been offered supply chain advisory consultant role at IBM. Fixed CTC: 32.5 lakhs.
I have 4.5 years of experience and MBA from IIM Indore. Current CTC in an Indian MNC is 27.8 with 24.8 aa fixed.
Should I take up offer from IBM as yearly increments and variable pay would be negligible?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

This is good hike as per the Company and YOE

but if you aim high then go for pure Tech company

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Hi Fishes,

I am looking for an opportunity in Good Organization,

Total YOE: 2.9 yrs
Tech Stack: Java, Springboot, Microservices architecture, Postgres, Mongodb, Git etc
Notice Period: 60days

Any referral will he helpful.

Thank you


Hi all, I’m currently a year into a role at a top tier firm. Team and WLB are great but growth prospects are unclear and not a sector of long term interest. My manager hasn’t been able to articulate his medium term vision and how my role fits into that and doesn’t seem concerned that I’m overqualified for the support nature of my role. I’m making it to offer stages for other roles offering me over 30% more than I currently earn and with very strong prospects. Am I being to hasty in wanting out?


anyone left D5/Accenture within the 12 month’s of signing a sign-on bonus with a year stay contract? How’d it go?


Looking for a remote AE position. I have 14+ years in sales (excluding retail) and currently in a SaaS position that’s underpaid for the market. Linked In isn’t much of an option as our HR is tracking employees profiles to see if we are “open to opportunities.”

Anyone have any leads or places to start looking?


I have an interview for my first product designer role out of Bootcamp. What are your favorite questions to ask during an interview as a job seeker and why?


Hello Everybody! Any referral for Demand INC? I have been interviewing for a BDR role. Any feedback is appreciated!


Vice president at epsilon? Boston. Strategy domain. Any ideas whats the salary range?


Is KPMG India better or EY GDS for the technical position ?


Anyone have tech experience at CVS/Caremark? Trying to understand the culture there, compared to other healthcare companies and/or tech.


Accenture Strategy fishes. I am interviewing for a banking strategy manager role. Any tips on the interview process? I have one behavioral round. One round to discuss my background (resume) and one case interview. Is the case interview very quant heavy? Is it interviewer led or interviewee? Any tips/advice for the resume round ?

Thanks in advance!


LTI Hiring # Salesforce # Einstein #Project Manager# Service Max
Let me know if you are interested.

Post Photo

How long HR takes to respond for feedback after 1st round of interview? What it means when hiring manager upfrontly says HR will get back to you, but there might be a delay since they are still interviewing candidates?


Hi All,

I have a managerial round(maybe the last round) tomorrow with Delta Air Lines. Can you let me know what package should I ask the hiring manager?

Experience: 6.6 years

Tech Stack: Java, AWS, Spring Boot, Kubernetes

The role I had Interviewed for -> Lead Developer - AWS

Also how good is Delta Airlines in this Recession Period? what are the benefits we get? And is it WFH or 3 days Office in a week?

Thank you


How long on average have you all stayed in one position? How about tenure at each company?


I don't know why I always have less confidence and hope about the outcome of an interview when it's being conducted by a white male (I'm a young black female). I always worry that they will see me as "not ideal" or "not as smart" for a role, even when I KNOW I more than qualify. I've never felt fully comfortable because of trying to guess or anticipate their expectations. Obviously, I'm going to give it my best, but just wondering if others think about that when it comes to interviews.


I recently interviewed for a position that was below my salary requirements so the interviewer forwarded me a role that is inline with salary but quite a bit outside of my skill set (and interest, tbh). How do I politely reject the opportunity while keeping the door open to other roles more closely aligned with my career goals/interests?

Can any one tell how much salary in tcs Australia sydney for c3 A grade


Hey everyone!

Just wanted to share and maybe get some feedback on anyone else whose been through these debilitating negative thoughts about this process

The more I get more information, the more my heart drops and I become more afraid of thinking and feeling that I may not be equipped to try.

I strongly believe that my mental state, plays a huge role on how well I get through this process Zane right now, I am feeling really fearful and doubtful.

Has anyone eel experienced this?


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How is the Smartops unit in Amdocs . Got recruited in Mega Drive for Java Developer Role. What type of Project can i expect?


Attention Microsoft - Teams call quality is fine. It’s the terrible performance and lag! Can I get a rating prompt for that?

Hello fellow fishes,

I have been working long time in TCS. Have been a top performer always. I donot want to leave TCS but want to get a salary revision. Has anyone got a salary revision with similar experience level without resigning or wings program? and what should be the revised salary at this experience?
YOE - 11+
CTC - 15 LPA (C3B)

Thanks in advance.
Success to all!


Its an humble request for help.
My brother is 2020 Engineering Passout and is looking for Job. He is Fresher and looking for first job. Tried multiple interviews but no response from their side.
He has knowledge about JAVA, SQL, LINUX, SOFTWARE TESTING. Humble request to all if anyone having opening for fresher please do refer or let me know.
Any project is suitable may be Technical Support Project, Any project please do help


Has anyone here heard of/used/purchased the somos curriculum? I've been considering for awhile. I dont think my school will pay for it and also my department doesn't want it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone have any budding love stories with others they've met in this bowl to share yet? Dramatic/ridiculous stories accepted too! 😁


I currently have a mini Cooper roadster S which brings me so much joy. I would like another mini someone for the love of God talk me out of it


Larsen & Toubro Infotech Hey fishes,

Did you get a chance to meet any fishermen here 🤣


Larsen & Toubro Infotech Infosys Capgemini ZS Associates IBM Tata Consultancy Wipro Atos Nagarro Accenture Wells Fargo

I don’t think I can do another busy season. What about you?


How is EY compared to Deloitte Cyber? Feels like Deloitte is turning to an implementation/staff augmentation shop...is it the same with all the other Big 4?


Went in for my second ultrasound today and no heartbeat at 8 weeks after hearing it at 6.5. Dr. is advising a D&C with genetic testing. Thinking about getting a second scan just to be sure in a few days. Anyone go through this and had a good result? I’m trying to be realistic here but devastated to say the least.


How to find time to fly? I have gotten so busy, just picked up two more projects and realized it’s been 50 days. On the schedule for tomorrow, but geez 😒


About $150 away from Uber Diamond. Worth it to take random rides or get Uber Eats (which will be $300)? Are the airport pick ups really faster and do you really get better cars / drivers?


I’m updating my resume/CV and it’s about two pages long, Should I cut the experience I have to make everything fits on one page, does it really matter?


Hi Guys,

Today, I was my first day at OFSS in morning I received a mail which asked me to complete my first day task in portal bit u was unable to Login to the portal due to errorsystem I informed the same to my hiring manager he said he would share some link and username password which was not yet shared, is this normal at first joining was delayed by 3 weeks now this things


Hello Professionals,
Any one recently attended .Net technical@interview with Invesco India, if so please ping me personal..
Have few questions…
Thanks for help…


Urgently looking for a direct refrral for testing position in Fiserv, Inc
Can join within 20 days.Fiserv, Inc Fiserv, Inc Fiserv
Please help

Hi! I am currently in a Production Planner and Scheduler role for a large manufacturing company. I have been doing this for 3yrs and am interested in changing roles to Project Management function. I have been told by colleagues previously holding the PP&S position that PM is essentially what we do. So, i have applied to multiple PM roles at my company and have had 1 interview and 2 more interviews.

What should I emphasize in these upcoming interviews? How can I successfully pivot to PM? TIA❤


Is anybody here a notary? And how much are you making from that? Is it a potential side-hustle?

Additional Posts in Job Opportunities and Referrals

Anyone from LSEG.need some advice Please

Note: Immediate joiners only

1. Big Data Leads [7 - 10 years]
2. Big Data Developer [2 - 7 years]
3. Technical Architects [10 - 15 years]

Locations: #noida #gurgaon #indore #bangalore #hyderabad

Interested folks can ping me with below details:
1. Current location
2. Preferred location
3. Total experience (in months)
4. Primary skills
5. Secondary skills


Need a mock interview for team lead or managerial role. Can anyone help me out?


Hi fishes,

Many companies are now having leet code rounds. I m good at what i do but in leet coding i m not able to clear. Its so frustrating.
Any suggestion?

Byju's Future School Hi Sharks,

What salary to expect for a Senior Program Manager at BYJU'S? What is the minimum %age hike that I should be demanding? And post joining What is the average hike and bonus one gets YoY. I have 5+YoE. Byjus Byju's Future School Byjus


Looking for an opportunity any leads would be helpful.

Profession: Astronaut, Plumber, Doctor, etc.

Hello fishes,

I'm looking for opportunity, i have 2.8 year experience in nodejs, JavaScript, jQuery profile and I'm already serving notice period

So, if anyone have any refrence then please consider me on that

Thanks in advance


Hii friends,
Looking for opportunities for MIS profilee.

Location : gurgaon
YOE : 3 Years
Currect CTC : 370,000
Expected CTC : 550,000

Kindly refer me if available any opening


I recently got laid off because of some strategic decisions by executives which led to operation cease in my whole business unit. I've 3+ years of experience in Automation testing. I've experience in selenium, rest assured, docker, dialogflow, Jenkins, and few more as well. Please help me find a job.


Hi All,
I am looking for a job change as a FullStack Developer.
I have an experience of almost 2 years on the same.
Kindly help or like my post to achieve an 11like milestone for me,so that I will be able to contact people.

Tech stack:-
React Js developer
Aspnet core

Thanks 🙏


Looking for Opportunities in Buying & Merchandising, Category Management in e-commerce industry looking for reference if any.

Location - all india


I am looking for a change from the job, currently working as Academic visualizer in Embibe... Please DM a suitable place that can help me improvise my professional skills..


Please share placement officers details for campus placements in bangalore.Any degree.


Hello Fishes! I'm looking for a job change (In Pune or remote preferred) and I hope someone could help me with a referral.

Role: Scrum Master (PSM I certified)

Total Experience: 5.2 years with 2 years as SM and 3.2 as QA.

CTC: 8.2 LPA

Skill Set: Scrum, Scrumban, Agile, API Testing through Postman, Performance Testing through JMeter, JIRA, Bugzilla, SQL, JSON, REST, Manual Testing

Notice Period: 45 days.

In urgent need for relocation. Any help will be appreciated.



Anybody Please Help!

I am looking for job in demand genration, Account based marketing, email marketing profile. I have 3 years 8 months of experience in Digtal Marketing and 2 years i worked b2b marketing, demand generation and ABM.


EY is hiring for the (.Net, Java, UX/UI, Front End, Cloud) and other roles. See the #Comments for all the requirements. Interested candidates can DM me for a referral.


Hi Fishes,

Which company is a good Coforge or Hatch as in Senior Test Engineer.Both company offers the same 12lpa.I have 4.5 years of experience in software testing

Let me know if anyone is willing to join bosch



My husband having total 8.8 years exp in IT industry. He has 4 years exp in cyber security domain.
Can anyone please refer him. He resigned tcs and currently looking for job change.

Location : chennai
Current ctc: 7.6LPA