I have heard that MasterCard has started firing.. It could be a false news but not sure if it's true. Directors and VPs are at risk what I understand. Does anyone know a slight truth ? Also are they shifting office from Business Bay to building near IBM is that true ? I have been interviewed for Director level hence bit worried.

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Even if this could be a true news about lauoff (which I hope is not true), this news on Moneycontrol just make me feel good about growth.
Thanks very much.


Not only this. MC has recently elevated compensation for almost 38% workforce to get then close to market standards.



I am surprised to see someone from HSBC " Hire & Fire co. ", is afraid about firing 🤭 ( Take it on lighter note )

Didn't hear anything in MasterCard like that.

That's a image which company is trying to change. Am with them from 8 years. Have seen them doing it 7 years back that too with few management people who were non performing and reluctant to upgrade themselves. Rest is happening in actual bank overseas due to restructuring and not in IT.
Any ideas on relocation from business bay ?

Where did you heard this?

That's true, it's in yerwada

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Hi there,

I received an offer email from Capgemini, but when I login in to the portal I don’t see the offers section under options!

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I have 4.8 years of exp in performance engineering and cleared technical interview of Accenture management level 10
My current CTC is 8.5 fixed
What should i ask them as expected CTC in fixed and joining bonus which not very unreasonable.

Is CS reimbursing for laptop or furniture ?
Or everything included in the relocation bonus of 1.75lakh ?


Hi All,

Got an offer from natwest for 9.5 LPA fixed for grade B7 . How will be the hike , and bonus for the grade and what is the average CTC provided for B7. Can some one provide insights on the same

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Interviewed for an industry role last week. Interviews went great. Got an email from the hiring manager, asked to set up 15 min to connect later this week.

Would have expected either an offer or a 'no thanks' would've come from recruiting/hr. Anyone else had a hiring manager reach out first after an interview?


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Out of topic: Is root canal treatment covered under PwC AC Health insurance?

And this is for my father: Is cataract surgery covered under it?
If info might be helpful. TIA

Hi All, I've been released from a project and kept on general pool and currently awaiting for my higher manager to get allocated in
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Does it work, on applying any project opening (different technology but still I'm suitable and an on-site requirement) that I can apply??

#1 Does that become a concern with my current project practice. do they even get notified if I apply to such projects.

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What HPE provides in welcome kit?

I have attended first round interview with CBA and it went fine ,after that no update from recuiter mutiple mails and messages sent ,so un profeesional from CBA ,simply wasting our time.


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nerdlegame 15 5/6


My very first one.


Happy Holidays everyone and wrist shot of the day. A great versatile watch that can be worn in casual and formal attire. I do enjoy the new Batman or as some may call it Batgirl. The jubilee bracelet is very comfortable.

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Hi All,
I recvd offer from HCL hyd with E2 band
30L pkg
what is the band importance here and how are the Projects in SAP Analytics space.
Thanks in advance.


Hello Fishes, I'm a UI/UX designer with ten years of experience and hold a GL offer of 25 lakhs. Is it a good company to join? Kindly do reply with job security perspective. 

I love how this bowl has turned into sad love stories and really dark shit.



I have an idea that requires a bit of land (4+ acres) and in a prime area (to be truly successful). Besides the land, I think I could get this started for $250k. The land could possibly cost millions. What options do I have? It's a sporting idea, so could I go to my city gov for grants or to sporting good companies for sponsorship? I think the idea is great, but the capital need for a physical location business could be very large for something not proven


Hello Friends,

Can anyone help me to give referral @oracle...

50k euro is good deal in Belgium ?
YOE - 12
Skills - Java, spring boot microservices angular SQL, nosql
Dependent 4 ( spouse + kid + father + mother)
Current CTC -34 LPA(31 Fixed)
If switched company in india, I may get between 44 LPA - 50LPA


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What do you guys feel about Online MBA?
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There are some people that don't utilize the discipline of vetted proof, sound logic and interpersonal communication they demand from others, and necessary in this line of work, and it shows.


Additional Posts in MasterCard India Employees


Hi Folks, Require referral in Mastercard Pune
YOE: 2.8 yr

Skillset :- informatica Power Centre, ETL developer, oracle SQL, Unix, data warehouses , Python, OBIEE, Big Data(basic).

I am working in Accenture Pune now as ETL devloper.

Thank you in advance .🙏


What is the salary range for L6 in MasterCard


Does Mastercard extend joining date?


I'll be joining soon . looking for relocation allowance details as I need to move pune. When and how to check the status ?
Should I wait till ko joining as it will be virtual ?


Is MasterCard advisors subsidiary of MasterCard or what? I have been interviewed for a consultant role - L8?

MBA from tier 1 college


What is ADD. TAX component in Mastercard salary slip, it's my first month and this salary includes the signin bonus..


Anybody who have recently joined Mastercard pune ?

What's the induction programme and how is it done ?

Can someone please help with some info on Bizops Engineer 2 post in Mastercard, Is it support profile or is it related to Devops Engineer?

Please help.

1. What is a salary range for Tech lead at L6 level in Mastercard for approximately 11.5 years of experience?
2. How much is variable?
3. Do they provide joining bonus?


Hey fishes,

Need referral for data scientist 2 role at mastered

It would be great if anyone can comment on ctc part.

Thanks in advance😊



What is the implementation engineer role Level 8 at MasterCard. What hike should I expect ?

YOE :- 4 years


I am offered with 18 LPA + 7% variable in mastercard pune for bizops engineer II.

Current Experience - 7 years

Is it good or less? Can someone please help

Also how much I will be getting in hand per month


Hi Folks,
Does mastercard allows WFH, or it is operating on hybrid mode. i will be joining Mastercard in Jan 2023