Is anyone interested in taking over the lease for a top floor 3 bed 2 bath, 1500 SQ ft apartment in a newly built complex in Plaza Midwood? The lease runs through Sept 2023. It's one of the nicest complexes in the city, has close proximity to Uptown, and has excellent amenities (e.g. CrossFit style gym, two pools, dog park, on site complimentary cafe, etc.). My unit has an ideal layout for work from home and a huge patio.

Edit: $3,196/mo including valet trash pickup ($35) and pest control ($4)

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Do you have an email? A friend is planning to move to Charlotte and is searching for a place to rent. So if you can tell me where we can reach you, that wouod be great.


Created an email acct for this -



Jesus Christ that’s a lot of $$ - I’d rather get a mortgage lol

I will pass this along to anyone i know of who is looking. Hopefully you are able to find someone.

Thank you!

I think one of my friends needs a place nxt year. I'll be sure to share this to him. Thanks for this!

Thank you! Feel free to DM if needed

This is a bargain! Sharing this to my friend group. We can share. thanks!

Thank you! Feel free to DM if needed

I’d post this on next door. Be sure to check your lease arrangement, as whoever subleases will likely need to do an application. If you get desperate, offer a slight kicker to seal the deal (e.g. you pay them $1.5k up front to take the lease).

Good call!

This is a perfect timing. Please send a contact information. I can see that everyone's intrested.

People do roommate setups here, so that should work in theory.

Just circling back on this ... how are we looking? Lol

$3200/m is just a bit too steep for me personally. I’m paying $1900 for a 2b/2ba in Dilworth so I just don’t see $1300 in incremental value for myself

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Found a good one this time.

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I know it’s 2022, but I’m positive my company is not the only one in the Tech space w/o a hybrid or remote option.

What things would make you reconsider your remote job search & keep you in pursuit of a job that was fully on-site?


Hi I’m wondering what other customer service specialists in healthcare make per hour? I’m severely underpaid and I work from home.


Hi Guys,

I have 2 offers, but not sure which one to choose, please help me out.

Offer 1 - Livspace
24L Base + 4L Joining Bonus + 14.4 L ESOPS

Offer 2 - Amazon
25L Base + 5L Joining Bonus + 6 RSU’s (10.7L Approx)

Livspace is Remote whereas Amazon expects me to relocate to Hyd.

Any advice would be highly appreciated.


Hi all

Require 3 consultants URGENTLY

please send profile to

1) Client - Kuiqly
2) Whose payroll wil the consultant be on - resources are required on contract -
3) Experience - 3+ years
4) Need immediate joinees
5) remote work
6) any part of India.

Regular shifts with support for EST time zone

Senior Full-Stack developer with
Java and Angular experience -1
angular developer - 1
need 2 candidate for angular and 1 sr. full stack developer

Anyone else in “I’ll do my job description and nothing more” mode? I’ve gone above and beyond for my company for a while, and all I got was my quarterly bonuses and remote work taken away without explanation. Owner says he wants more “team building” from his florida mansion (we’re in the northeast). Half the company remote, half the company in the office with 0 explanation why. You want us cracking new accounts? Banging out 100 calls a day? PAY US ACCORDINGLY. Don’t piss on us and call it rain


Best dating app for india.?. Sick of being single in wfh


What is Littler’s WFH policy? Do you ever foresee them going back in the office full time?


All are saying EY Pune Kalyani Office is very small and like only 140 capacity. Mostly everyone is getting Kalyani Nagar in Offer, there are already 170+ people in this group hopefully they will give wfh or open New office


Can anyone suggest what should I do ? I am joining Citi next week and the team I’m assigned I heard has very hectic schedule and strict 3 days wfo and today I got a selection email from another company who are offering permanent WFH , due to certain internal approvals , the offer could be shared only next Wednesday, As I’m more inclined towards the latter. Is it possible to get early termination once my new offer comes through or I have to serve 3 months NP?

“We are fully remote”

Me : Awesome so no travel required at all?

“Well you need to come to the office 3 times a week and the other two you will be popping into potential customers on site”

Me: So not remote at all…?

“No we’re remote, you get two days traveling not in the office”

Boomers and Gen X HR teams are FUNNY.


Curious to hear from other HR people - would you support your company moving to a fully-remote situation? Or do you think it's critical people come to the office?


The new RTO mail doesn't change anything does it? Teams not required to come to office can continue WFH?


What is the dollar amount you're willing to take more to go back to 5 days a week, 8 to 5 in office?
1. From fully remote job / position / condition
2. From 2 days in 3 days remote condition / position / job


Anybody in with Discover? Looking at their AML / fraud risk roles (both remote and in South Dakota).


Only good thing about WFH in 2020, 3rd day in a row wearing the same shorts/shirt combo. Life is glorious?


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Is it a bad idea to mention to a recruiter I have an offer or a pending offer at another company? Will they shun me if I do this? I was thinking of using it as a tool to get more information about where I stand in their process


Hi Sharks, what should be the ask for 11 YOE joining IBM at band 8 or 9.


Form-16 is available now.


We did a medicated frozen transfer last year that resulted in a positive beta and subsequent chemical miscarriage. Now we’re about to start our second transfer, but doing it “natural” this time. Anyone have experience doing both? If the natural transfers work just as well...why do drs not push for that first?!


I’m traveling to Europe in a few months. With the euro and dollar at equal value for the first time in 20 years - does it make sense to buy euros now and hold them?


Can someone share Matrimony Confession bowl link.. My friend told me thats interesting bowl... But i don't want to ask her she will easily recognize me by connecting dots....

What percentage are your yearly bonuses on average?


Need 11 likes to unlock DMs


How is the cost of living near Oracle IDC campus banergahtta road Bangalore ? Any suggestions for good affordable PGs for a batchelor ?


Hi I need likes to DM for connections. Please like. Thanks in advance!


Looking to transition from B4 Financial Services (NY) to Big Law and am hoping to connect with someone who has done that before (or is looking to do the same) to discuss their experience. Please leave a comment or DM me if you’d like to chat!


Can I work from outside India for a while or is it not allowed. I guess the issue would come only while filling gt&e right? or I won't be able to access emails as well? I asked counsellor if I can work from outside India for a while, she said no but my colleague told me it can be done but need to get approvals.


McLean or Dallas? (no family ties or other bias to either)

Are there any companies that can handle non-European relocations in spain or france?


Is it wise to spend time in Alteryx Advanced or invest the same time for a new language (for me) like Python?


Anyone joint the Capital One Technology Audit Team? How much do they typically offer? Is there a signing bonus? Capital One


Big layoffs at Booz Allen Dubai and Abu Dhabi Cyber teams.


In a science middle school classroom, aside from materials manager, secretary, botanist & cleanup... can you think of any other jobs for students?


Additional Posts in Charlotte, NC

Looking to see if there is interest in starting a small social group for coffee chats, activities (outdoor, indoor). Strictly social!


audit manager salary in charlotte, nc?


Sorry if this has been asked a few times but - relocating to Charlotte and looking for apartments, preferably in southend. Any solid recommendations or places to avoid?

Looking for a 1 BR - 2.4K a month or less.


With the inflation, has your pay gone up in the last couple years? Is there a new normal for base pay in Charlotte?


Can anyone explain why the Aston southend is so expensive ? 2.9k for a 1 bedroom?


Looking for interesting/unique apartments in Charlotte to move to in a couple of months. Think floor-to-ceiling windows, loft, exposed brick, high ceilings or anything just a little different.

Would prefer uptown, southend, plaza midwood or NoDa area and budget is up to $2.5k. Any suggestions?

(Places if already explored include The Reed, The Ellis, Lofts at Hawthorne Mill, Highland Mill Lofts, Wandry)


Does anyone here work for any public accounting firms in the Charlotte area with a decent work life balance? I am looking to go somewhere where I can focus on a few clients for longer periods of time rather than constantly bouncing around. I find it much less stressful to put in longer hours if it's a client that I have been scheduled on long term.


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Use this thread to share fun events, shows, concerts, activities, and anything else that's happening around the city this weekend!


Its a long shot but I am looking to move to Charlotte next year and wanted to know if there are any open remote jobs in learning and development. i have 8 years experience with specialty in lms and compliance