Looking for a remote/hybrid/onsite (Calgary,Alberta) job for my boyfriend who got almost 5 years of experience in proposal writing, RFP, RFI and bid management for a civil engineering firm. He also got an MBA, non drinker, non smoker, clean driving abstract and very polite. He gave out tons of cv in indeed job posters for the past 5 months, ends up becoming the filler candidate, took a huge toll in his mental health and we are going through some very rough patches. Can anyone please kindly help?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

He also got bachelor’s in Civil Engineering


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Hello All,

I completed the PG Program in Management from Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad now. Can I get referral jobs.
Thank you.


Hello Everyone,

Need a quick suggestion on this offer
Offer - EXL Health (SCIO health)
Role - Sr Programmer Analyst
Profile- Healthcare insurance Fraud
How is EX Health, WLB, Job security,
Interviewer mentioned that there
would be revenue target for
associates, is it true?


Good morning I’m currently looking for a PE and coaching job openings in the Dallas area . Do anyone know some openings?


Hello, I am looking for a job change. Preferred position Clinical data Manager/ lead data manager. Any leads would be helpful


Do you think Black folks in healthcare would serve in more leadership roles if we were more proactive about going after promotions? Most of the Black admins I know at my job go above and beyond, are loved by everyone and seem like they'd be perfect for promotion but that's not what I'm seeing happen. Are they being overlooked, or just less likely to pursue it?


Hi All,

Please provide referrals or leads for the legal hiring in BIG 4.
I hold 3 years of experience in Legal Contract Management and have done my LLM too. Pls DM or connect. Your input would be highly appreciated.



To medical language interpreters who are full time employees at healthcare entities - what are your pay wages or salaries ?


Best way to transition from healthcare consulting to product?

Hi folks,
Need one info, do Accenture pays for azure certification? How do we claim it?
Also can we link the Accenture account with personal account to get discounts?

New to org and didn't get any info from folks in the team.


The majority of my career has been in healthcare tech with some retail experience. Looking to break into event management/coordinating (I believe this is the correct job title) space in either the entertainment, fashion & retail or cosmetic industry. Any insights or advice is appreciated!


How long does Legato Health Technologies take to release the offer letter after the HR discussion?

I currently work in Atlanta for a healthcare management company that is local to the area. I just got into the healthcare industry and have my bachelors degree in health science. I work in a position in the revenue cycle and I am looking to possibly get a new job in a more established company. I want more stability and opportunity within a company. Does anyone know of any places in/around Atlanta or remote that may fit this criteria? Sorry for the vagueness. Thanks!


Best HR certification for junior level employee (Coordinator, ~3 years experience)? PHR or SHRM-CP and why?


How is the data practice team at coforge. They told client is an insurance company.
Can anyone share more . about it.

I had a final round interview last week with a PE firm and they told me they will let me know of their decision by this week but haven’t heard back yet. Would it be okay for me to send a follow up email asking about the status? I normally wouldn’t rush it but I also got into an M7 MBA program and need to make my deposit soon. Should I mention that to them in the email?


Is there any opening in financial domain as a CA?

Worked in Financial Services and Wealth Management for 12 years. CFP working in the banking channel and completing my MBA within a few months with a focus in Mergers & Acquisitions. Really can’t take the stress and compliance involved with being an Advisor anymore I’m losing hair everyday. Any suggestions where to go?


Doulas and midwives are not covered by my insurance plan. Is that usually the case? Can anyone share how much on average they spent on doula and/or midwife care?


Does Delta Air Lines provide WFH option?


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6th year Plaintiffs’ med-mal/PI associate here, talked to a recruiter who thinks I’d be a good candidate for an opening at a defense-side firm that’s looking for an associate. The salary range was double what I’m making! Are there any pitfalls of going from plaintiff to defense I should be mindful of?


A 3 year old startup has incurred expenses worth $2.5M till date and a revenue of $1M. They are currently at a negative $1.4M EBITDA and have come up with a valuation of $3M. Is this seem reasonable? How can I get a better understanding of their valuation?

I’m trying to transition to a tech company. Any advice on how to do that?


Hi Fishes,

Can some from McKinsey & Company refer me for the junior associate profile.

What is the salary range for digital consultant at Mckinsey in UAE?


Would you rather work under a PA, MD, or NP?


I got an offer from JMPC, for 16 days early than the the last working day of my current company. Will JPMC change DOJ? My current company is ready to buy np but will JPMC support that?

Let's make Marcel a meme.


Naive question: How many yearly billable hours are reasonable for a good balance of work and home. I have a young child and don't want to miss out on important moments. I had one firm state that their yearly quota is 1900 hours and I don't have a frame of reference as to whether this is reasonable or if it means 12 hour days. I am coming from public service so billables are 100% new to me. Any insight is appreciated.


Hi, I have been recently put into API automation and I dont understand a single line of code in it, even the framework is kind of their own , not common like rest assured or anything, I dont want to do it since I think will probably not able to automate anything in it. I primarily work in UI automation , what should I do.


Hi Guys,

Can anyone help me with the referral for Front end developer role at
Cisco .

There is a Job opening available in the carrer portal.

Anyone in Southwest Florida know of Healthcare worker relief funds that are legitimate? Fort Myers and the surrounding areas were devastated and many critical workers have lost everything. Hospitals are evacuating and staff are moving away from whatever is left of their homes…please advise


How is the onsite opportunities in the coforge..?

HR called me and said this position is for onsite once the border gates are open...? Can i believe HR words..?
I am interested in Onsite opportunities.


In a science middle school classroom, aside from materials manager, secretary, botanist & cleanup... can you think of any other jobs for students?


What would be a good salary range for a CD in Tokyo?

I need your guys' advice/ perspective.

My family immigrated here in the mid-2000s of PK. Dad worked a blue-collar job and we were finally able to get a house in the late 2000s.

We are a total of 5 siblings, myself being the eldest.
It was my mom dream to be in a bigger McManssion house, I worked my ass off finally got to a point where I was able to buy that house and moved my family in and turned our old house into a rental property for my parents.

2nd eldest siblings was helping me...cont


Hi Fishes,
Can anyone please please tell what's the interview process in Walmart Global Tech Bangalore is like for a Data Scientist position.

The upcoming round will be ML Engineering Aspect round, can someone tell what kind of questions are asked and how one should prepare for it?


Can someone give me the helpful reaction? 😅

I have all the other reactions, but this is conspicuously missing 😁


Question about job performance

I have been in this position for about 8 months now. There are a few duties that I am still lacking skills in and have been told numerous times to familiarize myself with and I feel that my coworkers are constantly annoyed with how slowly I am picking up on this. While I am getting better than when I started, I was curious about if or whether or not this will cause my termination.

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Hi Everyone, I am trying to apply for a Technical Support role at Dropbox I’m entering all the required fields but there seems to be an issue, when I hit submit after filling the form, it doesn’t submit and throws error ‘Looks like you left this blank! Please fill out this required field’ when all the fields are entered already (I have checked so many times, and filled the form from scratch several times too). Anyone from Dropbox who can put me in touch with HR or suggest what I should do next?

Hey all! I am currently a student in my final year of complete a Computer Science undergrad degree and am currently looking applying to remote college graduate positions in software engineering/development. Does anyone have any advice for landing a position (or a position they could help me land <3)?

Post Photo

Anyone have some insight to an AWS' engineering team's hiring process?


Please share a time that you ventured deep outside your comfort zone in the context of a technical project. What was the most valuable thing you learned from the experience?


Anyone that works in Gilead Science in the biostatistic area. How is the work culture? Do feel that you can move up (opportunities for promotion)? Do you feel that your pay is reasonable if you live in a HCOL?

Hi everyone, I am a life science recruiter and often have opportunities for Research Associates, CRA's, Quality Assurance and Manufacturing available across the US, if any one is ever interested in a career opportunity feel free to reach out.

Please feel free let me know if you or someone may be interested, we also offer up to a $500 referral bonus! 


Any young professionals consider moving to Middle East for work?
Curious if I would be considered since they usually want a lot of experience. I'm a mechanical eng with about 5 YOE.


Hi all! Would anyone be willing to give me a PayPal referral? The position is Global Account Specialist. Happy to chat, feel free to PM me!


MBB folks, I’m a Product Manager (non-tech company) and interested in working at MBB.

Which level/role does MBB can offer me ?


I have an offer to do some consulting for a company based out of the UK (I am in the US). The job would not go through a consulting company but would be directly with the company. I have not done any consulting before so I am not sure how it works, what I would need to set up (they mentioned that I would start a LLC and bill them directly, no idea how to do that), how to determine the tax implications of this, or what hourly rate I would expect. Can anyone offer advice?

Hey everyone,
I have a phone interview with MODIS tomorrow for the role of Packaging Engineer, Remote. Can someone guide me to successfully get through it? Thank you. Appreciate the help.

What you should do when dealing with a very toxic worker that keep on sending passive aggressive messages to you as well as in group chat and email.
Things like when you answer his question he respond: I know that
Or when he keeps on saying my change requests were just minor in group meeting but actually not.
And keep on saying how hard he works when he clearly wasn’t and already underperformed compared to an intern level.

How to not let this toxic co-worker not poison me any further?


About me: Clinical engineering degree 4 years of bioprocess engineering working with stem cells on bleeding edge research and development. Launching products, patents, collaborations etc. $75k/ year. Health and dental. No profit sharing. No equity.

Is anyone on here in life sciences / biotechnology industry with insight on which direction to pursue within this space for a large salary. Can anyone give insight on the potentials of a career in this space financially?

Thank you for your help


Hello! I am a Technical Sourcer/Recruiter at a reputable FinTech company. I would like to transition into Project Coordination/Management within the tech space. Any tips for the transition? Recruiters: I am open to entry level & contract roles to gain experience! Thanks in advance for the assist!

Any physician scientists looking for a job in stealth co?


Hi guys ,

In paris if you get a salary of 83 k + 1 BHK allowance and other benefits .is a good package to live and work comfortably. Please kindly suggest me.

Thanks alot


I'm applying for a job that wants at least two business or professional references. Thing is my current job is my first job out of college and I don't want them contacting my current employer. Who am I suppose to list as a reference? Leave it blank although they personally asked for references? List college professors? Ask a coworker to be a reference and not spread work I'm leaving?


What are some red flags you've noticed in the hiring process? I've finally landed an interview after weeks of applying. I think it went well on my end, but something about the managers I spoke with just feels...off.


Currently sitting on an offer for a intro/mid-level design engineer in the Raleigh-Durham Area and wanted to get an idea of the average paybands, online sites have such a large range (50k-400k) that it is hard to narrow in on a price to start negotiating

I recently interviewed for L7 EM at Google and had 4 great interviews and one not so great system design. I submitted external referrals all of which gave great feedback. The recruiter said the next step is team match/interviews and then the HC. Anyone in a similar situation? What was the result? Google

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