What could be the salary range for a Senior Product Specialist in GPI?

Also, how is the culture and work life balance?

(I know recent trends show that work life balance should not be considered, but I am one of those people who cares about it!)

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Hi Fishies, what’s the salary range for senior software engineer at Humana for 11+ years of experience. Got offer for 137k, I feel like it’s low for 11+ years experience


I am getting an offer from JPMorgan. Salary would be 15-18k plz gross monthly. I am a family of 3. Will that be sufficient salary. Please advise

Hi Fishes,
Please help me to choose between PWC SDC Bangalore & Deloitte USI for a Guidewire BA role. Share your experience about learning, opportunities, WLB etc.
Thank you!


How do you deal with being an introvert at an MBB?

I see such a strong bond among my colleagues but I feel left out.

At the end of the day, I just want to go home to my family. Does that mean post work dinner/drinks are a compulsion to be made to feel included?


Can we ask salary package revision by showing counter offer prior to 1 day joining ?
Will they approve and revise salary ?


National salary average for a Customer Success Consultant and the role difference between that and a Customer Success Manager?

I graduated in Computer Science ten years ago, and during the pandemic, I got an MBA (IT management) and a Master's in Cybersecurity. My goal is to start an IT consulting firm, but in the meantime, what kind of role and salary should I aim for? I am currently a Software Engineer with about ten years of experience.


Hey there..
Please guide on salary bracket based on C-bands..

Considering a move from PwC to Accenture Strategy. Anyone who has made the move (or considered doing so) able to share their perspectives (e.g., Partner/MD culture & collaboration, strength of staff, pros/cons of exec. leadership, direction of firm, compensation (is the equity play worth it) etc.)


Friends - comp talk thread. Level, base increase %, promotion % (if applicable), bonus %, go!


Hey, Chi. First time caller.

So I'm considering a switch from law to consulting, and noticed EY has started posting salary ranges for positions. All the mid- to senior-level jobs I'm looking at are in the $95k to $150k range. Is that right? True for all the big 4? Seems super low. I guess I never thought about it before but how exactly do you folks get paid?


I started a new role at a new company a month ago. As it’s a newly created role, everyone is still trying to find work for me. Other members on my team are busy and haven’t had time to help onboard me or give me work. My manager announced last week that he’s leaving the company as well.

I’m considering leaving. Another company has caught my attention, and I’m very interested in their products and culture. How bad would it look to leave a new job after 1-2 months though?


Whats the word on Klick NYC? Culture, creative leadership, etc... I’m curious, someone reached out to me from there. Thanks!


Can anyone please help me to understand BNYM salary structure, is they are not considering PF ? What are the grade are there for 10 years of experience

What is the WLB and culture of UnitedHealth Group like? Considering a mostly remote director role there…


Anyone here moving from Big4 to Genpact SVP? They seem to offer a lot to move but wonder how the transition has been on née growing consulting / digital services? Also worry about brand downgrade but then compensation upside is 2-3x. Appreciate candid feedback.


I just started working as a data analyst on workday hcm and accepted a salary at 80k. I’m at more of a mid-level now. Does that salary sound fair or should I have looked for higher? Any insight is appreciated!


Hey habibis expats! The market in Dubai is obscure when it comes to compensation and benefits. I suggest we add clarity by posting salaries, role/position and years of experience here and anything else you want to add such as benefits. I’ll start:

- Industry: tech
- Role: finance manager
- YOE: 5 years
- Comp: 270k aed/year + 5% bonus
- Other benefits: work from Europe/US 1 month/year, 30 vacation days


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At which level of seniority is it acceptable to dress like this?

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Thoughts on loading up on the financial sector for when interest rates increase in 2022?


Going on my bachelorette trip in about 1.5 months. Taking thurs and friday off, but also considering Monday so i can recover. I am a first year, if relevant.

1. Should I take that Monday off?
2. Who do I tell that I will be unavailable during this time, and how/what do I tell them?
3. Email each person individually, or do a BCC?

Not sure how to go about this, and I know i won’t be sober enough to respond to emails or work… TIA!


How much can I expect from GlobalLogic with 2.10 years of experience? Already holding an offer for 16 Lpa from some other company. Please help!



What CTC I should expect from TCS ?

Experience - 7.2 years
Current offer in hand - 20 LPA Fixed



Please help me know which company to join :

EXL Services — Analytics

Have same offer
Tech- Data Warehouse, ETL
YOE- 3

Thank you

Is PDM ever going to be less crappy?


Century city > Downtown


Hello fishes,
Any news about return to office at Bhubaneswar DC ? I'm a new joinee in the DNA Unit.


Anyone have any insight to the leveraged finance group at JP Morgan?? Would love to chat for a quick bit.


What’s the difference between an accounting analyst and a regular accountant? *not setting up for a joke...


Does anyone have access to Samsung Workplace Discount Program?


Does anyone see a Naturopathic doctor and if so, what are your thoughts?

Ctc - 222381
Operation Executive
fresher 2022
Can anyone tell me the in hand salary?
location infosys bhubaneshwar


Provided by a work friend left behind at my former employer:

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Planing to put the papers soon. When should I put them so I get the year end Accenture" class="linkified" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" >variable.Accenture Accenture India



What are you considering when assigning cases to firms in the defense panel. I’m a 2nd year associate at a national ID firm (~300 attorneys) and want to create rapport with claim managers I’m currently working with. Any advice?

Alternatively, is there something that will cause you not to assign cases to particular firm?

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Hey all,

I’m trying to switch over to an FP&A role from a wealth management analyst role. Has anyone had experience doing so, and does anyone have any referrals? Thank you!

Has anybody been able to stay in consulting and get off adderall? Taken for about 6 years and finally off it since I haven’t been on a project in awhile but motivation still down 2 months in.. currently taking caffeine pills w/ l theanine and l tyrosine supps occasionally and b vitamins


What is the hardest, most intense consulting engagement you have been on/led?


Additional Posts in Gartner

Hello Fishes,
Hope everyone is doing well!

I'm currently looking for a job change, having a total experience of 10 years in Motion Graphics, 2D Animation, Video Editing & Graphic Design. I'm working as an Assistant Design Managar at my current organization.

Can anyone help me guide about the roles at Gartner which suits my profile. Also it will be a great help if you can refer me too.

Hi fishes, need to know how is garner in terms of paying out annual bonus amount is it 100% payout or +- also please help me the hierarchy levels of gartner


For sector research positions, does Gartner only employ MBAs?


Anyone working at Gartner Gurgaon, willing to provide insights about the roles and WLB.
I have the following profile:
B.Tech (NonIT CS) + MBA
Current role: Fintech Product Analyst
Skills: Financial data analysis, analytics, Excel dashboards, Excel, SQL server, MySQL, Tableau, Jira Secondary research using Eikon, EMIS, Company filings-SEC Filings, Private Circle, etc.


What to choose between Gartner and Deloitte USI?
Package is almost same.


Hi , I would need your support for being able to DM other folks regarding any opportunity.

Looking for your kind support in anticipation.


Hi guys, How is the hiring-firing culture at Gartner India ?
i have heard a lot about their work culture. I am just curious about firing culture


I am looking for referral in Gartner. I have identified the opening, can anyone refer me here ?


What is the salary of an associate product manager in Bangalore with YOE = 6.


Can someone refer me for a role in Gartner ? I have product management experience. And this role is in product management space. I have the Job ID.


Whats the variable pay range in Gartner?
And whats salary range for Analytics Manager (india)?
8 yoe


In what range does Gartner pays for a 2YOE dev, my tech stack is Java+ Microservices+ Cloud.

Also I have an offer of 15 LPA+ JB, can I ask Gartner HR for 16.5 LPA+ JB?


Hi Network
Can anyone refer me for a data science role ?

What is the CTC of Marketing Specialist In Gartner with 2 Years Of Experience and what is the percentage of Annual Hike given ?


How much one can expect for team lead role in gartner

What is the Interview Process for Technical Support Specialist (Salesforce Admin) in Gartner

How much should I expect with 3+ years experience in Salesforce from Gartner ?

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