Anyone can share benefits(bonus/vacation/corporate phone/pension/insurance) at KPMG?

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What is a reasonable offer for L5 non-tech program manager (Base and TC) role in global operations team at Amazon? YOE 7+ years and based out of Texas. This is my first time interviewing at a tech company so trying understand the salary range.Amazon Amazon Log


Opinions about working for Biolumina NY?


Can somebody share the hierarchy structure and promotion timeline at UBS? Thanks!


Anyone works for Nike? Have an interview for a department coach position any pointers or in-site to the questions I should expect or what they may be looking for in response. Thanks in advance


How much can you earn if you are really good at managing the supply chain? I'd like to know how much you make starting out as well as your salary after a few years, please


What is a competitive starting salary in the US?


To get to partner, which one helps more - focus on a Industry (Healthcare/Telecom/Insurance etc.) or focus on a hot tech (AL/ML/DS etc.). Which one enables you for selling more?


Ok need some advice-I’ve been at my firm for 8 months supporting the same attorney since day 1. About 3 weeks ago a new associate started and I’m her main support also. I want to get her something for Christmas but I know very little about her lol. She’s in her late 20’s, very stylish, single. I also don’t know what a good amount to spend is. For reference we are in a suburb of Syracuse, NY, we represent school districts and my salary is $42,000/yr. Any tips would be awesome!!


How much cisco can pay ?

Skills - Java, micro services & cloud
Yoe - 6

Interview was very good. How much should I ask ?
Have checked glassdoor, it is showing (25-31)lpa.
CCTC - 24lpa


Hi All,When the onboarding process will be started in Thoughtworks ? Still I haven't received the bgv and laptop mail .My Doj is almost after two weeks. Thanks in advance.


Looking for Fortune 500 comp ranges for Director of Corporate Dev roles. Recently got an offer for 230K TC (165K Base, 65 Bonus) in CPG industry in Tier 2 City. Background is in Consulting with a MBA and 7 years of total work experience.

Feel like this may be a bit low from what I’ve seen but curious if others have some compensation data that they can share?


What are the benefits of working in a Salesforce company?


I’m being offered a role as systems engineer (feels more like a sales engineer) in the energy industry.
Frequent travels required through Europe 6 months out of the year. Responsible for tech consultation with customers on pre-sales, system integration post-sale + training customers on product /fixing problems on their site.

The interviewer said to me to add 30% on my current salary and ask for that. Now I’m asking for £97k. Reasonable?

How do I argument £97k when they try to negotiate?


I’m really wanting to just quit my summer internship. I got placed in a location in the north east which I didn’t want to be in the first place. The people are rude here and I’m losing money because my salary is so low. I’ve already accepted a full time job offer with a different company so it’s like I don’t even need this internship at all. I know it’s heavily discouraged to leave in the middle of the summer, but are there any options that I could potentially take?


Out of topic: Is root canal treatment covered under PwC AC Health insurance?

And this is for my father: Is cataract surgery covered under it?
If info might be helpful. TIA

Hello all!

Has anyone worked or have heard of DSV Logistics?


CreditSafe Technology Hyderabad?? 24 LPA
Globant India Bangalore?? 26 LPA


How challenging are client interviews at Wipro ??
What are the chances of cracking it.. joined after multiple technical rounds and now I'm stressed out due to client interview..


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How old is too old to be having flings? I’m in my early 30s, F, got out of a long relationship a year ago but not ready to get into one yet. I know my clock is ticking and at the end of the day I want a husband and family, but I feel like I’m not ready. Or maybe I’m compensating/ outburst of the fact all my friends are in a loving relationship and I’m not.
I recently met s guy who’s 5 years younger than me and he’s just so much fun. But I don’t see it going anywhere. Should I end it ?


What is the difference in responsibilities between BCG Associates vs Consultants?


Dumb question but what’s the difference between EFF and DFF flex fields in Cloud?


Thank you for the add .

Anybody else have a laser jammer?
I have an ALP. It’s so much fun.

Got rejected by Google after going all the way from east coast to west coast for onsite interview. Upset and started to double myself. What’s the acceptance rate at google?


Recommendations for science content creators? Looking for stuff like Vsauce or Veritasium


Veterans: have you noticed the industry trend of shrinking budgets, or is there still plenty of $$ spent on broadcast? What’s a typical production budget for a typical :60 spot? Totally ignorant here.

I find it really difficult putting music specs together. Does anyone have advice on how to describe the track/music you’re looking for? What makes a great music spec?


Hi All....I am looking for job in finance domain & have 5 yrs experience. Please help me with referral in your respective company. I am also open to refer in TCS.
Genpact Amazon Accenture Deloitte RealPage, Inc. Infosys Wipro Invesco Cotiviti Inc Cognizant S&P Global Hitachi Vantara ICE GitLab Capgemini Goldman Sachs HCL Technologies HSBC India IBM L&T Technology Services


Which role would you take? Account Executive with a Series A French company with a bright future according to my research, 160KOTE 50/50 split. Second offer comes from Salesforce, 120 OTE 50/50 split + other benefits.

Anyone crushing over their boss??


Does anyone recognize the photo I used for this bowl?

Bowl leader, could you please pin the legendary attempt at selling a partially consumed bottle of Toki for above retail? 4 weeks please, to be renewed in perpetuity.


Anyone working at a PE firm as a data scientist? Got a recruiter who reached out to me and looking to talk to others to get a lay of the land.


Planning to take the GRE in 3 months. Tips for prepping? Was looking at the Manhattan Prep online course and other courses, tools, materials recommended?


Joining an MBB soon and will need to sell all my individual stocks and buy ETFs to avoid complications of insider trading. What would be the best order of operations to optimize for gains? Selling everything at once and buying back ETFs right after? Gradual roll out? The market is volatile right now so I’m wary of potential linkage. TIA!


Does anyone use grow lights? My house is pretty dark and I feel like it would be helpful and open up more plant options. Any recommendations or things to avoid?

Anyone working in Zopstock?

Additional Posts in Canadian Accounting

What bank does PwC toronto have preferred pricing with for employees?

Anyone here from KPMG Toronto IARCS? I would love to know more about what is done in that dept, what your day to day work looks like, work load, working hrs and salary

Why does nobody ever post in here…? There’s no info on anything about working in Canada. Everyone is posting about compensation and stuff in the US bowls. Are people in Canada similarly expecting 30-40% raises in assurance?

Any tips for landing a job?
Would appreciate if someone can tell me how they are finding the job market.. it's been a couple of months for me and the market is pretty shit.

Would love any advice really

Can we get a comp discussion going here 💰💰

Hi all I’m a manager 2 making 100k In assurance was curious what other managers at firms make? Senior managers also if any

Kicking off this Bowl - Anyone who left Toronto and surrounding areas, go back? How’s it going?


Have you had comp discussions as yet? What was your promo raise from S1 to S2, what practice and city?

How much does PwC Canada pay towards employee phones/phone plans?

Any advice for a new accounting graduate? All companies are asking for a years of experience but how can I get experience if you don’t hire me in the first place. I have a general accounting experience for about 3 years.

Does anyone work remotely outside Canada? Do you guys have any issues?

What raise % can I expect S1-S2? And what bonus %? In Assurance at PwC.


What are peoples opinions of EY FAAS group? How’s the work? How’s the pay? How the WLB? Interviewing for a Senior position.

Does anyone know if new hires at PwC CA are getting a WFH stipend to buy a second screen?

How much does a consultant gets paid in Vancouver BC, withing big 4 with a 1.5 years of experience with a masters degree from US?

What would be possible starting salary in KPMG Toronto Hamilton office if you are joining as a 2nd year staff accountant or 1st year senior, working towards CPA. Also, is CPA required at senior level or manager level?

Just found this bowl. Why is it so inactive! Let’s turn up the volume a bit with a question:
How are each of the Toronto offices’ progress in getting back to the office? Are you on board?


PwC Toronto assurance: being offered a job as a transfer from the US. I’ll be transferring as a senior associate 1 (aka this is my promo year). I’ll be either tier 1 or 2 since I’m an easy promote here in New York. I was offered 61k CAD assuming I’m tier 3. They said they might adjust it if my rating comes in higher. What should I expect if I were either tier 1 or 2? Trying to minimize the salary reduction…


I’m moving from the U.S. to Canada in a couple months. Where are the best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area, especially as it relates to good schools for a child and a fairly decent community?

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