PwC Toronto assurance: being offered a job as a transfer from the US. I’ll be transferring as a senior associate 1 (aka this is my promo year). I’ll be either tier 1 or 2 since I’m an easy promote here in New York. I was offered 61k CAD assuming I’m tier 3. They said they might adjust it if my rating comes in higher. What should I expect if I were either tier 1 or 2? Trying to minimize the salary reduction…

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Will you be in audit? What servcie line or industry? I think 61k in NYC as a S1 is very low, transfer or no transfer . However, the rate may be just marking up your CAD pay to make it equivalent to USD. To give you some reference. I started as first year associate in NYC at 61k; 2nd year associate approx 66k and I left 6 mths after promotion to 1st year senior making over 72k. I come to Toronto and I'm making 50k in big 4 as experienced hire.

50k USD, right?

Assurance. I started at 61k in NY. 65k as A2. Being promoted early to S1 and will find out my salary, though I will be leaving for Toronto about 3 months after promotion. I was offered to start as S1 in Toronto at 61k CAD. I realize this is a huge drop off but I don’t really have a choice. Thanks foe your insight

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What's the salary FIS can offer..I am currently at 55..This is for a PM role at FIS


I have 3+ YOE, CCTC 3.5Lpa
Ed- B.Com Hons
I am interested in being a Data Engineer or Scientist.
DE aligns most with my learning patterns and I dont think I will require a further degree for that.

However, for DS jobs I feel recruiters ask for relevant DS/ML experience and/or a degree in stats/maths to reflect that the person is aware in theory/practical at least.

I feel getting a DS job will be slow and time taking for me.
Please suggest/advice. Want to discuss this.


If the current organization matches your offer in hand plus some benefits.
Is it okay to stay here itself?

Offer 16.5 LPA

The project is more or less same in both organisation.
What do you guys suggest?


Anyone ever experience a situation where you have been told you are bing promoted and it’s been officially announced but your pay isn’t adjusted for 3-6 months?


What is the minimum and maximum salary of manager as per current market trend in Cognizant IPA technology. I'm having HR round tomorrow for salary discussion. I work in RPA technology.


What is the approval cycle for EY LLP?
When do we get the revised compensation letter, when is bonus credited and from which month is revised compensation applicable?


How do you value flexibility to work from home / being local vs a regular 80% travel schedule? Only have to travel 0-10% in my current gig. But know that I can get a 20-30% bump by jumping


Hello Fishes,
Need your suggestion in selecting from below companies that should be joined.
1.Globant 2.Capgemini 3.Zensar

Please keep in mind about Job security, Work life balance.CTC offered almost same for all companies.Kindly suggest as my joining is in few day's
Technology - .Net Developer. EXP - 8 years


I've been working for my current employer for 10+ years. Currently am at a VP level with no further growth in site. I'm making $250k which is pretty great for the level of experience and Midwest location i am at. Overall I'm happy with my work-life balance but what bothers me is that there is no future growth from here on. Not sure where to go from here.... should i look elsewhere or be happy where i am?


Got an offer with Microsoft for L60 recruiter.Any idea on the salary ranges for the same and also around the work culture.Will help in my decision making.


Hello All, I have offer in hand of 27.5 LPA+15% variable from ZS Associates as a BT Solutions delivery consultant and now my current company is ready to retain me by matching the offer & assuring that they will send me onsite to UK in couple of months. Now I am in a dilemma of what to do as I have been looking for onsite opportunities for my entire career so far. Kindly share your thoughts. Tech stack- ETL, abinitio, aws YoE 9 years CCTC 18.2+10% variable Capgemini


Recently landed a role as a Sr. PM (eCommerce) - Salary is 70k which isn’t great but I work maybe 6 hours a week - I 100% need a salary increase but would you leave a 6 hr a week gig for 40+ hours? Need advice


Those of you with 5 yrs of experience in consulting what's your base?


I need a suggestion on which company to join adidas or ticketMaster 3 yoe and salary is same location gurugram pls help


Tip passed on from my sister, for anyone looking at BAH:

Some of the jobs are open to anywhere in the US and have the Colorado salary range listed, so that can give you a general idea of what those types of positions might pay ahead of time. There's substantial variability, of course, but at least it gives you *something* to measure against.


Salary check . Please add so we can compare . Amount , City would be helpful


Hello. Curious to see where I stand salary wise in similar industries. I’m a claims specialist for a long-term care/life product, processing claims and communicating with insurers/agents. My salary is $61,600 +overtime availability.


Hello Folks,
Can you pls advise on which company to go for.
R-Systems : They are providing WFH + clarity on the project and team for which I’ll be working upon.
CTS : No clarity as of now, only thing I am aware is that I’m a part of full stack community.
HCL : Some clarity on the project but less package than other two.
R-Systems and CTS are giving same CTC.
YOE ~8
Skill set : . Net full stack + Angular + Azure



@GSK can anyone tell me about Haleon? Good company, culture, salary/benefits? Seen some open roles and I’m curious.


Anybody here work in Canada? Specifically Vancouver? The cost of living here is outrageous, and I feel like I don't have a fair compensation. I'm currently making $75k with a $5k bonus as an EA with 6+ years experience, and 5+ years experience in my company's industry. Our company doesn't give out yearly inflation raises, so I feel like I'm falling behind. Is this fair, or should I be going after more? Can anyone in Vancouver, Seattle, Canada etc. shed some light on their salary?


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Stealth layoff first year corporate associate. M&A. Laid off for low hours. V20 firm. I lateraled and was not home grown. Love you all and I appreciate any support.


If anyone is interested in a corporate counsel role in Jacksonville, Florida, send me a message.

-relocation offered
-PTO based on YOE, will match PTO
-medical, HSA, STD/LTD, 401k
-remote flexibility

-contract drafting & negotiation
-commercial real estate plus
-insurance/risk plus


Has anyone switched from 5 mg of Adderall XR to 10 mg? Can you describe the difference? I just started and feel the subtle improvement from before, but not sure if it should be more apparent/helpful.

Am close to making Partner at my firm (T2 Strategy shop) but worries because I see many peers stagnate at my level for 4-6 years (I’m in Yr 2) and COVID crashes the pipeline (con’t)....


How much time do you let your students have for structured playtime?


Random question: on pulley row, i have begun relaxing my shoulders on the descent. this enables a fuller range of motion and more lat engagement. continued...

Good questions to ask in an interview? I’m rusty

What's so special about neck kissing? I was dancing (grinding) with a girl in the club when she started kissing my lips. She turned her back on me (still grinding) and asked me to kiss her neck multiple times.


I want to take leave without pay in my 4th month of pregnancy due to complications and I have been with my company from last 2.5 years.
Please help is it possible to take that long lwp leaves ?

Thinking about moving to D.C. What are 2 things you love about city and 2 things you don’t like?


CAPS! But no one else at work cares :(


Tag for Papa John’s

Hi, need referral for Automation Testing/QA.
Skills - Selenium, Java, Cucumber.
Please help fishes 🙂


Hi fishes, looking for referrals for a friend:
Work experience: 2 yrs
Current Organization: Wipro
Current role: SAP Basis Consultant
Seeking opportunities in similar role.


Ahh.. how I miss the good ol’ days.

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Anyone leased a car with the Car Allowance rather than cashing it out as I do? How does it work out taxwise as a benefit? The cash bonus currently gets taxed at the full applicable rate (40% for me).

the guy ive been talking to for 3 weeks (he even asked me to be his girl) straight up ghosted me since Saturday. he hasnt opened any of my messages or answered my calls. do i delete him from ig?


Hi all,
Is employer PF included in Gross Salary in PwC?


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What raise % can I expect S1-S2? And what bonus %? In Assurance at PwC.


Just found this bowl. Why is it so inactive! Let’s turn up the volume a bit with a question:
How are each of the Toronto offices’ progress in getting back to the office? Are you on board?


Can we get a comp discussion going here 💰💰

Kicking off this Bowl - Anyone who left Toronto and surrounding areas, go back? How’s it going?


What are peoples opinions of EY FAAS group? How’s the work? How’s the pay? How the WLB? Interviewing for a Senior position.

Any advice for a new accounting graduate? All companies are asking for a years of experience but how can I get experience if you don’t hire me in the first place. I have a general accounting experience for about 3 years.

Does anyone know if new hires at PwC CA are getting a WFH stipend to buy a second screen?

Anyone here from KPMG Toronto IARCS? I would love to know more about what is done in that dept, what your day to day work looks like, work load, working hrs and salary

Hi all I’m a manager 2 making 100k In assurance was curious what other managers at firms make? Senior managers also if any

Why does nobody ever post in here…? There’s no info on anything about working in Canada. Everyone is posting about compensation and stuff in the US bowls. Are people in Canada similarly expecting 30-40% raises in assurance?

Does anyone work remotely outside Canada? Do you guys have any issues?

Have you had comp discussions as yet? What was your promo raise from S1 to S2, what practice and city?

How much does PwC Canada pay towards employee phones/phone plans?

What bank does PwC toronto have preferred pricing with for employees?

What would be possible starting salary in KPMG Toronto Hamilton office if you are joining as a 2nd year staff accountant or 1st year senior, working towards CPA. Also, is CPA required at senior level or manager level?

How much does a consultant gets paid in Vancouver BC, withing big 4 with a 1.5 years of experience with a masters degree from US?

Any tips for landing a job?
Would appreciate if someone can tell me how they are finding the job market.. it's been a couple of months for me and the market is pretty shit.

Would love any advice really

Anyone can share benefits(bonus/vacation/corporate phone/pension/insurance) at KPMG?


I’m moving from the U.S. to Canada in a couple months. Where are the best places to live in the Greater Toronto Area, especially as it relates to good schools for a child and a fairly decent community?

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