Career paths for informatica power center developer with 10 yr+ experience?.

1) big data
2) iics


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Iics is called idmc now. All onprem products that informatica used to offer will eventually make it to idmc, if not there already. If you like informatica tech, get started with idmc. You won't regret it.


Hey can you suggest how to start learning idmc?

IICS is good


Thanks guys

Big data will be future

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Hi Folks,

Need your help, I have got offer from
Gartner and Thoughtworks , almost both are paying equal. Which company is better in terms of job security and learning perspective, initially I thought of joining Thoughtworks but due to ongoing recession and company's decline in stock price causing me a bit of confusion.
Please advice, Thanks in advance.


Hi All,

I have an offer from KPMG Global services as Assistant Manager and they are offering me an offer of 30 LAC.
I wanted to know about the work culture, work life balance, learning opportunities at KPMG global services
Can someone help me with this?

Also whats the Salary range for Assistant manager at KPMG Global Services.


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Hello all,
Hope all are good.
I am about to complete my notice period in present company in less then a week i got offers from other companies but i am feared to leave the current organization the project is good it's good to learn new things but it has been a long time working here.
I am not getting enough courage to take a step can anyone suggest me what things to consider before joining a new organisation.
All your suggestions are valuable.
Thanks in advance.


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Hi All,

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Is it worth doing it. Will I get a job after my MBA course on a good pay scale. Your valuable inputs are needed.

Thank you.


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Hey guys,
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Bring in the pros

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I recently got an offer from DBS bank, there they have promised to pay 3,00,000 as one time relocation allowance.

Two things i want to know,
1. Do they pay this amount regardless of whether you are in the work location ?
2. Inorder to encash this amount does it require require to submit any proofs or what's the process ?

Advance thanks!


Additional Posts in Informatica


How to convert soap API to web API in between informatica to CRM application??

Thanks in advance.

Hi fishes,
I have got an offer for the R&D Connectors team in Informatica. I would like to know about the role and if it is a good choice to accept the offer. Thank you for your help.


Any IICS certified professional here ?

Hi i am recently got shifted from sap bods project to informatica project. Could anyone please tell me the career path in future? Whether informatica is in demand currently ?


I have 1.8YOE Current Packages is 5.5CTC
How much i can expect from informatica if i switch ???
How about joining bonus


Hai there, Thanks for joining

Hi Fishes,

What is the average market salary of Migration Consultant in Informatica?

Got an offer of 12LPA for 4 years experience. Any idea should I ask for increment?

Is there a way to start/jump to a informatica carear path when you are proficient in other mdm tools?

I've 3 yoe experience, 1yr associate analyst, 2 years as riversand mdm, i want to branch out to other mdm tools, since they are more well known. But every job portal expects X years of experience for informatica mdm.

My CTC has already crossed 9lpa , am i too far gone? Should I try to do the 40k rs Informatica certification program? Does that halp or is it a waste of my time?


Hi Fishes got offer on Informatica can i know what can i expect on joining kit .

They called me for laptop allocation i said mac instead of windows.

i never worked on mac before will it good for developers ?

Also will i get keyboard mouse for mac book pro ?

Dear fishies, what is the best way to get exposure to IICS? I have 13 yrs experience in Informatica Powercenter. Unfortunately I'm not getting chance to work on IICS in my organization.


Anyone wish to pass Informatica DEI certification ? 100% guarantee of passing.
If so, DM

Hi fishes,

I got 2 offers, one from @informatica

and other from 7-11. Informatica CTC: 13.5 Fixed + 1.25 variable+ $6500 RSU's

7-11 CTC: 16.6 + 3 lakhs (joining bonus).

Given there is not a lot difference b/ w the two. I wanted a little insight to which one is good.

7-11 asking me to come to office, while that's not the case with informatica.


I have 2YOE in development
My tech stack is Java , C# Asp .net
How much i can expect in informatica...
And any openings please refer me


Hi, does informatica have wfh set-up reimbursement policy? If yes, how much we can reimburse