I’m in Deloitte human capital and want to eventually (but sooner rather than later) move to industry doing internal talent/people stuff. My coach recommended getting SPHR or equivalent. Thoughts?

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My boss just promoted my colleague over me despite me working harder and getting better results. Is it time to quit?


Hi Fishes ,

I am an FE with 7.1 yrs of exp looking for a change. So far I've seen the packages are boxed at 30lpa at my exp and Angular framework, I Have some exposure to AWS devOps as well. Can anyone guide if there is something missing in my profile or if I am not getting the right opportunity (excluding MANG from this discussion)


What is best certification course for SAP Career?


How do people get on to the Salesforce partner advisory board? I see posts on LinkedIn where founders of startup companies are joining this board. Trying to determine if this is worth pursuing. TIA!

Young professional seeking guidance on different ways to get certified as an HR Professional - I have about a year of experience as the HR coordinator for a start up and I have taken a few courses through Cal Chamber and SHRM…any pointers or guidance on next steps?


What’s the best career path to get into brand strategy? As a current media planner, my director recommended I go into market research and then go into brand strategy. Is that the best approach?


Is it wise to choose VMware over Adobe if your tech stack is Adobe AEM?

Adobe offer - x lpa base
VMware offer - x+2 lpa base + variable + RSUs

Kindly suggest in terms of wlb and growth.

VMware Adobe

GTM moving back into consulting is a good idea in theory, but it’s like a train wreck happening in slow motion.

Sure feels like they are pushing to stand up a traditional CRE network for product sales inside of consulting … that won’t work in a service business. Some of us have seen this movie before - different theatre.

Watch how this plays out over next 6 months.


Do I take a job at a more boring company that’s a 41% pay increase and comes with 1% equity?

Current company: a fun and exciting fintech startup that’s about to raise a Seed/Series A. Possible to be promoted in the next year with a pay bump (still likely not as much as the job offer)

Potential company: A marketplace that sells used phones online and has been profitable for 5+ years.


What other firms are folks moving to from Accenture? I feel we're in a very tricky comp band which doesn't leave us with many options.


Hello, I was recently let go from my firm for not being able to pass the series 10 exam. I passed the 9 and have my SIE, 7, and 63. Are there any jobs out there that require the 9 but not the 10? All the jobs I can find require them both but I’d like to use my 9. Thanks for any advice!


Thoughts on sabbaticals for mental health? I’m at a breaking point where my current project has ultimately affected my mental health which is thus affecting my ability to do my job. I don’t want to leave, but have pretty much been told “can’t take you off this project because there’s no one else”….but if I take a sabbatical, or ultimately leave the company, the project is just as screwed….😣


Has anyone made a move from FDD into Management Consulting without an MBA?


I’m an Audit S1 and I am looking to work in Forensic accounting at a Big 4 and eventually the FBI (my dream job). Does anyone have advice on switching from Audit to Forensics? I’ve seen formal rotations offered for Deal but at my firm they don’t offer that in Forensics. Anything helps! Thanks


How much should you keep about law school on your resume when wanting to lateral? 3rd year associate here. Rank, awards, gpa, scholarships, clubs? What should go and what should stay?


For JMOs at Accenture who were hired in as SA, how long do JMOs usually spend at SA level before promoting to C?


So… I’ve been in sales going on 5 years and I know I want to be in management eventually. My problem is my current company is extremely flat and rather small. I’ve taken on more and more responsibility but don’t see a direct path to management any time soon… I have received offers for manager/director of biz dev, however, I want to be fully prepared for these roles if I do decide to pursue them… what are some sales op/sales management trainings I should look into?


What’s a more attractive B4 short term exit, to MBB or a F100? Given similar salary at both the exists, F100 is manager (TPM) and MBB is associate.

2year goal is FAANG or/and then becoming an entrepreneur.


I’m a data analyst in the data and analytics department at my company but I don’t use SQL/Python nor do I use data visualization tools. I’ve been taking SQL and Tableau courses on DataCamp but I don’t think I’m retaining much.

Tbh I feel very lost. Should I talk to my manager about this or should I just continue learning on the side? Any advice on how to actually retain the info?

I just find it weird how my title is a data analyst yet I don’t code/use data visualization tools. Help :/


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I have over 12 years in B2B sales/sales management experience along with a graduate degree. I am wanting to shift gears and I am at a point where I can invest time in myself to learn through practical experience. The new industry I am wanting to pursue is real estate investment. I have read all the books but want some hands on experience on the property management side. How could I best leverage my skills for a role in this, and what should my expectations be for negotiation in compensation?

Considering a Datejust, and need to decide between 36mm and 41mm. Presumably I’ll need to get on a list or something.

Any advice on how to find two at the same place to try on, so I can know what they feel like? I’m in Austin.


Examples of good feedback from an Art Director? Trying to become better at giving helpful feedback.

Yes Donnie, we know you love your conspiracy theories. Also baselessly accusing a 75-year old man who we all saw bleeding on the floor after being a victim of police violence is a great way to unite the country. Keep it up buddy!

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Whenever I hear debates from the radical left and conservative right on gun control, it's always about Chicago being a war zone. It's crazy how far removed I am from it all in the suburbs. Kind of makes me feel a bit bad like I'm not really contributing to a better Chicago


How do growth equity funds typically source deals?


Hey people! 👋 moving to SF from the overseas and was wondering if circa 200k is considered a good salary in San Francisco for someone in their early 30’s?


Hey folks, Does anyone have any insight into Ogilvy Consulting compensation? Specifically at Director and Partner


Anyone know where to meet friends?


How much cisco can pay ?

Skills - Java, micro services & cloud
Yoe - 6

Interview was very good. How much should I ask ?
Have checked glassdoor, it is showing (25-31)lpa.
CCTC - 24lpa


Today was day 3 without Adderall (1st work day) & I felt extremely tired and sleepy all day. Any ideas on how to make my detox go easier? My 1 cup of Starbucks cold brew was useless lol


Hi all,

I currently have one offer at hand, from Salesforce as a MTS as a big data engineer 38l ctc. I am offered another role at Novartis as a platform architect with 37l ctc. The profile in Novartis is at band 5, while Salesforce is offering me a position which I feel is less for my yoe. 9 yoe. Which one should I go for?


Looking for an Integrated Communications position... can anyone help point me in the right direction?

Hi sharks,

I have offer with EPAM and TCS..epam offered 5lak extra than TCS..am into application support and production support which one should I choose?? And will there be any problem if i abscond and join TCS??


What is the best way to structure RPA license contracts? Which vendor provides better pricing?

Feeling fortunate that my biggest worry right now is my VPN connectivity. Does anyone have recommendations for NYC based organizations helping those in need? Looking to donate


I have an offer and want to negotiate

1. London base salary but I have to absorb all the expenses (train + stay)
I am thinking to negotiate to

2. home base salary and have my expenses paid for

I know that's depends on the amount I have to travel (and potentially stay) but at the moment this is unknown. Past 8 months was just twice a month + 2 nights stay.

The only thing I know is it won't be every week, the return trian ticket is about £80-100, depends I could plan ahead.

Hi Fishes,

Is S&P planning to open offices?


Additional Posts in Org Development & Human Capital

Ok fish. New consultant. Realize networking is key to success; no network, no assignments, no job. Have Team counseling / networking event. Know 1/4 invitees; few partners.

Small Talk Ideas? HELP!


Is it true that PAS salaries are less than the PI salaries? How much lower?


Posting on my wife’s behalf - We recently moved to the US and she is currently looking for a good role in HR consulting. She has previously worked with KPMG, McKinsey, Korn Ferry and WTW in Talent and Org. consulting practices in India for about 12 years. She also recently cleared her SPHR certification. It will be a great help if anyone can refer or aware of any job openings in NYC area. Thanks!


Can anyone here provide insights on PWC P&O projects / work and comp for an experienced associate?


Anyone move from KPMG human capital advisory to Accenture or Deloitte ? Pros and cons?


Can someone please share a slide on org design best practices? Key questions to ask and consider?


What are the best workplace coaching certification programs in the industry? I was referred to integral coaching (new ventures west), and wondering what are other highly regarded programs.


What sort of projects is everyone working on nowadays? Has it been busier?


I'm graduating from my Master's program in Organizational Change Management this Fall 2021. Most firms only hire people with industry experience (in OCM) but it seems almost impossible to land a good job after gaining a Masters. I've been a recruiter for 4+ years and was wondering if anyone had any advice to find jobs?


Any folks know what it's like working at one of exec search firms?


Is it easy to get a nonconsulting role in Social Impact, Corporate Social Responsibility, Purpose & People? MSHR and SHRM-SCP with 10+ years of experience in compliance, global mobility, people development, workforce strategy and disability advocacy.


Anyone at Mercer in Careers willing to chat about their experience?

Curious about what sort of projects are available in the OCM space at Deloitte. Ready to take on a new role soon and seeing whats out there.

Experience in tech implementations (Salesforce/Workday)
Also worked in automotive, wireless and finserv industries


I saw a posting at Deloitte that says range is $78-144k and that “at Deloitte it is not typical to be hired at or near the top of the range “; any idea on where they typically hire at for this role? I’d need to be at $125-130k and no idea if that’s reasonable.

Any insights on working at EY vs PwC vs Deloitte? Curious about culture, WLB, and other pros & cons you’ve experienced. TIA



Just had an interview with PwC OWT/DDV. Can someone tell me more about what it is like working in this group? Types of projects, culture, WLB, exit opportunities? Thank you!


In search of a Change Management Consultant or Senior Consultant Role. Ready to leave Accenture. Any help is appreciated


Hello Friends

I am looking for someone in the C-level or at a very high position in the marketing, tech or HR/Talent space for a critique of some materials.

Somewhat urgent and I would be eternally greatful.

Happy Holidays!


How do you communicate to an employee that he needs to draw the line between being a friend and a leader? For context, I oversee 4 employees, one of whom is a “team lead”. I have a hard time getting him and 2 other employees of the group to see the bigger picture with so many transitions going on in the company. Those 2 other employees are not shy of sharing their opinions/feedback when there’s friction to the team lead which then gets passed to me. When he shared their

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