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Hello tech community!

Posting on behalf of a friend: A friend has the 1st round interview with Meta coming up. They would have two 45-minute rounds, according to the recruiter. Round (1) SQL and programming language, with SQL taking precedence. Round (2) ETL and data modeling.

Any tips/suggestions/guidance/study materials for preparation is appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Anyone have an idea of what the comp is for a manager in national tax, specifically tax controversy?


Strategy& fishes - Can you share base + bonus + other comp numbers for managers and directors (by year if possible)?


McKinsey & Company Currently interviewing with McKinsey & Company for their real estate insights analyst role. I have an upcoming case interview and I am seeking some tips. Are these cases typically related to the role or could they cover an array of different topics?

Anyone have insights on the following role at Deloitte?

Strategy Consultant - Strategy & Analytics CCG

Comp? WLB? Interview process etc?


Hey there! Wanted to gather some opinions. How much of a salary increase would you require if you were going from a fully remote position to a hybrid position? 3 days in/2 out with about a 45 min- hour commute by train.


Salary range for a copywriter moving into a senior cw role?


Thoughts on Omnicom Health? Specifically DDB Health, Biolumina

Hello All!!
Need some advice, exp 2years 2 months

Currently have 2 offers
1) Dunnhumby gurgaon -11 fixed 50k var. 1 bonus
2) Deliotte India Gurgaon - 9 fixed 1.37 var 1.5 bonus
Which should I join ??


Any idea about what a second year associate at Lewis Brisbois makes in San Diego office? How is the workload?


I am Tax Analyst having 1.5+ YoE and I got Call from EY for the same position! HR asked the Usual question “what’s your salary expectations?”. My answer was “Depending on market trend and market expectations, I would be able to tell you better”. So, How much should I expect?


Just wondering what it’s like to switch from a boutique bank to a larger bank in terms of compensation, responsibilities, and hours.


I had a second round interview for a retail banking role and was wondering if anyone here knew what Citi’s hiring process was like? Thanks!

Hi folks, how is ZS Associates in terms of wlb for software development track

My offered designation at ZS: senior Software Engineer (associate Consultant role)

ZS Associates


How do you feel CLT stacks up when it comes to salary?

Deloitte Consulting fishes - what's the expected base and bonus for an SM1? I've seen glassdoor, but don't think can rely on it!


Hi Fellows, i want to know that for indent 7.1 with exp of 9 yrs what is the salary min max Persistent gives?

Hi People,
Please let me know if teams in Novartis are helpful to newbies! Does Novartis have an agile or a standalone working environment.

Do people get help in code if they get stuck anywhere in any project?

Await replies🙂

I have an offer from KGS and I have accepted the offer, Can I apply for the same role in KPMG India, will there be an problem?


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Joined DCM recently, how long does it take to get staffed. Completing one month almost now, or is it as chill and nice as it is now?


If Life was a Video Game where New Lives (♥️) can be earned and restored, Suicide would have been a passion of millions...


Best books about single parenting?


What is the typical Associate Director base salary range in the BCG M&A PMI topic/practice area? Bonus range?


What is your covid vice or activity that keeps you sane working from home all day?


What’s WLB like for people currently?
Currently sitting on around ~45 hrs for me


Experience-3 years.
Please refer in your company if you can.


How is Novartis Management Consulting Domain? I have got an offer for 20.5L

YOE - 3.5yrs


BNY Mellon technology specific questions -
#0 How much max salary for grade K ?

#1 How long does it take to promote in bny from grade K to L ?

#2 Any specific criteria for promotion? Expr , certification etc...?

#3 How much % hike to expect post promotion ?

Skills- Java, microservices,react, cloud

HSBC India JPMorgan Chase BNY Mellon | Pershing Citi BNY Mellon UBS Citi Allstate BNY Mellon | Pershing BNY Mellon Corporation HSBC India


After accepting OL from portal of Capgemini. What are the next steps we should do?


Nothing quite like getting criticized by a partner before leaving to get the kids - then spending the next 3 hours getting attacked by the children you created. Nobody told me life would be this hard.


Are there any compliance counsels in this bowl? Would love to hear your thoughts on your role and growth/day to day/WLB and pros and cons of your job? I understand the function will be different across industries and would appreciate if anyone can share their experiences and their industry.


Looking for Male replacement (single occupancy) in a 2BHK apartment with unattached but dedicated washroom in a good society with Gym, Clubhouse, Badminton Court, 24x7 water.

Location: Ubale Nagar, Wagholi

Flat is kind of unfurnished, we have setup wifi, purifier and stove, so setup cost will be there.
Interested people comment/dm me.

Deposit: 25k


Has anybody raised transfer request to new ACT open.Ahmedabaad,comibatore,indore,jaipur..From when it is applicable


What is the range for grade 4 in hsbc ?


Hi fishes,
I wanted to know the work culture also considering package for maantic for 2 year devolopment and 1 year support in salesforce


Anyone has thoughts on LEWIS Global, and how they’re doing in APAC? I’m thinking of switching jobs and this opportunity came up. I’m still fresh in b2b PR but very keen to dive into it.


Just out of curiosity, how many cases should a brand new attorney (ideally) be assigned? I’m a month in and still majorly adjusting since the partner I’m working under is working remotely (alongside most of the staff) and find myself up to thirty-one cases and also helping out the partners on a few other matters. I’m just feeling really overwhelmed and I already know my billables are ridiculous for a new attorney in a small firm. Thanks


Anybody know salary ranges for Managers in EY GPS in VA?


Mccann creatives - what are the good groups?


Additional Posts in ServiceNow Bowl


How much can I expect while switching, I am currently working as ServiceNow developer. My cctc is 5.4 lpa yoe 1.6 year. I csa and cad certified and getting ITSM certified this week only. Please help


Hello Fishes

Completed all the rounds in Service now for full stack developer - Staff Software Engineer role.
YOE: 9.5
Current CTC: 43 (Including VP + RSUs)
Tech stack : Java + Frontend

Note: Hike is due in current company..
What should be the ideal CTC I should ask for during the negotiation ?


Can someone help me with the ServiceNow ITSM dumps?

Hello Fishes,

What is the ideal fixed CTC that an employee can expect with 5 years of experience in ServiceNow ? My CCTC - 8L

Apply on above link if you have more than 9 years of experience in working in Servicenow

What should be ideal salary in servicenow for 8 yoe


Hi Any one here can please refer me for ServiceNow developer position in their company.

YOE: 3.8
Company: Capgemini
Relevant experience 3+


Dear fishes,

I have total of 9.5 years of IT Experience, with 4 years of experience in Service now. Can someone please help me to identify the correct market salary for my profile?

Hi Fishes, what’s it like to work in ServiceNow? And how are corporate benefits ?

Can someone please share CSA dumps?

Hi Fishes,
How much does ServiceNow pay (asking on an average level) for Integration Consultant role for 2 years of related experience?

Hi All

ServiceNow developer and i have got 2 offers

My current ctc is 4.35 LPA
YoE - 2.6 years

Accenture 8 fixed + variable
Cognizant - 8+

Please tell me whether it is a good package and which is the best place to work in..

Also i am bit concerned about the upcoming recession. Please provide your inputs..

Thank you

I have offer form ServiceNow and CVS Health . Having almost equal pay. Which one should be better?


Hi Fishes,
Urgent Suggestions Needed...

1. Capgemini :12 LPA(Fixed)
2. Cognizant : 12.5 LPA(0.5 Variable) + JB
3. KPMG India :13 LPA(1.25 Variable) + Some JB

Need some Suggestions from Fishes who already aware of the work culture in these Firms.

YOE : 3 Years
Tech stack : ServiceNow

Thanks in advance🙂

Hi folks,

Anyone here who is CIS-HR certified.
I need dumps for exam preparation.
Please reply to this post.

I had applied for two job openings in Deloitte USI for ServiceNow Developer role and they rejected the application within 4 hrs of applying stating “Unfortunately, after careful consideration, we have determined that our current position is not ideally suited to your talents, experience, and qualifications.” Can anyone shed some light on this. Are there any other eligibility criteria which I may be failing to meet? My 10th, 12th and Graduation is above 70 Deloitte Deloitte USI Deloitte India

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