Hi Fishes,
Urgent Suggestions Needed...

1. Capgemini :12 LPA(Fixed)
2. Cognizant : 12.5 LPA(0.5 Variable) + JB
3. KPMG India :13 LPA(1.25 Variable) + Some JB

Need some Suggestions from Fishes who already aware of the work culture in these Firms.

YOE : 3 Years
Tech stack : ServiceNow

Thanks in advance🙂

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Don't run behind the money, bcoz at one point u will realise that technical stuff is important instead of money, eventually if you are packed with knowledge obviously a good figure(ctc) will follow you ..
Choose wisely as you are involved into integrations earlier, check with them whether they are handling any platform integrations or implementations or they just handling incidents..


Agree with you buddy... These days people are running for money instead of thinking what they will be working in new organization...

KPMG is one of BIG 4 and paying more


what skills in servicenow?

ITSM and Integration.

I don't recommend Cognizant. May be you better choose from Capgemini and KPMG.

May I know your current CTC?

KPMG no doubt

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Man this Bowl is filled with some angry mid-levels. We get it, this job was hard for you, but it is for juniors now, too. Stop punching down.

I don’t think the juniors are entitled, they just want to share in their firms’ wealth. Surely any salary increases for the Classes of 2019, 2020, and 2021 would easily pay for themselves through billable hours.


Anyone have experience with AArete? What’s has been your experience with interview process, work culture, hours, salary at Consultant level?


Salary offer of $82,500 with 9% bonus for an RIA based on Los Angeles. Is this comparable to the market at the moment? Position is for an advisory associate that handles project management rather than advising.

How was the interview experience with Luxoft, Poland?

I have technical interview scheduled.
Tech stack,

Azure databricks
Data engineering


YOE -5.9
CCTC -18+3VP + 20% Promotion in oct22
Location - Gurgaon (UP Hometown)

Paypal, Chennai- 19.5+2 JB+2 VP+4L rsu

LTI, Pune - 28+2.6VP

Please help me choose.


I recently started at a small international startup (~130 employees) and I love it! My question is about company culture since there aren’t many US employees and we’re all remote. At what point does a startup focus on company culture? I don’t want to bring it up because it’s not at all the focus of my role, but there seems to be a lack of cohesion on the team.


What is considered normal Middle Market PE offer for cash comp (excluding carry) at the associate level?


Honest opinion required from experienced people.....

I am currently drawing 16.5 as an Associate Manager 2nd year have told them to kindly correct 2 3 times to SM in SAT domain. This is the 3rd year have told.

Can anyone please suggest what would be the median salary in SAT for this level. I presume it should be 25 to 30, i am sure this year it is again fake promises and they can't suddenly pull me in this range from 16.5.

Honest opinion needed, waiting for Sept then will start looking out


Hi I've just graduated with a Master's Degree and and am currently on a Temporary Graduate Visa. I've been applying for jobs in Management consulting, Audit & Assurance and similar areas but it doesn't seem easy to land one.
I recently got referred at PwC for a graduate advisory role and I was wondering how it works. Will my resume still go through the ATS ? Any help and guidance will be appreciated


Hi Folks,
I have TP2 / Managerial round in HCL today. I have heard that it will be a mix of scenario based technical questions and general topics, project overview etc . Can anyone help me like what scenario bases questions specifically they can ask ?
Skills : IBM Data stage,Unix,MemSQL, Oracle?

Thoughts on this offer? $145K base + 10% bonus + $5K signing (TC year 1: $165K). No stock. No RRSP matching. Role is BizOps Senior Manager (IC). Industry is Insurance. Is it too low? Thanks.


About to interview for Tech Architect role in Slack Any pointers on what I should expect in the first round?


Hi Fishes
Recently I have an offer from a very large MNC/product company as a lead analyst role. My current company wants to retain me and offered a very senior role in the UK.
Should I take the offer or stick to my decision to move to the MNC?
I was not actively looking for an opportunity so couldn't say much for the reason for a change.
Newly offered CTC - 22.5 LPA at my home town.
Current company is yet to make an offer for the UK role (what should be my expectation?)
9.5 years of exp.

Does anybody know what the typical salary range is and total comp for someone starting out as an internal or external wholesaler? If you are one of these, can you share about your experience in terms of whether you liked it or not, work life balance, travel, etc?


Does any one know salary range for ict4 And ict5 at apple ?

Have final interviews soon for Deloitte’s experienced analyst role in their SAP practice. No module/industry specific but I am interested in FICO and going to sell myself for this as I have an accounting background and CPA. Questions:
- What are some topics or trend I should look into for my technical interview? What is expected to know as a qualified candidate?
- Any specific skills/knowledge that are good to have for this role?
- Expected salary range in HCOL area?
Any insights are appreciated


I have cleared 3 rounds with Deloitte for PMO Role, have an upcoming final Partner Round, any idea what that is?


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After an interview this morning, I sent out what was SUPPOSED to be a thank you email. I really should have stepped away from my desk and put my full attention towards it, but instead I rushed through it and am now realizing I didn't even THANK HIM FOR HIS TIME OR THE OPPORTUNITY! Ugh.

Does it come off as entitled as I think it does?

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Hi all, I switching from academia to the private biotechnology sector in Montreal, Canada. Anyone has an idea of the payscale I should expect/ask as a Molecular Biology PhD with 15 years research experience?

Thank you


Hi All,
Can anyone refer me for business analyst job opening at Natwest?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Fishes, I'm looking for QA opportunities in Chennai. My experience is 9 years.
Please DM me for details.

Automation Tools/Libraries: Selenium, Apache Airflow, Protractor, Test Harness, Rational Robot, Rational Functional Tester, Automation Anywhere, WinAutomation, Rest Assured, Cucumber

Programming Languages: Java, Python, JavaScript
Cloud Platform: AWS
Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL
CI/CD Tools: Jenkins, TeamCity, Kubernetes
Other Tools: Splunk, DataDog, Postman, Git, Jira, Kafka


Anyone who moved from ZS KM Team to Accenture Strategy and Consulting (Life sciences), any specific skills needed/required to learn?

Would be helpful if anyone shares his/her experience.


Do you feel nervous about getting exposed to someone to tested positive for COVID?


Have a first interview for an associate solution architect role next week. Should be a technical interview, as i saw the interviewer is another solution architect. Any tips on how I should prepare for this?


What are the promotion cycle and salary review cycle months?


Any info on"Dentsu Communication" - Bengaluru? How is the company culture and work life balance? IBM Infosys Accenture Delloite PwC Dentsu

I think I’m over paying for internet but I’m addicted to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Disney+, texting, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn...f*ck Facebook.... Twitch, Spotify, SoundCloud, e-mail, Zoom, and all the other shit I gotta do for work online. Help.


Will McKinsey & Company have a case interview portion during the recruiter screening for an Associate-level opening. This is my first interview with them.
The recruiter mentioned that it will only be an audio (Zoom) call, not a video interview. I sort of assumed that there won't be a case interview portion because it is an audio interview with the recruiter. Is my assumption true? I don't want to ask the recruiter with the interview coming up in the next 2-3 days, as it might set a bad opinion.


My friends think it's cool that I "get to" travel all the time, they don't get how disruptive my job really is... #flightattendantproblems


Just came off of a clerkship/joined a regional firm and got an opportunity to interview with a Vault50 firm in a city that I want to live in. Would lateraling after 5 months destroy my reputation/raise questions?


Searching for an intermediate full stack developer for a 6 week contract in house in Toronto

At what combined income can I reasonably afford a $1m home? Assume no debt (edit: now add one child)


Thoughts on Prosci or SHRM-SCP certification? Which would be considered more valuable or highly regarded? Currently focused on Change Management but have a HR background (industry experience / area of study in college).


If you met in an app and you’ve been texting, should you block the other person from seeing you using the app since nothing is exclusive yet or is that weird?


Hey all, I am a manufacturing engineer with 4 years of experience making a pivot towards a sales engineer role for a fintech company. What's an expected base salary range for sales engineer? Any red flags to look out for?


Additional Posts in ServiceNow Bowl

Apply on above link if you have more than 9 years of experience in working in Servicenow


Hello Fishes,

What is the ideal fixed CTC that an employee can expect with 5 years of experience in ServiceNow ? My CCTC - 8L


What's currently in demand in ServiceNow??


Tried applying a couple of times to ServiceNow, totally matching required skills, but never get a call back, I'm curious to know how to get shortlisted

Someone from ServiceNow available here? How's the job security?


Someone please help me with ServiceNow csa dumps


I have offer form ServiceNow and CVS Health . Having almost equal pay. Which one should be better?


Dear All, I have an offer for 28.6 Lakhs. I am about to get an offer from a product based MNC. Can someone please help with the package that I should ask for?
Technology: Servicenow
Relevant Experience: 5.5 years
Total Experience: 10 years
Location: Bangalore


Dear fishes,

I have total of 9.5 years of IT Experience, with 4 years of experience in Service now. Can someone please help me to identify the correct market salary for my profile?

Does anyone has completed Servicenow ITSM certification recently?


Hi all,

What can be a expected CTC of a peson with 9 years of experience and working as a senior technical consultant with both development, client handling ( requirement gathering and engagement manager) exposure.

Service portal
Performance analytics
Virtual agent
Integrations ( custom and using integrationHub)
Custom Application development
Plus some more...


Whats should salary(fixed + variable) for staff database engineer at servicenow ,10 yoe ServiceNow


Hey , Looking for my first switch

TECH - ServiceNow Developer
Current CTC - 4.35 LPA

Could you please help me with how much I can expect ?

Hi fishes,

Can anyone tell how ServiceNow practice is

Specifically at Consultant level, how is work culture, work, and other opportunities?