Does anyone has completed Servicenow ITSM certification recently?

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Do you guys think an MBA is worth it? I’m currently in Restructuring consulting, with 4 years of audit before that. I want to go into either M&A or strategy, but not sure. Also not sure if an MBA is worth the cost but I feel severely under qualified with just a bachelors in accounting.


In my third year at PwC in the core audit practice and am interested in switching career paths into (management) consulting. Have my CPA but not MBA. Any advice for how to transition? Switch firms?

Hello, looking for supervisor positions in healthcare within NYC, I am looking to start ASAP. I have my Bachelors in Health Services Admin and Economics, 5 years of experience in the industry and I am currently working towards my PMP certification, as well as going for my MBA or MHA, depending on what program I can afford. I am currently located in Queens. Thank you!

MBB interviewers: How often do you receive S&O candidates from FAANG applying to your firms, at the pre-MBA level?


What are the typical exits for post MBA strategy consultants (think tier 2 e.g., Parthenon, LEK)? Do they typically get a pay cut? I currently earn 90k base but have been getting recruiter calls for 70-80k (all insisting that salary will be lower outside consulting)


I’m a campus hire- on day 24 at Deloitte. Should I be concerned I’m not staffed? I have nothing to do but certification and learning. It’s getting a bit old. And my RM doesn’t respond to my chats or meetings.


I’ve been debating going back to school for my MBA or EMBA. I am struggling to determine if the RIO is there on my career path to becoming at CCO. Thoughts? Is an MBA a pre-requisite?


Rising audit senior thinking of pivoting to forensics. Not sure if I want to stay at EY, but should I wait to get any forensics certification until I make the switch? Also, is it better to have a CFE vs. CFF? I already have my CPA


I was a month in as Workday HCM Consultant with Accenture. They immediately throw me into the HCM courses to obtain my WD HCM certification. There are three parts HCM Essentials, HCM Applied, and HCM Practical. The passing score is 70 or above. I scored a 62 on the Essentials portion, I passed Applied, and at the end of this week Practical. During class, I received an “immediate connect” Team call and I was fired because of my low score. I'm devastated, and shocked. Yesterday was my birthday.


Hi everyone,
I have an interview with
Amazon for Program Manager (product relationships) profile. Requesting some help and guidance to prepare for the rounds. This will be my first switch hence a little worried how to prepare as I know amazon have multiple rounds and are a bit different from other orgs.
Qualifications: Btech + Mba
YOE: 5


So, a recruiter gave me feedback that my lack SPHR or SHRM-SCP is causing my resume to be knock out by AI and human recruiters despite my position and work history in Multinationals and being in Technology. They suggested that we put SPHR ( Lapsed). I let it lapse in 2017. What is your opinion? Plus if I were to take another certification - should I take SPHR or SHRM-SCP?


Hi Fishes,

Currently working as a Senior Analyst in Chemicals domain with 2.5 YoE. Engineer. Educational Background: Chemical Engineering, no MBA

Are there any opportunities for profiles like mine? A referral would be great!


Are there any mba sponsorship/support programs for asian men or Asians in general like there are for other groups (forte for women, consortium for URM, etc)?


What’s the best way to study for the CPA Exam?


Hi. Wanted to know if anyone can refer me to PwC, EY, Deloitte, Siemens Advanta, Kearney please! Looking for post MBA entry opportunities (Associate, Consultant). Thanks!


Looking to get salary ranges for a Finance Manager in Healthcare…7 years experience with an MBA. Anyone in a similar role or have a colleague that is?


Are jobs after doing MBA less stressful than Technical IT jobs?


Someone WILLING TO REFER a Strategic Consultant, focusing on Financial Services, with almost 2 years’ work experience? I’m 24 years old and the youngest student in my MBA’s history.

I would like to work in a crypto company or in the investment field, ideally Venture Capital/ Private Equity. I am currently based in Italy but my brother is moving to Singapore for his wife and I would like to live close to him and build a future there.


Currently a Wealth Advisor for Citi but I honestly hate it here with a passion it’s the worst company I’ve ever worked for in my life and I’ve been in Wealth Management in the banking channel for over a decade. Series 7, Series 63, Life, CFP, ChFC, and soon to have my MBA with a focus in Mergers & Acquisitions. I’m look to enter another area of Finance at this point instead of starting over somewhere else from scratch, but not sure what direction to go. Interested in Investment Banking or M&A.

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Hi fishies. Can I get some likes to unlock DM? Thank you!!!


I worked on a project with Leap by McKinsey and enjoyed it. It's basically planning and launching digital projects from 0 to 1(strategy to MVP).
What are the best consulting companies doing this type of work?


Any campus recruiters have any tips for managing 150+ emails/day on top of back to back calls with candidates and the teams you support?


Has anyone made SMART goals as an EA? I can’t wrap my head around them and am struggling to put my goals into words that are specific enough and measurable. Help?


Larsen & Toubro Infotech Hi All,
Any idea how many days before we can get on- boarding mail and joining formalities from LTI??
My DOJ is on 23 sep but did not received any mail regarding onboarding. Larsen & Toubro Infotech


Which recruiters would you recommend reaching out to for moving from a finance at an IB to consultancy firm?


As a Pats fan, so happy to know Philly will be a pile of ash tomorrow morning


What’s the M6 grade in LTI ? How’s the work culture ?

What is the new L5 TPM pay scale at Amazon/AWS? I am awaiting my offer and curious what it will look like.


How do you find time to mentor junior level staffs like analyst? What are aspect of a mentee you look for? What makes you decide that you want to be this person’s advocate?


Is the CRI framework, specifically for third party risk management available in public domain or do I have to become a CRI Member first?


I am a newbie in this transport industry, I have a mini bus ( 7 seater) any advice how I should charge short distances?


My chubbies back in Florida 💚

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Hi Everyone! I am new here. What is this app best for?


Got dinged after a job interview and was told by the recruiter verbatim that the reason is I wasn’t outgoing enough. This was for a product manager role, not sales or disappointing.


Hi Team,

I have cleared first round of technical interview in HCL. My joining date in the next company is 26th October.

What are the odds that HCL will complete it's recruitment till then as I am interested in going to HCL than the next company due to WLB?

YOE - 5 years

To the bitch who made publicly fun of me wearing heels while traveling, and later threw up on the flight. I really wanted to feel bad, but I can't.


Ladies, I wanna make the jump to industry but having trouble finding a recruiter who understands why I don’t wanna be the only POC in the room. Anyone have luck finding diverse places to work post PA?


What is the range of AVP Business analyst in HSBC ( GCB5) , how much CTC should be ideal for 11 years of experience?


How a company hire you as a year round guest experience manager when they know they will close for the winter season and then all the sudden they eliminate your position a month before bonus should be distributed because they realized they don’t need a year round manager for this 🤨


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Someone from ServiceNow available here? How's the job security?


Hey , Looking for my first switch

TECH - ServiceNow Developer
Current CTC - 4.35 LPA

Could you please help me with how much I can expect ?


Hi Fishes,
Anybody have latest HRSD exam dumps?
Thanks in advance🙂


Hello Fishes

Completed all the rounds in Service now for full stack developer - Staff Software Engineer role.
YOE: 9.5
Current CTC: 43 (Including VP + RSUs)
Tech stack : Java + Frontend

Note: Hike is due in current company..
What should be the ideal CTC I should ask for during the negotiation ?


How much can I expect while switching, I am currently working as ServiceNow developer. My cctc is 5.4 lpa yoe 1.6 year. I csa and cad certified and getting ITSM certified this week only. Please help


Hi Any one here can please refer me for ServiceNow developer position in their company.

YOE: 3.8
Company: Capgemini
Relevant experience 3+


Can someone please share CSA dumps?

Hello Fishes,

What is the ideal fixed CTC that an employee can expect with 5 years of experience in ServiceNow ? My CCTC - 8L


I had applied for two job openings in Deloitte USI for ServiceNow Developer role and they rejected the application within 4 hrs of applying stating “Unfortunately, after careful consideration, we have determined that our current position is not ideally suited to your talents, experience, and qualifications.” Can anyone shed some light on this. Are there any other eligibility criteria which I may be failing to meet? My 10th, 12th and Graduation is above 70 Deloitte Deloitte USI Deloitte India

Hi Fishes,
Urgent Suggestions Needed...

1. Capgemini :12 LPA(Fixed)
2. Cognizant : 12.5 LPA(0.5 Variable) + JB
3. KPMG India :13 LPA(1.25 Variable) + Some JB

Need some Suggestions from Fishes who already aware of the work culture in these Firms.

YOE : 3 Years
Tech stack : ServiceNow

Thanks in advance🙂

Hi folks,

Anyone here who is CIS-HR certified.
I need dumps for exam preparation.
Please reply to this post.

Hi All

ServiceNow developer and i have got 2 offers

My current ctc is 4.35 LPA
YoE - 2.6 years

Accenture 8 fixed + variable
Cognizant - 8+

Please tell me whether it is a good package and which is the best place to work in..

Also i am bit concerned about the upcoming recession. Please provide your inputs..

Thank you

Dear fishes,

I have total of 9.5 years of IT Experience, with 4 years of experience in Service now. Can someone please help me to identify the correct market salary for my profile?

I have offer form ServiceNow and CVS Health . Having almost equal pay. Which one should be better?


Hi Fishes,
How much does ServiceNow pay (asking on an average level) for Integration Consultant role for 2 years of related experience?

Hi Fishes, what’s it like to work in ServiceNow? And how are corporate benefits ?