McKinsey & Company Bain & Company Hi fishes, requesting a referral in Corporate Finance and Strategy or PIPE/PEPI team at MBB. I can DM all the details and resume for your perusal.
Thank you

McKinsey & Company Bain & Company Bain Capital Boston Consulting Group

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

I don't think any of us hire for specific practice areas

PEPI practice hires directly into the practice in which case you only do PE work and knowledge building. Not sure about the others

DM me for McKinsey

DM for Bain

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Tech consultant turned IB analyst. We work mainly with small, closely held companies (3-10M EBITDA). What are my exit options?


I'm a PhD student (expected graduation 2023) looking to pursue healthcare/mgmt consulting. I am interested to hear more about the consulting space. I'm based in Toronto (open to relocating) and would love to chat over coffee/video call to learn more. MBB would be ideal, but still in the exploratory phase.


Hello everyone, I'm hoping to break into customer success position. I'm currently working as clinical Research Associate for a research organisation. Do you have any advice on how can I make the transition or any company recruiting entry level CSM ?


Any openings for testing?
Manual+automation testing+java
Yoe- 3yrs
Immediate joiner

Please DM



What would be good exit opportunities?


How is trust & safety team at Swiggy? What is the average pay for Sr Manager position - 6 YOE with full time MBA.


Junior partner at MBB strategy consulting. What are potential opps in VC / PE for my industry focus areas?


Impetus Technologies is hiring for L2/L3 #application #supportengineer with experience on #bigdata or #SQL or #snowflake with #linux #scripting

#Experience: 3-8 years

Preferring early joiners.

Interested folks please share cv at

#applicationsupport #productionsupport #bigdata #sql #hadoop #hive #python #rootcauseanalysis #debugging #spark #incidentmanagement

#indore #noida #gurgaon #bangalore #pune #hyderabad #chandigarh #kochi #ahmedabad #jaipur


I am looking for a new role / job change into Broker Vote

Having experience in Broker Vote (capturing regional ranks and preparing score cards for analysts), Deep Dive Analysis, Account Review Meetings, Consumption Reporting, Interactions.


I am preparing for data engineering role in my next switch. I have 2 years of experience in sql and python. I am targeting for product based startup/MNC. Can anyone guide me with a road map of how to prepare for it?


Hello Imad! I remember meeting you as an intern with ParenteBeard. I’m looking to expand my network and gain exposure to Technology Risk (CISA via PA). What types of exit ops would this path offer?


Is it necessary to have IP coding experience to be successful in a CDI role? I have a 4 yr HIM degree and also RHIA.


Found out I am getting a promotion out of a re-org…. Yay! Is it appropriate to negotiate the offer when there was no posted position to “apply” to? My old school retired father advised no — just smile and say thank you (unless I’m ready to walk away). However, with the current economy and state of everything, is it really so offensive? Is there a way to say thank you *and* I need a bigger bump? Help!


Hello fishes, does anyone know the salary range for a business analyst role at capgemini uk. I know Glassdoor may not always be accurate and up to date. 6 YOE.


Please what is the salary range for a Customer solution Engineer at gtech (Google) precisely for Germany or any European country?

Also do you think its worth the switch from a SWE position in a non FAANG to a customer solution engineer at Google?

What are the possible career impacts for someone who love a career in software engineering moving to solution engineer?


Hiring immediate joiners across various software development roles with 3-8 years experience. Please DM if interested.

#java #bigdata #devops #angular #react #kubernetes #redshift #snowflake #fullstack #ios #android #dotnet #architect #support


T2-MBB Lateral hires: is it really THAT different working in MBB than at your T2? Separately, would you do it again?


Omg, this happens to me all of the time. I'll source candidates and setup phone interviews but will not get an answer or setup an actual interview for them to meet with the hiring manager for them not to show up.


What is up with Accenture job portal? Whenever i try to apply for a position, it says they already have my details so I cant apply to any position
Due to this nobody is able to refer me as well, and am not getting any calls from the recruiter

Is there anything I can do ?


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Don’t you love an email thanking your male colleague when you are the one who helped them?


Recommendations for Charleston SC?

Bunch of 25 year old males going for fourth of July.

Trip will most likely be very booze/food focused

Is it worth doing a UI/UX Bootcamp? I really want to pivot my career into this but it’s so expensive.. around $14K. Has anyone here done a complete 180 on their career and can offer some insight?


any recent grads here that work at Capgemini Invent, on the public sector accelerate programme? Hoping to have a conversation


Anyone else hate Mother’s Day? I feel like I have to explain why I don’t have kids and I absolutely love my family, but they always include me in Mother’s Day celebrations... they give me cards and gifts celebrating me as an “auntie” or a “cat mom” feels like a consolation prize or something.


Prospecting: Cold Email vs. Cold Call what’s the best approach?


do you think celebrities are given preferential treatment even if they commit a crime?


Been holding ETH, BTC, OMG and LTC (in order of largest to smallest stacks) for a few years. ETH and BTC have been killing it for me, the others not really.

I’ve lost faith in OMG and LTC was just a diversification play. Thinking about consolidating them in ETH/BTC but also maybe tossing it at something that’s more of a moonshot.

Looking for recommendations on something that isnt a complete shitcoin... any recommendations?


I just wanted to say that I enjoy this bowl so much


Hi, I’m hoping to get some feedback on my book. I’m looking to shift to a senior art director role and just finished reorganizing. Thanks!


Are we all ad people here?


What is the compensation range for IFS managing directors in Tampa or similar tier city? Base and bonus. Thanks



Hello i got an offer from 
Brillio (joining in 2023) but as an intern i have experience of using go-lang as backend developer. So my question is should i join Brillo or look for some other companies. I don't know what type of clients Brillio have and tech they use.

Please help.


How do you transfer pay slips to personal laptop?


Hey folks! I am in the market for my first luxury watch purchase and wanted to get some opinions. I’m currently considering the Omega Speedmaster Reduced, Tudor BB58 Blue, and Cartier Tank (bracelet). Any thoughts, opinions, experiences on these or any others I should look at? I am looking for a watch that’ll be a good go-to for any occasion and is ~$3k or under (looking at pre-owned). Also, got small wrists so 40mm is probably the max lol. TIA!


This is my first time participating in a 403b and the fees are ungodly and the market has been anything but sexi. I’ve moved all future contributions into the money market fund with a guaranteed 1.70 return until 12-31-2022. The funds are pretty generic life cycle funds etc. How should treat this thing?10% Roth contributions and employer match 6%.


Additional Posts in India referrals MBB+

McKinsey & Company Bain & Company Hey Fishes,

I’m looking for a referral at Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company.

Thank you.

Hi Fishes, how much does the post-graduation college matter while applying for Bain & Co.? when one has the relevant experience, skills, and certifications mentioned in JD. Also, any leads on referrals for Supply Chain Consulting jobs would help.

McKinsey & Company Hi folks, I hold an offer from BCG, and require referral for McKinsey & Company.

YOE - 1 yr 4 months


Preferred Location- Bengaluru

Thank you in advance.

Bain & Company Got referred to Bain 4 days back but haven’t got a call yet.I guess the conversion rate from referrals to interview call is way too low to put any bet.
Bain & Company


Bain & Company I am looking for a referral at Bain & Company or Boston Consulting Group for their research roles. Any leads? Bain & Company Boston Consulting Group


Bain & Company Hi everyone,

I am currently working as a Software Engineer in Persistent Systems.

I have total exp of 8 months and serving notice period. I have offers from Mckinsey and BCG for their tech roles, but I wish to switch to consulting.

Could anyone please refer me or if you know someone who could refer me at Bain & Company for the Associate Consultant position?

Thank you in advance.

I cleared my CA in July 2021 attempt and have completed my articleship from EY. Please let me know about opportunities in Management/ Strategy Consulting. Your assistance would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

Bain & Company Hey, need a referral in BCN for an associate position. Can someone help me out pls?Bain & Company

Bain & Company Need referral in Bain & Company .

Any part time remote job offers please support

McKinsey & Company Bain & Company Hi Fishes, Engineer+MBA here. Background in software and tech research. Is it possible for me to get crack MBBs and get into consulting?Suggestions are welcome. Anyone who made a similar transition can share their advice as well. McKinsey & Company Bain & Company Boston Consulting Group

Can anyone describe the McKinsey interview process for the business analyst position in India?


Bain & Company Hi Fishes,

Hows the interview process at bain capability network?
What questions are asked, i am assuming case questions definately Bain & Company

Role- Project lead


Bain & Company Hi Fishes, Could someone guide on project lead role at BCN (bain capability network)? Whats the day like, the pros and cons, role and responsibilities..Bain & Company

McKinsey & Company Bain & Company Hi All, I require referral for Associate Consultant role Bain & Company or McKinsey & Company Could anyone help me with it? I have 1.5 years of technical experience in BI Analytics space.


How can I switch to Case team at Boston Consulting Group, upon completing two years as a Junior Analyst in Gamma ? TIA.

Any referrals for scrum master/agile coach in

Hi Fishes, can anyone explain the job of Senior Knowledge Analyst at the Boston Consulting Group?


Procter & Gamble Hello All,

Need reference for a job in Unilever Procter & Gamble Thanks!

Hi there, I will be completing 1 yoe in May 2022 and looking to join MBB's. My key skills are Aletryx, SQL, Excel with VBA, R, Python, Tableau, and Power BI. I am looking for some guidance from people working in Analyst roles at MBBs.


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