How much leave encashment is given in globant on relase

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Till now fnf is not done for me. Will tell you once done. Btw you are from which studio?

Yes on basic salary


How was the life with Globant??

This goes same for any service based company. But in globant I have heared big4 clients are merciless. Working hours are hectic.


Hi author,
Did you find the information? What is the maximum limit of pto leaves you can encash during release

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Hi Fishes

Please please please help me with the following:

What are the perks or benefits provided by SCB?
How is associate manager placed in the hierarchy?
What is the avg salary for associate manager?



What’s the best benefit at your firm?


Hi I have joined CTS in 2017 and its been 5 years, my last day is March 24th, I'll be eligible for gratuity amount.

And this time I got rating 1 since I dropped papers thy gave me 1 rating, will this affect any way?

Hi Is it possible to take long leave in Thoughtworks In my current company ADP totally 36 days plus 9 public holidays. We can easily use them with long leaves.


For parents with school-age kiddos (kindergarten up), what do you do for childcare? Thinking about giving up our nanny, but worried about juggling days off, sick days, and summer break.


How long do you stay on holiday leave for the holiday season?

You’re either not valuable to your company and/or your job isnt that important if you’re able to take PTO and not at least send some e-mails.


What are some citi benefits or employee perks we love ? I will start. Free citibike.


I am due to take 2 weeks parental leave sometime in the next month and have an offer lined up. Is it better to tell the new place I would prefer to push my start date to take my leave and join two weeks after (accounting for 2 weeks of notice when I get back)? Would that be burning a bridge with current firm (taking leave and giving notice as soon as I am back)? I want to avoid losing 2 weeks of salary during that time if I can.


What’s an appropriate internal and external out of office for parental leave when I am definitely NOT checking my email? I’m a 6th year associate for context.


What are the perks or benefits we get in ADP ?


I have family visiting and requested about a month ago for a few days off after Christmas but it wasn’t granted since my other teammate has that time off. The main client we bill to has the entire season off so I’m not sure why I wasn’t given off. I indirectly let my manager know and was advised to hash it out with my team. How would you approach this?


Anyone from NYC Health & Hospitals? How are the benefits?


I am serving notice period in CTS.. Is there anyway leave balance can be adjusted with notice period.. My manager is totally against it.. Even when my KT sessions are almost complete.. yoe - 10.

I am going to join EY in early march, i want to know the EY leave calendar and how much leave we are providied by organization?


Evaluating an offer from Amazon. What are some benefits to consider ? Cell phone, gym, employee discounts.. ?


Does EYP have same general health benefits as EY? Was it a downgrade from before acquisition?


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Which company I have to join dxc or cognizant or mphasis almost same package I want wlb is must yoe; 6 years technology : java package;17lpa thanks in advance


Hi, please reach out with email id, full name and specially job id for if you want a referral at Target. Will be happy to provide one.


How many folks here work on their own inhouse with the support only of an agency versus having a team around them. Trying to figure out the right fit to grow what we’re doing, but not sure how much I really need internally with an agency (maybe at least one person so I can relax on my PTO). Thanks gang


I have appeared for nagarro interview.

I cleared first 3 online rounds (Aptitude,technical,coding).

After those rounds they took 4 in-person technical rounds.

Generally they take 2 technical rounds but in my case they took 4 rounds.

What could be the reason behind that ?

I had 4th round today and waiting for the result.

YOE - 8 years (.Net full stack)


Anyone knows about the base for chase PCA?


Working in Assurance Bengaluru, I want to request a transfer to Delhi, is that possible?
Also which other cities does GDS have offices in?


Does anyone have recommendations on how to find overall membership data for small and mid sized payers? Not looking just for government plans so CMS won’t work and having no luck. Thank you!!


Hi folks, Can anybody tell me the working hours of wipro and Capgemini? Is it something like mandatory 9 hours in the bay like maintaining this much hours in week like that? Wipro Accenture Capgemini

Why are the London MBBs so competitive when the pay is so much lower than the states? Even when compared to LCOL cities?


Amazon Certificated Developer Associate (DVA-C01) vs Amazon Certificated Solutions Architect (SAA-C02)

Which one should be considered, provided zero AWS experience and current tech stack is Java, Spring Boot, Microservices ?

Your suggestion with why to choose any one of them would be helpful.


Curious if any Kellogg students can give the integration of E&W MBA students in campus life?

I’m exploring E&W vs FT, but would want to plug into FR clubs for networking and am curious on any overlap


This is the ship I feel I’m on right now in the US

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Best app/method to learning a second language? Constantly in commute and ebooks are cool, but want to make use of time.


Any working data science professional interested in freelancing as a one to one mentor ? Please ping me individually


What is the average salary of a finance manager in the Raleigh Durham area


Anyone know what the typical pay is for GSAPers returning from MBA? (Consulting, commercial, S&O)


Is there a fast track to platinum for Marriott?


Anyone have any insights into ICONIQ (hours, culture, comp, etc.)? Have heard mixed reviews so far - specifically that new joiners today have less runway (more of a pyramid today while the folks who joined 5-10 years ago had faster paths to MD / Partner and are sitting pretty). I’ve been hearing that comp is decent (i.e., I did see on a H1B salary database that base for a PE senior associate is $175K, but who knows what cash bonus / carry looks like). No datapoints on culture yet


How do you turn your brain off at night so you can actually sleep and not keep thinking of work?


Additional Posts in Globant

I received a Senior Game Developer position at Globant Game Studios and just wanted to know if anyone has any idea about this department. I received Bangalore as the base Location and they told me Pune is having all the team, in future will they ask me to join in Pune? Which I don't want to.



I can see so many people recieving diwali gift in globant who are working in Pune. Will banglore candidates also get that..?

I m expecting offer from globant for bangalore location. Can somebody give insight about the company... I have offer with big 4 but . Globant may provide competitive. So in confusion which to choose?

How are projects of Salesforce at Globant?
Can anyone please help me with this ?
Also how is work life balance in those projects.

Hi Globers,

Any recent joiners in
Globant here? I was wondering what welcome goodies we receive at Globant! Any comments?



When do we receive Diwali gifts? What do we get?

Hi Fishes, Please help me decide on which offer is good:

PWC AC: 22.5 fix + 2.5 JB+ variable as per policy
Globant: 26.5 fix Yoe: 5.10

Tech stack: Sap Native Hana+BODS.

Please advise in terms of WLB, Quality of work, career progression, other benefits.

Pwc AC Globant

How long does it take for globant to come back with results/feedback from 2nd round of interview?

Did anyone holding offer with Globant received a delayed joining mail with the reason stated 'onboarding restructuring' ? Anyone working at Globant has any insights on this ?


How much fixed pay can i expect from Globant for a UI developer role with 2YOE and current fixed pay- 9lpa.

What is Globant Talent Experience? What questions needs to be answered in this.

What will be hike % for average rating in Globant? I joined 5 months back.

How much does Globant pay max for Senior Software Engineer?
Yoe 7
Skill Drupal

How are the client interviews here in Globant?

How is the work life balance at Globant?

Hi All,

Any openings for Documentum Admin at pune location ?