How To Choose Between Two Offers? Baker Tilly RSM Comp is the same. Benefits are a little better at Baker Tilly but a referral got me in the door at RSM.

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Unless you want to clarify with everyone you meet you don’t work for a bakery I would go to RSM.


Lmfao no one would suspect that of me

I would start by asking what is truly important to you. Benefits at BT are very strong and many you won’t find externally published. They are in growth mode and will continue to provide more opportunities beyond previous years/reputation. There are many positive experiences I could share, but without knowing your motivations, I don’t know what to highlight. That said, I do see our firm as progressive and trying to meet people where they are. That may also be part in f the problem in sharing a particular viewpoint.


Hi BakerTilly 2, I have never direct messaged anyone here before, but curious to gain your insight into Baker Tilly - Advisory + Consulting practice. Thanks!

Baker Tilly! 😃


Please elaborate

Baker tilly. The benefits are worth it. It’s a great company that recognizes hard working people are valuable no matter what they’re doing.


What questions can I answer? My perspective is it’s a great company that invests in their team members holistically. Flexibility is great. Safeharbor is decent. Paid maternity/paternity. People are all really great. It’s audit. You’re going to work a busy season but that’s all public firms.

I've heard rough things about Baker Tilly locally, but the same can be said for any firm.


Honestly the only complaint about RSM I hear from others is comp so if comp is same as Baker I’d choose RSM.
Idk what LOB or level you’d come in at, but I work in Tech Consulting and love everyone I work with. My practice leader has said our LOB will never be forced to return to office, but they will encourage coming in or at least having occasionally team events to support the firm culture. My WLB is great, I work 45 hours a week. Feel free to DM, best of luck on your decision regardless of who you choose



If audit, I wouldn't go to BT this year. They are updating their caseware to ORB this year and it's a B to deal with. RSM is already converted and going into 3rd year for most jobs. Still some adjustments as there have been some updates, but not as bad as starting from scratch.

Ahh, misinformed then. Had a buddy go to BT and hop back to RSM and that was his excuse for coming back. It was with an office that was recently acquired as well.

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Bruh I had one colleague make me do “desk research” on three of our competitors. I was already confused on the areas she was focused on. Turns out she got offers from them and made me do her “pro contra” list. She went to DT lol


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