I have HR round for salary discussion with mindtree. I have 8 yoe and working in salesforce technology and current CTC is 19 LPA fixed. How much shall I ask for a module lead position?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at


30-40% max

Know your band range, I think for module lead Max is 24lpa, am not sure.

Pitch as max as possible, you will end up better.

They have given me c5 and 28lpa. Is it justified?

For 8 years, 28 is good one compare to your CTC, but if you have notice period time and if you have a better salary in mind, you can attend other companies and get better offers and renegotiate in Mindtree.

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McKinsey & Company Any advice to help prepare for data science analyst role at top consulting firms (McKinsey & Company EY Boston Consulting Group etc)? Any materials, open source platform recommended to take on freelance data science project? When should I start actively looking and applying? I am a new grad who is working in tech as a marketing analyst I’m looking to pivot to marketing& sales data science consulting next year. Would like someone with similar backgrounds offer some practical tips.


Looking for a possible referral to Adobe Can share resume and LinkedIn prior. Thank you!


How do you guys feel about the Tudor black bay with two tone gold/champagne diall.

Bonus points: I'm 26 a Senior Consultant. Does it look ridiculous for age/position to have people see me with it at networking events?


FTI is hiring real estate consultants and accountants across all levels. DM me if interested


I’ve been working as a Sr. Finance Manager for a few years now and I’ve always felt undervalued because my role is more than that. However I’m unsure of what the market for a Sr Finance Manager in advertising should make so I don’t know if I’m justified in feeling that way. Anyone have any experience with that?


Need referral for this opening. Thanks

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Anybody have any books to recommend on basics of threat intelligence? New role, long flight.


I am done with the multiple rounds of technical interviews in PWC AC and HR confirmed that the feedback is positive and they are working on next process.
Its been one week I haven't received any communication on that. When I called HR, she told that background check team will reach out to me over email or call in some days.

Can anyone suggest if I should hope for the offer letter in this case from PWC AC or not.
Also, what salary I should negotiate for Senior Associate.


What kind of exit ops and career paths are there from process improvement/automation advisory? Also having an accounting background?


At this point all I care about is salary what would result in your opinion most money •CFP •CPA •prestigious MBA •CFA •CAIA •coding boot camp I’m at $85k now


Anyone from Synechron here.

Can please tell me about the Synechron Finlabs?

The recruiter is telling me they are opening access for me in FinLabs. What does that mean?

Will I be contributing to FinLabs Innovation projects or what?


Hey everyone! I’m currently a implementation consultant and I’m interested in making a pivot to Tech, specifically in a Product or Program Manager role. Do you have any suggestions on certs (CSM, CAPM, etc.) that I should take to make the switch? Any other advice in general?


I am working In TCS and its been an year. I have no issues in TCS. No work load...infact there is no work at all and In terms of salary I am at my career peak..recently I got an offer from a company which is founded in 2012.I am in system admin role and the role which was offered to me is of presales. Should I move ?


Hi Fishes ,

What are roles and responsibilities of Sr. Associate in CTS. Is it more Development related or more of Tech lead type role and how about is WLB and Job security at this role in CTS. Please help me here to understand in order to make correct decision :) . Thanks!!


Hey yall. I'm interviewing for a cloud PgM role at Google. But I actually have been trying to get into PM in tech. Is it possible to do a lateral internal transfer to PM from PgM at google after a little while?

Also, were any of you PgMs at google and left to do PM? I'm curious if that's an option in tech industry. I know PM is hard to get into tho so idk if they'll accept a google PgM.


Hi, I would like to get more insight for a ex vivo lung technician? I would like to know more about what the job entails and the salary expectations. I was offered up to $25/hr.


I am looking into joining a seed stage startup that's been around for 1 year. I have 13 years of experience and am currently a senior people manager making $470k per year (salary plus equity). The salary for the startup job would be about 1/3 of my total comp. What is a reasonable equity percentage to ask for?


What salary should I ask for Teamcenter Developer post with 3 years of experience and current CTC is 5.25 ?


Hey, What is the Salary band for SA1, tech role_to be specific testing in PWC Bangalore? Can you please share yours?


Any one from EY Poland can tell me about salary range for consultant and senior consultant ?

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Hi Sharks,

Is it worth to join CTS Mumbai. Does CTS Mumbai has good projects?

I have offer from CTS for Mumbai location and I don't want to relocate to any other location as I born and brought up in Mumbai only.

Please suggest.

Technology :- RPA UiPath

Hello fishes,

I have the below mentioned offer, just let me knw the best offer for consideration.
Yoe: 9yrs
Offer-1: Infosys india: 1,10,000/- Pm
Offer-2: Singapore: 4500/- $ Pm
Offer-3: Malaysia: 13,500/- RM Pm

Thanks in advance.


Hello Fishes,

Anyone from Zen n Art, how's the company? I have got an offer and the client is PwC

The real winner at the super bowl is Tams.


How much does a PIMCO account analyst make in NYC? Is it a front office rol3v PIMCO




Any schools that place a high emphasis on GMAT? Have a high gmat but a low gpa.


Anybody in here willing to chat? Moving to Stockholm this year and have a lot of questions.

Do you think Bain or McKinsey comp will be better or worse then BCG X? Especially in EMESA.


Trying to help out my gf who has 3 years experience in futures trading and finishing up a data science masters at a top Uni. What are the firms that still sponsor h1b for masters grads?

We have scripted programs for everything. Do I really need much of a lesson plan?


Hi Guys. Since Amex Flex is starting from 1st November in Bangalore. Any one is looking out for flats in Bangalore like me can connecf

Are there as much freelance work in London as there are in New York?


I have to document the difference between the responsibilities and skills of L2 and L3,l specific to the company, which I am finding difficult because they technically have access to do the same thing and perform the same tasks. Any ideas you want to share would be helpful, I shouldn’t say difficult but more having to really think on how to make them different.


Hello All,

I need your help. Currently I'm working as Senior IT Analyst which is a non tech role but I want to switch my career in Business Analyst/Data Analyst.

Anyone please refer me in any company as I want to get some experience in the same field.

Currently I've more than 3 years of experience.
Most preferred Location- Pune.

Thanks in Advance


Hi guys can we leave Virtusa in a day? I have got a better offer? Also how is Google account for wlb?


Larsen & Toubro Infotech Hii all Anyone got day 1 gift delivered or received tracking id? Larsen & Toubro Infotech


I cleared L1 and L2 rounds in @capgemini.. Its been more than a week i cleared L2..Havent recieved any calls yet from HR..How many days they would take for salary discussion..
How much ctc can be asked?
Current ctc -11.35 lpa
YoE - 8.7 years
Stream - Automation testing


Just trying to plan ahead for next year, but does it matter which round you apply to? Planning to apply to 8 schools (4 each round). Schools I want more in R1, reaches in R2. I'm an Asian American F, low GPA/high GMAT, T10 Engineering, 4 YoE in consulting (if that changes anything).


Additional Posts in Mindtree Ltd

Hi Team,

I soon going to join Mindtree. How about shifts I don't need night shifts (due to personal reason) it is possible to say to HR and work on APAC or EMEA(Noon) shift

I have an offer as Technical Manager in Mindtree India . I have about 12 years of relevant experience in Java application development and mentoring and team leading. They said it is an onsite role with Mindtree Germany ( already done with client interview). My India salary is decent as per Indian market standards.Any idea how much will they offer me as Germany salary for the onsite role? Is it the same like other MNCs - TCS , Infosys, HCL,Wipro etc? Or how much I can ask? Mindtree


How is the YoY hike, WLB and job security at Mindtree for C4 band?


Midtree asking people for WFO??? Does mindtree has DC in Noida??


Delivered Mindtree laptop today, can we use this laptop for our uses like learn online, play YouTube, netflix and all after office hours?


Hi All

I joined Mindtree this month and they said there will be client interview. Can you please let me know how it will be, whether easy or tough?


Will we not get any diwali gifts from Mindtree?

How much time they will retain if you don't get any projects in Mindtree!!!

I'm a informatica resource..


Mindtree fishes still working from home or hybrid started ?

Hi all, After giving second technical/managerial round in Mindtree, they have not contacted me... Does this mean i am not selected?

Mindtree which location is good? In Bangalore?

How do you all feel about the new entity LTIMindtree. What are your fears or what are things that you all excited about?


Can we shift between technologies in Mindtree if we have done certification?

Hi Fishes,

Can anyone please refer me in

Currently serving notice period(LWD- April 22)

Skills- MS Sql Server, T-SQL, SSIS, Datwarehousing, GIT, MS Excel Macros, Basics of Python and PowerBI Exp-1.7 years


I joined mindtree in 29th November 2021. Mindtree gave 60000 joining bonus. I have put resignation last week. My last wrkng day is in february. In offer letter it is mentioned that i have to return joining bonus if i haven't stayed for one year. Do i need to pay back joining bonus or not?

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