I received an offer letter from Mindtree just after one technical round of interview. There was no managerial or HR negotiation round. I am also do not know about my exact role and responsibilities. I feel a little skeptical about this.

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Hi , I gave interview on 22nd May, and got a mail stating " Congrats you are almost there..." and asked to fill the form. I had submitted it on same day. Till today (i.e, 31st May) I haven't got any offer letter. Do anyone of you know how many days does it take to send a offer letter


Don't expect, I haven't received anything after this. I lost the count of weeks also

I just received call from recruiting HR, and she informed that the offer letter has been put on hold as my interview was conducted through external agency (FloCareer) in my case. It seems there was some decision made on 26th May that interviews conducted by external agencies would not be considered and the selected candidates may have to go through another round of interview which will be conducted by Mindtree internal people.


I got call from hr 2 days back, he asked me to share adhar card snapshot on an meeting to him, as durinf intervirw it was not clear 😆😝 i kind of pasted adhar card on wall and then helped him taking snapshot of the same using lappy webcam, soch k dekho kasa scene tha hahaha.
Uske bd b offer letter nt recvd tikl now.

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Eventhough the Position which I applied is for Immediate requirement the notice period given was 15 Days only. Now almost 15 Days completed from the date of my interview. Actually my Notice period is 90 days but for applying this position I said as 15 Days. Even in the Google form I entered it as 15 Days because I don't want to loss this opportunity. But, I don't know what is going to happen with me...


No I didn't get any

Your total years of experience? And how much they offered for react developer?


You got the good package for 1.11 years of experience. Contact HR or recruiter and ask them is it possible to set up quick call with project lead or manager. Just want to know about my role, responsibilities and tech stack.
Sometimes HR person don't have project details in depth so it's better to reach out to the technical person.


I too have similar experience. I had one round of interview and then I received an email saying I am selected and need details for offer letter. Though I have not received the offer letter yet, nither recieved any call from any SPOC. Can you please specify how long did it take for offer letter generation and if there was any salary negotiation beforehand?


I think its a phishing activity going in name of mindtree, because I got the offer letter but was never asked to fill google forms. Be Alert! while doing so from personal devices.

Hi Folks,

I gave 1 round of technical interview on 14th, got the questionnaire on 15th and offer rolled on 18th.
YOE is 3 yrs and CTC offered is 80% hike.
Technology stack is Enterprise Datacenter Operations.
Role has been changed from Infra to Testing.
Will they revoke the offer in later dates ? Feeling a bit skeptical , since offer rolled after 1 round of interview.

I've accepted the offer , since role and opportunity to learn is good, but don't know if they rollback it later .

Kindly advise.


Offer can't be rolled back once it is released

Was interviewed on 12th June.
Got the selection mail and filled up the form on 14th June.
Got a call from an HR on 26th June.
Got the offer letter on 30th June.


Joining bonus being offered in Mindtree ?

HR didn't mention while sending offer letter.

At last my HR attended my call yesterday.. He said the Position which I applied is in hold. After the Position gets open he will schedule my second round.. He replied...


Given 1st round of interview of Mindtree on 10 Nov, HR round on 25 Nov. Not received offer letter yet. After how much time I will receive the letter. My status is showing shortlisted in portal.


Did you receive the offer letter?

Thats strange. How's the CTC?

Around 80% Hike on my current CTC

If you have received the offer letter doc. Then it must be mentioned in there in the second page: your role and your grade.

You can anytime contact the recruiting HR and ask them the same thing. If you have not yet accepted the offer, then tell them you want to sign it but have a few quries.
When they ask what quires, then you can ask all your questions.

Though it generally doesn't not happen, still it is quite possible. You may ask for your doubt to the contact SPOC mentioned in the offer letter. BTW, what technology/framework you were interviewed?

I was interviewed for ReactJS

I too am going through a similar experience. Applied for job on 30th April, interview was scheduled on 19th May and today, that is , 21st May I received call from HR informing that there won't be any further technical rounds and that I will receive a link to fill in details and HR discussion will happen after that.

I filled up the form. Can you please let me know if you got the salary you mentioned at the beginning as your expected CTC? Also, if you can please highlight how much percentage of total CTC is the fixed component?

I received the offer letter 8 days after my CTC discussion.


I am in the same scene. Anyone here get any update from Mindtree?

I received the offer letter after 11 days of filling up the form.


Anybdy else, yet to recv offer letter even after weeks post salary discussion? Its been more than 35 days for me 😯🙄

Any updates ? Did you get the offer letter ?

Anybody got joining date delayed? As i have been given period of around 70 days but i have notice period of 90 days. What shall i do?? Shall i drop them an email????

You can check with onboarding team. They might help you to extend the joining the date. I'm telling this because they kept asking if I was comfortable with my joining date or want a different joining date.


I have given technical round on 15th June'21 and Managerial round on 16th June 21, all got cleared and got a mail stating " Congrats you are almost there..." and asked to fill the form for formal offer letter. I had submitted it on same day. But no HR round happens after that, is that they give offer letter directly without HR round, how they decide my hike % and all ? is anyone having experience on this of Mindtree

@cognizant 3, you got the offer letter ?

I had an interview on 5th and still not got offer letter. I already had a salary discussion with HR. From last 2-3 days i can see application status in portal as Parked. What should i do?

Tried contacting her and emailed her too multiple time but didn't get any response

Same happened with me also. Just one round of TR and after that i got mail to submit some basic details like when i can join , current and expected CTC and post that directly got the offer letter.
No managerial or Hr call.
Have you connected with any of Hr for the same ?

After how many days you received offer letter?

I have recently received offer from Mindtree where 2lakhs is given as FEP. I'm seeing in quora thay if you don't declare this amount it is not paid? Is this true? Please help as I have other offers as well which I will consider if this is true.

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