I recently cleared interview in TCS for Salesforce domain role and had my HR round few days back, In HR round HR said they can give me the same CTC I am currently getting in my current company as I am switching the job in 6 months so they can't provide any hike, Is this a valid reason? also during interview scheduling process I had told them on hike % of bare minimum which they had agreed and then proceeded with interview but now HR is not providing any hike, what should so do in such situation,

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works at
You are currently posting as works at

Same happened with me. They are not giving even 25% hike.


Same happened to me. Hr agreed at a certain amount but after clearing all rounds they are negotiating at a very less amount. Nothing much can be done here except for looking elsewhere.

Anyone received salary breakup after hr discussion?

Looking for salary breakup too

Take that offer and try for other companies have you received any salary breakup mail after HR discussion

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A recruiter asked me if I’m currently interviewing anywhere else during a phone screening. At the time no else had reached out. I’ve accepted an interview with another company. Should I include that in my follow up email?


To home grown consultants who went to industry, where did you go? I feel like my chemical engineering degree is basically an art piece for my office and am struggling to figure out my exit. Consulting has made me a jack of most trades and a master of none.


Hope everyone is doing well.
Currently I am looking for a job change.
Kindly provide reference for any openings in Bangalore for
Information Security Consultant profile. Exp 1.5 yrs
Work exp-
Web application Penetration testing (grey, white & black box)
Network Architecture Review
Digital Forensics Readiness Assessment
System Configuration Review
Secure Code Review


What is the range of tcs systems engineer lateral entry salary ??


If I was a junior on a team during a campaign launch, is that something I can put in my book? I helped during the concepting phase, was responsible for keeping the boards up to date, and wrote a lot of the supporting materials (print, social etc) but obviously I was not on the shoot or the lead on writing the script. As long as I’m clear about my role is that acceptable?


Hi all, not sure if this is the right bowl but can anybody shed any light on salaries for TSE ops/tech as well as the actual role titles in London (is it associate, senior associate, manager?) I’m in early discussions for a role currently and would like to grasp expectations, presumably these are different to legacy EY-P?


My parents were working class. I make $275k/yr. How can I teach my kid good money principles while not denying him of the opportunities I never had.


Hi All....I am looking for job in finance domain & have 5 yrs experience. Please help me with referral in your respective company. I am also open to refer in TCS.
@Genpact Amazon Accenture Deloitte RealPage, Inc. Infosys Wipro Invesco Cotiviti Inc Cognizant S&P Global Hitachi Vantara ICE GitLab Capgemini Goldman Sachs HCL Technologies HSBC India IBM L&T Technology Services


I am CGA/CPA in Ontario with 10 + years working in Transportation and logistics industry as Financial Analyst.
Currently working for a large 600+ million plus
Was not actively looking for new opportunities , was approached by a recruiter 3 weeks ago with an opportunity of Finance Manager role in almost similar size 500+ mill for their logistics division which is fairly new and small
Currently my annul compensation is 80 k.
3 wk vac. Offered 105 k + 20%
What should I do or look for in accepting

Hi Everyone, need some advice. The only reason why I took my current role is because my direct supervisor would be a black woman VP- I was obviously excited because I've never worked with another black woman before. She's been out on maternity leave since September and I've had to cover her role and do my job, which is two levels above mine and supervising someone above my level. Yesterday the SVP tells me they found a new VP (ww) who would be my new boss.

Hi Fishes,

Recently interviewed with
Tata Consultancy for developer position.
All rounds are completed. The interview went very good as mentioned by manager.
How much can I expect as compensation, or how much should I ask for ECTC.

YOE: 6.3 years
Tech: ServiceNow
Currently holding offer : 14LPA

Thanks in advance

How do I ask to change my job title? The duties that they’ve recently added is outside the scope of my current role. I have pulled job descriptions from other firms and the new duties match


Can anyone refer me for Account Management role in EY.
YOE - 3.3
Available to join immediately


Hello fishes,

I have an offer from another MNC which offered me 20LPA for my 11 year of experience
Now Capgemini is trying to retain me for the same and offering me the same package (20 LPA) and release from current project with opportunity for a different role(architect/manager) which didn't happen in 1 year of fight so far.
Current role: Team Lead.

Please share your thoughts.


I’ve been working with a company for 8 months and got a 1% raise at 6 months. Recently, I’ve started taking on new responsibility and even training people. Based on these and my previous experience, I think I should be able to request a raise. But I’m not 100% sure how to frame it. Does it matter that I’m “new”? Is there a timeframe?


Has anyone pivoted into tech from a non-tech role in the UK? How did you go about it?


Currently interviewing for a VC Associate role (pre-MBA), a FAANG PM Role, and have 2 Series A funded startup offers for product/growth. Does it make sense to wait until I can get MBB experience?


Looking for a referral in Adobe for BA -> PO-> PM role. Total experience 8.5 years. Please drop a comment and I'll reach out to you. Thanks


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Spent the weekend at a reunion with my college roommates and can tell I was only included by obligation. Nobody made an effort to include me in conversation or planning the evenings. I felt invisible most of the time, and the fact it was also my birthday made it even worse.


Client’s in a different time zone. Feel bad that I pushed to do a presentation during what would be their lunch hour. Am I being ridiculous, given there’s really no such thing as a lunch hour atm?


Hi can anyone refer me to the QA role in OpenText?


Pan de Sal (Filipino Bread Rolls)

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What if I post a picture of 100 lb. Rufus and 22 lb. Moses together, will I be banned?


What do you think about 5G briefs and projects?


Need to do resign as received better opportunity. Plz suggest

Link not working
e-exit.ey.net after remote connect.
In success factor where resign link is available.


Hi everyone, 2nd year junior associate going on my 3rd year - working in big law . Got staffed on my first corporate financing deal and I’m completely new to this (usually do private M&A deals) . Super happy about this new opportunity but also kinda freaking out. Really want to make a good first impression and do good job on this deal? Any tips ? ☺️


Favorite brands for work dresses? I need to upgrade my wardrobe & I’m looking for dresses that are wrinkle-free and comfortable!

Anyone else done menopause completely natural?


Get to the office around 830 so wake up around 715. How much time do you give yourself to get to the office?


Caramel used Apple Cinnamon Semolina Cake 🎂

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I know it varies by severity of injury, but does anyone have experience with inguinal hernia surgery recovery time? I lift decently heavy and was wondering if I could get back to 100% after 6 months.

Could anyone please provide me a referral for the ServiceNow developer role at VMware? Total IT Experience: approx 8 years, Relevant Experience: 7 years.

Hi fishes,

What happens in a mid year appraisal. i heard no hikes but performance review will be there. What can we expect?

having 2 weeks off and single, solo traveling. what places to visit on the west side of the american continent (canada, US, down to central america)? i like outdoors at the same city lively cities


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Is there any chance to get rehired in TCS?

How secure is TCS ITA Job?

Hi, Got offer from TCS with 8 YOE with location as Bangalore. The job location mentioned in the email is one of the offices (there are multiple offices) in Bangalore far away from my residence. Is there any option to opt for nearby location? Does TCS Hr or manager consider such requests? I know its WFH for time being but looks like offices gonna open soon.

I have TCS Site Reliabulity Engineer final Interview round tomorrow.

May I know if any one has experienced it recently of this?


Hi folks

I got an offer from TCS. In the ibegin portal I see the location is Hyderabad-JST-STP.

Does anyone know which office location on Hyderabad does this belong to?


What is the max salary intl tcs at associate consultant level?

I had a tech interview for TCS today I gave answers for 70% of the questions rest 30% couldn’t able to answer is thr any chances of me getting selected?
And one more thing how much time they will take to declare the tech interview result and where they will declare?

Answer both queries.


Hi ,

Can you help me to locate where are TCS office for SAP do they have in pune ...is there any office in magarpatta..

Thanks in advance


Has anyone's joining postponed in Tcs due to bgc scheduled status in ibegin portal? I have my joining and it's status on ibegin is showing as bgc scheduled.


I was contacted by Recruitment agency; they created my profile in iBegin; later nothing happened! Now I couldn't apply to any positions in TCS. Can someone advise what to do next? Looking for HELP! My last working day in HCL is 8-April. I work as Scrum Master.

Do TCS terminates experience professional in probation period if you are not performing well?Tata Consultancy Wipro Cognizant


What is jl of applications architect in tcs...is it C3b or c4 or higher??


I was recently selected in tcs and offered 7 LPA.
Now I have another offer for 10 LPA. Can I renegotiate my compensation with TCS and ask them to match the offer.

Hi Friends,

I might get call from HR for salary negotiation next week. I want to know how much fixed pay is offered in TCS at 11 yoe and tech stack AWS + Java.


Is tcs calling all employees to work from office