Need help with preparation for AWS Cloud Practitioner certification.

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Yes pls

I have recently started the course "Ultimate AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner -2022" on Udemy by Stephane Maarek

Even I need some pointers

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Hi there, I am currently working in small startup as php developer and I am B.Sc 🎓 graduate. I am confused that shall I need to do my master(MCA) or continue to get industry experience for better promotion and career growth please help me. Infosys IBM Amazon Tata Consultancy Newco


Hi fellow Fish, I am a junior here at Texas State University and work in the Realty Execution part in Home office Walmart and currently posses two Google IT certifications and in the process of obtaining a Cybersecurity certificate from ISC2 Im looking to break into any role in tech. Any options??


What would you do if you were 29, single and public accounting makes sense for you on paper but you have more bad days than good? I don’t really like accounting, but excel in client management, staff training, amp is recruiting, etc. The firm I work for loves me but feel super lost as I’m not sure this is for me....I study doesn’t seem to be for me either tho. Any advice?


Looking for inputs and insights into developing Executive Presence as an immigrant female. Any books, tutorials, live classes etc. that has helped anyone and willing to share? Also looking to hear what in your experience has been the reason that impedes the exec presence someone could potentially bring in a senior leadership setting. How does that differ for a M vs. F candidate?


CBS, Kellogg or Booth for Healthcare? Looking to target MBB in the short term and Healthcare in the long run.


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I’m currently a project manager in the middle of a large project, but I feel unfulfilled in my work and honestly don’t have enough to do to fill even 20 hours a week. I probably could find more to do within my role outside of the project, but it’s not work that interests me. Would you recommend transitioning to a role that I might be more passionate about? Or wait until the project picks up more and invest more time in training the team?

I sincerely appreciate any insight y’all can bring 🥹


I am currently in the midst of completing my Google PM certificate. I’m looking to be a project manager and pivot my career from Finance to Tech. My target company is Google. Are there any tips you all have for me? How should I go about getting my foot in the door? Other bowls I should join?


I have 2 offers. Impetus : IDW SQL EXPERT ROLE IN LEAPLOGIC. TIGER : Pypsark, Aws developer. Please help to choose between two based kn career growth.

Infosys Impetus technologies inc Tiger Analytics

Honest thoughts on best qualifications to go after to break into PE from consulting - should I go after ACA/CFA/CAIA? I feel I’ve only got the patience to do one of these 😂


Hi everybody,

Looking for some insight/curious to hear how others would handle this situation:

I have an offer I want to accept; I was trying to negotiate for a signing bonus… but they’re not budging.

The issue is, the start date is in a month and I’m up for a promotion in a week at my current company. I would like to leave before I get promoted, I think it would be pretty low of me to accept and promptly quit.

Not the new employer’s problem? Or can/should I try to leverage this?


Big4 or Amazon retail rotation for post-mba offer, which role will open the most doors or offer the highest earning potential over your career (>$300k)?


Hi Folks,
Having 3YoE in procurement research and now in a research team at an MBB, I feel I've reached plateau learning-wise. Have been focused in Chemical domain throughout.

I now intend to explore roles on client(Chemical Companies) side (like SCM, Planning, Strategy) but unsure how do I go about it.

What should be an ideal career roadmap for someone like me. How should I prepare/do in order to pivot towards those roles?

PS. I'm a BE Chemical Engineering, and no MBA.


Thinking of joining a software start-up that raised $10m in round A. What should I be demanding in benefits to make a switch worthwhile? I am a 1st year consultant with one of MBB. Thanks team!!


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Can someone please explain to me why law firms continue servicing clients which fail to pay 100% of their legal bills? How are they not immediately dropped as a client and sent to collections, like any other normal profession?


Hello! I’m moving to the UK soon from the USA and will be working at Deloitte. Per my contract, I will be working 35 hours per week. How realistic is that though? I’m in the advisory practice. In the US, we are booked for 45hrs per week, but I would usually work closer to 55hrs and sometimes more during busy season. TIA


Will have about 80.000 United points. Where to fly in November/December? Economy is perfectly fine. Can United points be transferred to partner airlines?

Even though some job postings include the range, the recruiter still asks me what my desired salary range is? Im totally fine with the salary range posted in the job description - that’s why I applied. Do you guys usually give a higher number or just narrow the range down but stay within the salary range posted with the job description?


how do i use this mobile application? thank you in advance, i want to get a job.



I hv offer from cts for 19 ( 18 plus 1 jb)
Domain : testing
Yoe : 10 years
I have hr discussion for tcs
How mch can i ask?
Considering the fact some companies dont respond when asked out of budget


If I have to take the red line then walk out of the station to take the blue line, do I get charged twice?


Impetus is hiring for Big data engineers

Skills :
-spark, hadoop, hive, sql
- java / python / scala
-spark ML, elastic search , solr , nosql, data lake concepts , ETL
-data governance, data privacy, data compliance, data security

Required skills might change according to the role you fit in... All above skills are not required....

Exp 2 -12 yrs

Dm me for refferal


What grants are available for first time homebuyers (non/military)? I could only find ones for low income.


Recruiter at Edelman?


Starting to view OW & Alixpartners as tier 1 firms. Can anyone talk about the differences in perks and benefits


How do you get back into a structured routine after going on vacation? It's always awful for me. I have next week off and I'm hoping to have an easier transition into work life when I get back this time around.


KPMG What's the difference between a Consultant and Senior Consultant intern role? I was offered a Consultant role with KPMG but I have 4.5years of experience prior to starting my MBA. Unsure if I should accept the role? Could I negotiate if I have strategy offer in a different firm?


In EY GDS the variable pay bonus percentage is calculated on the CTC including the gratuity and health insurance or excluding the gratuity and health insurance?


Is GDS Tax practice better to opt for rather than CIT?


change my mind

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Anyone interested in DevSecOps role? There's an open position at my company! Happy to refer! DM

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Any success stories from quitting before having another offer lined up? I know I’m not supposed to (especially in the midst of a pandemic) but just thought I’d ask 🤷🏼‍♂️


Hi Amazonians, I am being interviewed for a role in Amazon. The process started a month back and I still have 1 onsite round and 1 bar raiser round. But now they posted the same job in LinkedIn. What does this mean? Amazon


Additional Posts in DataScientists Network

Hi, I am looking for referrals.

LWD - 22 February 2022
Tech - AIML, Data Science, NLP
YOE - 5.3 years

It will be very much appreciated if anybody could help


Hii sharks 🙌🏻 I have 5 years of experience in Supply Chain and Finance field and am looking to change my career into Data Science. Can I go with Great Lakes - PG program and is it worth the money spent ??

I am in need of a PG degree as my UG was in Civil Engg and also looking for an institution which has good placement support.


Hi there, anyone here from Tiger Analytics who could help me with the work culture, work-life balance, career growth with this company for the role of ML engineer. TIA.


Anyone here working in Anylogic (System Dynamics Simulation)?

Need some help!!


Hi Fishes,
Will you please tell me how is
Brillio in terms of data science and machine learning work?
Thanks in advance.


Hey Guys,

I am currently working as assistant manager in digital media sales. I've always wanted to get into tech industry but haven't been able to because of various reasons.

I keep acquiring programming skills through various free avenues and really want to change my domain into data science. I am planning to get the required skills through Swayam, NPTEL where they offer a 3 months course which is IIT certified.

Do you think this would help me get a job into data science?


Hello Everyone
i have 2 years of experience in Sql and .5 years of experience in data Science... i am currently working on my personal project to have better understanding in this field.
Please guide me where can I get good job in the field of Data Science and what salary package should I expect with this portfolio


I have joined a course for Data Science but it will take 7 months for that course to get completed. I have 4 YOE in finance domain and want to switch my career to Data Analyst. Not sure how I can fast forward this process as I want switch my job asap due to inappropriate work culture but I want a breakthrough into Data Analyst position. Will MS Power Bi certification help me land a job within next 2 months?


Hi Fishes,
I am currently working in stock market industry handling customer service desk.Right now i am in process of learning SQL & Python to transition into data analytics role n then later to Data science. I came across a post which states that it's already a saturated market. I have total exp of 9 years. Now i am confused how to go about it. Which firwill hire profile like mine or should i stop pursuing it. If there is anything else i can learn please advice. Thanks for help in advance.

Hey folks,

I have Decision Scientist offer from
Fractal (15+2JB)
And Senior Analyst (Data Science) from Tiger Analytics (15.5+1JB)

Which shall be a better choice in terms of Data Science learning?

I suspect Decision Scientist shall be more towards consulting and less towards development.
Anybody has any inputs that can help?


Hi All. I am currently working in TCS and pursuing my PGP in Data Science and Business Analytics from Great Learning. I don't know much about job opportunities. I love travelling and some of my friends travel to different countries for a short stint (1-2y) for work. Is there any job/company that would be allow me to travel often (to different countries) as a Data Scientist/Analyst? Sorry if the question sounds dumb. Thanks in advance!


Hello fishes,

Any open positions for Data science Manager or IC in Hyderabad / remote? Please help!!
Yoe: 14 yrs
Tech stack: Data science, ML, NLP,Python
Notice period: 1.5 month left



Is jovian datascience bootcamp worth pursuing ? Please pour your suggestions 🙏

11 likes for dm please


Hello Guys!

I've an upcoming interview at Capgemini
India for Data Scientist profile. They said it’s just for 20 mins. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Would really appreciate if someone can
help me out with what kind of questions I
can expect to help me prepare better for



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Anyone with Machine Learning Test Engineer profile ?