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Our salary bands are comically wide to the point of pointlessness. The SC band is seriously like $60k to $130k


I figured it was something like this. They won’t tell me the range for the Digital Transformation Role I’m interviewing for, they keep saying it’s based on experience and I might not be actually interviewing for a specific role but for any openings that the team may have. It’s an odd process from my experience but I’m interested in seeing where it goes.

It varies by role, clearance, and contract. Senior consultant is a level, not a role. We have uncleared senior consultants providing very unsophisticated staff aug data entry work, and we have full stack software engineers with TS/SCI w/poly. The latter probably makes more than 2x the first.


If managed correctly


Average salary by level can be found on glassdoor.

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I’ve seen lots of posts about needing 20-30% to move to another firm. Would you say the same for moving to industry or does the “being local” / other criteria offset the need for a high raise?


Startup pay vs big tech pay? I’m getting recruited from my AE role in a big tech company to AE roles at startups…is pay anywhere comparable? Making over 300k OTE plus RSUs already…


Can someone confirm what should be salary of PMO Assistant Manager with 6+ years experience?

What percent increase would you leave a fairly steady role for? Ignoring growth or new title stuff. What would you want?


Anyone work for Dentsply Sirona? I recently applied for a role there and wanted to know how soon after the initial phone interview with talent acquisition/recruiter did you hear if you moved on to the second interview?


What would be the take home salary for the below structure

Components of Total Cost to Company

Rs. (Per Annum)

Basic (@40% of Total Fixed Pay)


HRA (@70% of Basic Pay)


Bonus/Statutory Bonus


Employer's contribution to Provident Fund (@12% of Basic Pay)


Flexible Components of TFP ^


Total Fixed Pay (Per Annum)



Hi, i have 9 years of experience. i got offer from Tech Mahindra, Spotcheck and TietoEvry. Package is almost same in all the companies. Please say which is good in work life balance and job security


Interviewing for a Level 3 Business Analyst role at Comcast and was wondering what the salary range is for that role at this company. Any ideas would be appreciated


Any Directors, Assistant Director, Executive Director from PwC. I need some information regarding the final round/ED round mentioned in my email.


Hi all, I'm waiting for the offer / Letter of Intent from Societe Generale. Submitted the compensation documents a week back, would they reject the candidature if the expected CTC is out of their budget? Or atleast let me know..Societe Generale

How challenging are client interviews at Wipro ??
What are the chances of cracking it.. joined after multiple technical rounds and now I'm stressed out due to client interview..


Hello guys,

Offer from Fidelity Investments and quantumblack for data scientist role, Pros and cons?


How much variable pay will be paid in Accenture?

I have an offer with 22.3LPA as fixed and 27% VP.. but they had mentioned total CTC as

22.3 (min - 0% VP)
28.3 (max - 27% VP)

Can I get at least 50% of variable pay in Accenture considering ‘expectations met’ rating?

YOE : 9
Designation offered : Level 9


Hi Fishes,

I got a job offer in BNY Mellon Chennai ( business management ) Vice President role, does anyone know what is the salary band for VP in BNY Mellon ? In my organization it is usually arround 40 - 60L


Hi all, I completed three rounds including hireview test in jpmc and HR has asked for last payslips but post that i haven't heard from them,. Could anyone let me know should I wait for them or they will come back anytime soon

31/F/Chicago/9 yrs experience/110K

Currently am working at Google as an RC @ €41K. Through to final stage of Amazon for “Candidate Operations Specialist” and have call tomorrow with recruiter to discuss salary expectations - any idea what a fair salary would be? 3 years experience , doing masters at the minute etc. Was thinking of starting at €50-€55k mark?


Hey fishes,

Can anyone let me know when can I get my offer letter?

Interview done: 23rd feb 2022
Doc shared: 24th feb 2022
Hr round with salary negotiation: 25th feb 2022

HR said that they will Come back on 3rd march . As said, I got an email asking for few details and I sent it back on 3rd march.

Called HR on 4th mar to know status of my offer and I was told that I will receive it Today.

But no emails till now.. any idea if it will delay more or it will be sent out within today?🥺


Hello, who can help me?
I am interested in knowing how much an oilfield engineer earns. I currently have a job offer from a medium-sized company, but as a recent graduate, I don't know if the pay is adequate.


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Waiting for God of War and for Bungie to grab Halo back from 343 Industries since Destiny has always been trash.
. . .S/O to Horizon Zero Dawn though.

Hello folks,
I have 3.3 years of experience in automation testing. In my current company work culture is very toxic and I'm looking for new opportunity from last 15 days but I'm not getting any call because of 3 months notice period.

Can you please help me out to tackle this 90 days no thing. I'm not brave enough to resign without offer


My consulting firm is hiring for Mechanical / Electrical Engineers for our Boston / San Fran offices. Good WLB and hybrid work. DM to discuss a referral 🚀


I am CA FINAL student, i have done most of my internship into audit but post qualification i want to start my career into taxation( direct & international). Any suggestions or recommendation on whether any big 4 will take a fresher.

I am working hard on my theoretical knowledge before interview.

Also preparing for Enrolled Agent USA, IRS


Where is the resignation option which lti portal. I have to login. Please help me out for this


Hi Guys,
How much can I ask for associate consultant Role
Tech Stack : Salesforce
YOE : 2.2 yrs
Ctc: 4.5

Is Associate consultant role inline with my YOE?


Another request! Please like so I can DM, thanks in advance!


Didn't know that Audit practice at KPMG INDIA (bsr & co llp) would be so bad literally working on weekends as well without pay


How many requisitions a senior tech recruiter can manage at a time?


What kind of work does MBB general consultants /analyst do? Currently doing a lot of PMO work and would like to avoid that and do some actual strategy work. Do you have a choice over projects?


Well good morning folks, single 32 year old guy based in New York. Work out regularly, like pina coladas and long walks in the rain. 😂

Looking for something serious, and for the long haul.

Bars and dating apps are not cutting it 🤣


Hi, i have my joining with cognizant tomorrow(12 sep), i have received the onboarding pass but haven't received any onboarding meeting invite , when do they generally send the meeting invite?


Seeing articles quoting executives who claim one benefit of returning to an in-office setting is more “fun” or that it’s like a “family.” For those of you who started during the pandemic and have never had a fully in-office job, do not be fooled. I like the people I work with, but this is complete and utter nonsense.


Will DG announce an appreciation bonus?


Looking for a position for IAM information Security within Healthcare. Provision, set up access, templates.
SaaS , Sailpoint, Azure . Any ideas ?
Thank you


Is the accenture reopening its office in Bangalore.? Is it necessary to onboard offline.?


In ey gds and kgs which is better to join for a 3 year experienced person as a senior software engineer.
Need your help to decide, your suggestions are appreciated.


How do you balance wanting to be the “go to” person who gets it all done, no matter what, and feeling like you are taken advantage of because of that?


hi friends can you help me in helping the salary range for 7B role in IBM.My" class="linkified" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" >IBM.My current ctc is 18.5 and I have 11 YOE in Middle-ware tool based on IBM. IBM Cognizant Tata Consultancy Mindtree


Additional Posts in Govt & Public Services

Implications of the PwC sale? Are those fuckers coming for Uncle Peat’s Fed Audit stranglehold?

What percentage of raise have you asked for when going from Senior to Supervisor?

Anyone here work State and Higher Ed practice for advisory for Deloitte. Thinking of making a switch and want to know what culture is like


EY vs KPMG gov/fed audit? The good? The bad?

Anyone here from Deloitte? I heard they give $20K bonuses for TS/SCI.... sounds false

Anyone here in Cyber/privacy? Would love to connect. Am a JD in tax and interested in making the pivot.

For those working in the public sector, what is your decision making process for selecting consulting services?


Good bye PwC/Veritas/Newco. It was fun while it lasted.

Do you all actually enjoy fed work?

I wouldn't believe 20k but probably a huge bonus as TS/SCI is hard to get

What’s the senior 1 Assurance salary in DC for your firm?

What is your day to day work like in government and public sector consulting? Interested in transitioning into this field


I'm here for the pants party.


What is the appetite for tax policies consultancy in North America?

Is PwC actually selling their Federal practice? It has a scent of fake news.

Raise and bonus were a huge disappointment and just had a PPMD lie to my face about a project. 10 years with Deloitte and great reviews, but it’s time to move on. Looking for feedback from other companies.