For those who don’t have their CPAs, Who long did it take you to pass the CGFM? How much time did you spend studying for each exam?

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I have both. CGFM only took me a few months for each exam. You can do it!


I don’t have it but know people who do and aren’t CPAs. They just studied for a few months before the test.

It took me about 6 months to get my CGFM, i.e. about 2 months of study per test. If you've been in government for any period of time, the government environment stuff is pretty easy. The biggest thing is learning the differences between how federal, state, and local do their accounts.

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@FirstNewYorkSecurities User. How long have you been studying & testing for the CFA?

Current M at big 4. Oppty to move to a Director role(SM equiv) at a smaller firm with large layoffs 2 years ago but rebounding. 10% base bump, higher bonus target , more resp. Stay or go?

Unemployed and searching for my dream career. So far, have had no luck. What do you do for a living and do u love it? Just looking for ideas here. Thanks! :)


Any companies that have a clear path to HR Director? Likely not, but curious if any of you have suggestions for making a move into a good company with good support for an external HR Director/HRBP hire into teams? Thank you in advance!


Looking to move from Big 4 strategy to MBB. If I have 1 YoE, should I be looking at analyst or associate roles at McKinsey (or equivalent at BB)?

How difficult would it be for a well-credentialed US lawyer (approx 7 YOE) to qualify and practice in Toronto? I’m a Canadian (from AB) who went to law school in the US (top 3 school), practiced for 4 years at a strong Wall St firm, and now has been in-house as a corporate generalist for a couple years. I want to move back to Canada permanently, and have just kicked off the NCA process, but will I have any realistic prospects of having a successful legal career, or am I too far along?


Hi Fishes
I am a TIBCO Developer with 9 YOE. I am looking for switching my skill set to Mulesoft. Is there any company I can apply to and begin my work experience on Mulesoft?

Hi, i have got offer from wells fargo for designation Technology business consultant.

Can I please know hierarchy level for this designation ( how many levels above fresher position)


What are the exit opportunities for an HCM Oracle Cloud consultant with 8 years of experience? What additional skills of experience should I look into to make it easier to leave consulting?


Hello Fishes, Any idea what does Career level DM means in Deloitte India (Not USI) ? I have been offered a Senior Consultant role in SAP technology and the offer letter says it's at career level - DM. And if DM means Deputy Manager and then will my next promotion will be to a Manager or means something else ? How many such levels are their for a Senior Consultant, there ? Deloitte Deloitte India


Looking for advice! I’ve been in the banking for approximately 10 years in risk/Compliance. I left my role several months ago and I’m having trouble landing a job in the banking sector. Hiring managers say the interviews went great but then crickets. I am feeling that this is no longer for me. Would a career coach help me pivot to another career. I keep falling back to what I know and it’s no longer working. Thanks!


Any advice on changing practice areas early in your career? I got barred in November and have focused exclusively in immigrantion law.


What would you recommend for the best analytics courses/certifications? Currently focusing on social/digital content development but want to start building out data capes.


I’m an AE that wants to make the switch over to PM. But I also want to leave the agency life some point soon. Anyone have any advice? I’m also not sure how different PM responsibilities are in house vs. an agency


Hi Everyone! I'm looking to transition from healthcare consulting to pharma / biotech preferably in BD / corporate strategy roles, especially in LA area. Would appreciate if you can share your experience if you have made the amas transition (roles? Work type?). Looking to get a sense of what type of work exists out there.

For context, I've a PhD in Life sciences and 1.5 YOE in healthcare consulting at a boutique consulting firm


Just curious to know

Any talent acquisition people there in this group.. if so
1.will you take multiple offers just like your candidates ?
2. And how do you decline your offers.?
3. Are you really happy with your domain or any jealous on techies who often switch ?

JUST TO know other side of the HR

#hr #recruitment #talent acquisition #humanresource


How good is Scaler Academy to get into FAANG?


If I have no experience in finance. But know a lot from school and my individual research on IB. with a 3.2 as a junior. what are the chances of me landing an internship or even landing a job in the banking industry by the time I graduate. It has been my dream job since I graduated but seems impossible to get in with out any experience?


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Hi Fishes,

Is there any SQL Server DBA / Oracle Application Support position in LTI??


Is it fair to say to my boss I’m going to wfh due to the awful BO from another person in the office?
I honestly can’t focus and makes me feel sick!


Hi, I have 24 months of work ex under PE and Asset Management Company . Looking for job based out at Ahmedabad, Bangalore specifically under Finance and capital market domain.


Anyone who loves there job as an account manager/brand manager/client services rep
- what makes you love your role more? Your team or your clients?


Any CLT lady travelers here? Looking for someone to enjoy hanging out after work (nope, don’t want to hang out with anyone on my project 😑)


I’m seeking a promotion from L2 to L3 by EOQ1 2023. I’ve set the expectation over the past year and my manager keeps saying “within the next year,” “within the next year.” By the next promotion cycle, I will have been in this role for a year and a half. I am the most junior on my team but I feel I’m consistently delivering better and faster than my senior colleagues. Not to mention my RSUs are drowning and I’m the most tenured at the company on my team. Tips on navigating this?


House built in 1935. It was recently totally flipped (we are making an offer on the most recent done unit). My realtor is suggesting to forgo the inspection and says “I haven’t had a single inspection all year”. It makes me feel squeamish though given the age of the house, even though it all looks brand new. Any experience here that could shed some light please whether good or bad


What is best practice for the sequence of people to notify when you hand in notice? Figured HR always has to be the first call but have heard of managers / partners feeling slighted at not being told. Appreciate any advice!


Current org is ready to match offer from Accenture, but with a claw back period.
KPMG or Accenture?
Looking more from a WLB and learning


Let’s start by posting age, location gender (a selfie if you want!) I’m 30/M from nyc looking for something more serious these days in terms of dating..


Anyone have connects at Scholastic?


Hi all, Anyone out there certified for a associate google cloud engineer certification, may I know the difficulty level and exam point of view setup

Yes! Yes! Oh yeah...


Hello everyone!

Want to hire ~10 professionals with the below mentioned profiles on an immediate basis:
1. Java Developer
2. React JS developer
3. Angular JS developer
4. Java Full Stack developer

CTC: 8-10 LPA (negotiable)
Experience: ~2 years
Location: Noida (WFH available)

What in your opinion would be the right source of hiring for such profiles?

Let’s finish this up strong! What are your year-end self development plans?!
We have our last session of the year of our group/guest financial education cycles at our Downtown Toronto office this Saturday. We go through our first financial education session that we talk about basic to higher level of financial information; from saving, investing, risks and returns, registered accounts, etc. There is no cost and no obligation. If you are interested to attend in-person or via Zoom, let me know.

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Hey all - any not-pharma agencies hiring PMs in Boston? Also, how’s the job market there currently? I’m looking to move up to Boston early this spring.


Additional Posts in Govt & Public Services

What is your day to day work like in government and public sector consulting? Interested in transitioning into this field


Implications of the PwC sale? Are those fuckers coming for Uncle Peat’s Fed Audit stranglehold?

For those working in the public sector, what is your decision making process for selecting consulting services?


Anyone here from Deloitte? I heard they give $20K bonuses for TS/SCI.... sounds false

Raise and bonus were a huge disappointment and just had a PPMD lie to my face about a project. 10 years with Deloitte and great reviews, but it’s time to move on. Looking for feedback from other companies.


What percentage of raise have you asked for when going from Senior to Supervisor?

Just got invited to take the internal revenue agent assessment for an IRS revenue agent position I applied for, does anyone have any insight as to what to expect?


I wouldn't believe 20k but probably a huge bonus as TS/SCI is hard to get

Good bye PwC/Veritas/Newco. It was fun while it lasted.

Anyone here in Cyber/privacy? Would love to connect. Am a JD in tax and interested in making the pivot.

EY vs KPMG gov/fed audit? The good? The bad?

I'm here for the pants party.


How difficult is the CDFM (certified defense financial manager) exam? Maybe compared to the CPA?


Any subcontractors here? I feel like I'm living a double life and having to eat my own time to meet the current project and plan for the next. Then when I bring it up to the lead, I feel micromanaged

I’ve decided to make my career in the government side of consulting. Been doing it 10 years. Seems hard to find jobs where I manage people unless at a big 4. Anyone else find this true?

Do you all actually enjoy fed work?

What’s the senior 1 Assurance salary in DC for your firm?