Hello fishes,

I'm in dilemma so asking,

Does current market provide 18lpa package to average backend developer having YOE: 3yrs in Java, springBoot, microservices, rest,git ,springreactive


Also is my cctc underpaid considerig current market offerings?

Please reply, honest suggestions are really required

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Considering current market, yes you are underpaid. But 18 LPA would be the upper limit of what you can expect with 3 yoe. I would say 14-15 is fine, considering the forecasted recession and we are daily hearing news of big companies laying of their employees

Thanks for your reply it means a lot, I was really hoping for some valuable advice and this one has helped a lot

Around 16 sounds good. Above that goes in high risk category if u going for service based cmpny.

Yes they tell if it's not company wide hiring


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Hi guys,
Can anyone tell what will be the in hand calculation for this salary

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Hello All,
Need your suggestions
I am working in a automotive software R&D company with 4 YoE and 1 year of internship, I have also done M.Tech from VIT, Vellore.
I have been in the same company for 4 yrs and now planning to switch. My current CTC is 10.82 LPA variable 1.15 L
I am a python backend developer and i have system and functional level knowledge in automotive.
How much do companies pay for my profile?
Thanks in Advance 🙂

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must follow 🔽

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Booz Allen Hamilton 🐠:

I've asked a few questions for my sister, passing another one along.

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I am not sure what to expect in terms of how the interview will go.
I believe I am fully prepared but still scared of the unknown.
Any help on how best to prepare or resources that could help would be appreciated.
Thanks guys.

Looking for a transcreation video company that can help recut and add translations to existing videos. Spanish, Portuguese and Russian to start. Anyone know anyone?


Help me with 11 likes to activate DM.


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Hi fishes! I had asked for benefits other than CTC which Bank of America provides & now that I've completed 1 month here, here's the list of allowances you'll be getting irrespective of position/band:

1. Sodexo: 1300 p.m./ 15,600 p.a.

2. Transport allowance: 900 one way, 1800 two ways p.m./ 21,600 p.a.

3. Internet: 1500 max p.m. (other than that, one time installation charges)

4. Tuition fee: Any certification related to your field. Like CFA, FRM etc. 3,00,000 p.a.

(See Comments)


Would like to know about Randstad offshore services (UK) process... Hyderabad location... Kindly help .. TIA


Associate in duetsche bank or Ba4 analyst in Barclays??
Db- 23lpa
Ba4- 22 lpa

Yoe- 9.5 years
Cctc- 11lpa

Please advise


Any tips or suggestions for those looking to pass GCP certs, any good resource recommendations?


I need to get better at being a role model for my little brother, who’s in 7th grade. My parents keep using my past successes as a way to berate him, and all he does is play video games for 14 hours a day. He’s not a standout kid in school, and I feel like he may come to resent me if he grows up not going to a top school or making $X out of college. Any advice for setting him on the right track?


How many days before the joining date we get the laptop?


LI equivalent of simping for that Google thirst trap.

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Additional Posts in Offer Negotiations


I am currently serving at Virtusa but I am considering to leave but I am under a service bond of 2 years. Could anyone tell me a way around this. How can I leave without paying the bond amount?


Please help in selecting best offer in terms of wlb, job security and career growth

Economist EIU gurgaon: X fixed + 3l jb + 20% variable
Autodesk bnglr: X+1.5 fixed + 14% variable

Both are remote as of now. current location is gurgaon
Yoe :9+
Tech: devops + aws+ Python


Hi fishes, How much can i ask for process developer position at Genpact (gurgaon) for 2.2 YoE? I already have an offer of 5.8 lpa from another company. Accenture Genpact Deloitte Tata Consultancy


Hi all,

I recently joined a Big4 org. For more than a month now, I am only attending project calls where mostly, I am a silent listener as I am one who jumped in between ongoing work.

Consequently, I am filling the bench code in timesheets.

Is it normal?
Do I need to take steps on my own so that someone add me to the project.

Can anyone suggest?


Kmpg KPMG India Deloitte EY PwC


Hi folks, need help in choosing ideal company with decent WLB & tech stack. Total 5.5 YOE. Big Data and Azure 2 YOE, ETL -5.5

Deloitte 12LPA +0.5L JB Pyspark (Revision Pending)
Cognizant 12LPA + 0.75 JB Pyspark
KPMG 14 LPA Azure Data Engineer
Wipro 16 LPA + 2L Variable Big Data Engineer
Impetus 18LPA+ 1L JB Big Dat Engineer
IBM 16 LPA + 1L JB Big Data Engineer
Optum 18 LPa + 2L Variable
Birlasoft 18LPA+ 3L Variable

Please suggest which offer is the best for Data engineer?


Need help with likes for DM feature. Help 🥺


What would be the max budget for an angular developer with 8 years exp (overall)? I'm getting 9 lakhs as fixed salary?


What should be wise choice between Ericsson and MindTree..


I’m getting 20+6 at Accenture as data science consultant with 6 years of experience. am I getting lowballed?


Have offer from Standard chartered gbs and FIS Global which one to Join? Both offering similar package.


EY GDS or Virtusa

EY GDS offering 28 fixed and 10% bonus
Virtusa 28 fixed with no bonus.

Looking for work life balance, career growth and planning to stay for longer time.

Business Analyst

Please give your suggestions